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hola, Using Chrome version: Version 88.0.4324.190 (Official Build) (64-bit) The filter control on the page doesn't seem to be working anymore...

1 Feb 28

The thread "Unpaid Loans / Bad Debts" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

7 Feb 25

The thread "Reloan Priorities - add short/previouslyLoaned" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

5 Feb 19

The thread "Does it harm the borrower/credit if I Receive Adv. Payment?" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

2 Feb 4

The thread "People Not Repaying Loans" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

7 Jan 26

Relending not working.

Hi, I had relending enabled to run daily. It's been at least a couple of months since I've checked my account, and I saw that I had almost all my a...

6 Nov 23

Loans made without my authorization

I came in to take some of the money out due to accounting problems with payments being discounted instead of added to my account, and found the mon...

8 Nov 23

negative fund value

Hi - anyone else having issues with negative values? my account was not negative ever and then I checked today and it was showing a negative amount...

11 Oct 4, 2019

Fake loans taking advantage of auto-lending?

My account was set to auto-lend to new loans. I looked at the history and found this loan as one of the ones I had lent to: https://www.zidisha.org...

6 Jul 2, 2019


Hallo, kann mir jemand sagen, warum jedes kleine zurückgezahlte Geld ohne meine Zustimmung sofort an irgendjemanden weiter verliehen wird? Ich hab...

2 Apr 11, 2019

4 of my loans just returned - without any records

This is getting frustrating. Just found that 4 of my loans got returned. Worse, it removes all records of my contribution. I could trace it only be...

3 Feb 8, 2019

Showing negative balance

Once again, I have a negative balance showing. Can you correct this ASAP as I can't lend to anyone until this is sorted.

8 Sep 20, 2018