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Low number of loans available to fund

Hi there, I've really enjoyed lending through Zidisha. It is nice to have direct contact with the people that are benefiting from my micro-lendi...

42 Jul 24

Fake loans taking advantage of auto-lending?

My account was set to auto-lend to new loans. I looked at the history and found this loan as one of the ones I had lent to: https://www.zidisha.org...

6 Jul 2


I accidently chose impact investment as my account type. How do I change this to Withdrawable!!!

4 Jun 16

Your impact - loan order reversed

I was rather confused to find my oldest loans on page one and my newest ones right at the end - why the change? Personally, I prefer to see my rece...

5 Jun 9

credit fund payments and refunds

Over the last year there has been a number of threads and announcements in various forum pages about changes to the cost of borrowing, how the fees...

6 May 23


Hallo, kann mir jemand sagen, warum jedes kleine zurückgezahlte Geld ohne meine Zustimmung sofort an irgendjemanden weiter verliehen wird? Ich hab...

2 Apr 11

Future of Zidisha...

Hello, there are only a few countries left and very few offers (especially people from African countries, Asia is missing, South America is missing...

3 Apr 6

Technical glitch currently prevents lending

I haven't been able to lend anything to any borrowers today. Every time I click on the button to confirm the amount to lend, I get the "Whoops, loo...

5 Apr 5

Loans that are not repaid

When a loan goes unpaid for a certain amount of time, the lender is given the option of "Receive Advance Repayment". This is good but I was wonder...

8 Mar 19

High cost of loan with Credit Fee being non-refundable

In mid Dec 2018, Julia indicated that the Credit Risk (CR) fee would be made non-refundable. It was to be reduced as well. However, when I checked ...

12 Mar 15

christmas gift

how can i offer a gift card and make sure the funds will be used for a NON withdrawable account?

1 Mar 10

Regarding options for 'sorted by' dropdown

On the 'Browse Projects' screen, the 'sorted by' dropdown shows 'Almost funded' option, among others. However, that option should be renamed as 'A...

7 Mar 8

negative fund value

Hi - anyone else having issues with negative values? my account was not negative ever and then I checked today and it was showing a negative amount...

11 Mar 7

Why do borrowers pay back immediately, then post a new loan?

I have seen the following happen several times. 1. A loan gets funded with an extended repayment period, say 12 or 24 months 2. Within a few we...

59 Mar 5

Fully funded loans are not being distributed, Ghana

Hey, I´m new here but I've given out several loans already, some have started paying back, most have funded fully and will start paying later. But...

25 Mar 5

Receive Advance Payment

If a lender has not communicated and has not made any repayments at all, if I elect to Receive Advance Payment so that I may relend the funds elsew...

8 Feb 23

4 of my loans just returned - without any records

This is getting frustrating. Just found that 4 of my loans got returned. Worse, it removes all records of my contribution. I could trace it only be...

3 Feb 8

can't see how much I have loaned under new UI

When I go to "Your Impact" page - all my loans and no detail of how much I have lent each borrower. Please, please, please can we have this fea...

6 Feb 3

engagement with Zidisha

Does anyone from Zidisha read the posts we make in the lenders forum?

10 Feb 3