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How much of my money is still in circulation?

Why does Zidisha not show how much of the money that i originally deposited is still in circulation? Or, they could show how much has been lost. ...

10 Jul 7

Did something happen to Indonesia?

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4 Jun 8


I accidently chose impact investment as my account type. How do I change this to Withdrawable!!!

5 May 31

Julia won't respond to my messages

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7 May 30

Stimulus Package

Western Governments around the world are doing what they can to help fight the Economic part of the COVID-19 battle with massive stimulus packages....

5 Apr 15

Impact Investment account type

I'm very confused by what this is. Is this essentially saying the funds I've transferred to Zidisha will stay with Zidisha forever as sort of a do...

3 Mar 9

Question about receiving advance payment

hola! So i've been out of the loop for a while so i'm sorry if i'm rehashing issues that everyone is aware. So I was checking how my old loan...

7 Feb 15

501 c3 donation receipt

Since my account is not withdrawable and since Zidisha is a 501 c3, there should be a donation receipt for 2019 available. Is there? Where do I fin...

3 Feb 6

negative fund value

Hi - anyone else having issues with negative values? my account was not negative ever and then I checked today and it was showing a negative amount...

11 Oct 4

Fake loans taking advantage of auto-lending?

My account was set to auto-lend to new loans. I looked at the history and found this loan as one of the ones I had lent to: https://www.zidisha.org...

6 Jul 2, 2019

Your impact - loan order reversed

I was rather confused to find my oldest loans on page one and my newest ones right at the end - why the change? Personally, I prefer to see my rece...

5 Jun 9, 2019


Hallo, kann mir jemand sagen, warum jedes kleine zurückgezahlte Geld ohne meine Zustimmung sofort an irgendjemanden weiter verliehen wird? Ich hab...

2 Apr 11, 2019

Technical glitch currently prevents lending

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4 Apr 5, 2019

christmas gift

how can i offer a gift card and make sure the funds will be used for a NON withdrawable account?

1 Mar 10, 2019

4 of my loans just returned - without any records

This is getting frustrating. Just found that 4 of my loans got returned. Worse, it removes all records of my contribution. I could trace it only be...

3 Feb 8, 2019

Loans made without my authorization

I came in to take some of the money out due to accounting problems with payments being discounted instead of added to my account, and found the mon...

6 Dec 4, 2018

Showing negative balance

Once again, I have a negative balance showing. Can you correct this ASAP as I can't lend to anyone until this is sorted.

8 Sep 20, 2018