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Why do borrowers pay back immediately, then post a new loan?

I have seen the following happen several times. 1. A loan gets funded with an extended repayment period, say 12 or 24 months 2. Within a few we...

38 Feb 20

How does a loan expire when it's 100% funded? The money was returned to me as an expired loan, yet it shows as 100% f...

23 Feb 20

Loans and gifts

I am a small lender, mostly lending when I have a few dollars leftover in my PP account. I'm wondering if there is a way to gift an amount. For i...

19 Feb 17

Thoughts about delayed repayments

Fellow lenders, I have been using Zidisha since mid Dec 2017 or so. And now, handful of loans have technically defaulted - some have missed even 3...

17 Feb 14

MLF payment to increase a borrowers credit limit

I see a lot of comments of borrowers who are complaining that they haven’t received the full requested loan amount. In all cases they have chosen t...

18 Feb 10

Summary of active money and current loans

How can I see how much money that is still "active" of the money I've lent? I can't find a proper summary. It seems there are hundreds of people t...

6 Feb 8

Add a limit to loan repayment time

I recently made a loan to a borrower requesting a repayment period of several months (I don't remember exactly what the length was). Now, when I l...

8 Feb 5

Keep repayments in my account does not seem to work

I like to allow my account to rebuild before re-loading so that my kids can be involved and read and choose projects to support. However even thoug...

5 Feb 3

Loan economics

Hi everyone, I am looking at a loan application that I can't make sense of. I don't know if it's appropriate to post direct links from here, so...

9 Feb 2

Cant use my account money

I cant borrow from my account money. It offers me only card payments. Whats the matter and when do yuou get it solved?

13 Jan 14

Loans I Did Not Make!

Anyone understand how I was suddenly credited with making $50 worth of loans to 10 different people in odd amounts when all I did was browse the pr...

2 Jan 9

Credit Card Fee

Why do I have to pay a Credit Card fee on every loan I make , even though I have money in the bank "kitty" , and am not using a Credit Card?

12 Jan 8

Lending balance discrepancies

Can anyone explain how my transaction can show a negative balance sometimes? I obviously only lend when my dashboard shows I have funds, but then t...

17 Jan 7

Loan issue?

Hello, I lent $3 on a loan here. I received 3 repayments that totaled: $2.33. How is the loan totally repaid? Amount Repaid: $2.33 Amount R...

16 Jan 7

Unable to make loans from money in my account?

I have $10 in my account, from repayments, but whenever I try and make a loan I am only offered the option of paying from it via Paypal or Credit/D...

5 Jan 6

I no longer get the message to get money back

What happened to the option to relend when no payments have been made? Thanks

7 Jan 5

Technical problems

I have found a few problems on the site: - Since a few days my Dashboard isn’t displaying the status updates anymore. I only see 4 recent (3 day...

12 Jan 4

No lending account option?

I have $33 in my lending account. But when I try to lend, the only available options are "PayPal" or "credit card". Why is my lending account mon...

10 Jan 1