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Loans that are not repaid

When a loan goes unpaid for a certain amount of time, the lender is given the option of "Receive Advance Repayment". This is good but I was wonder...

3 Oct 23

only 23 projects

I'm sure I used to browse through plenty of projects, but now I only see 23. Has there been some sort of change?

14 Oct 21

Irregulations on this site, anyone else ....?

Recently I've experienced several irregularities using this site, leaving me concerned. Perhaps you'll share, if you're experiencing similar thi...

4 Oct 19

Export transaction history

Hi, I would like to export and download my transaction history in a format like .pdf, .xls, .csv or other, to be able to keep or print all in a r...

1 Oct 7

New UI - visually better but functionality has suffered

I hesitated for a minute whether to post this - a negative opinion about the new UI. But I really think that while the UI visually looks good, func...

60 Oct 5

lender photos and colours

Does anyone know why some lender photos have disappeared and been replace by different colour circles with our initials inside? And if there is any...

3 Sep 29

all the loans have been funded?

Grateful if someone can explain please - has Zidisha's funds covered all the loans?

8 Sep 29

Seems very difficult to find key loan details

With the old GUI, I could sort loans by "almost funded", and easily see the projected loan term and amount still needed. Now the sort doesn't seem...

1 Sep 24

10$ question

Hi, I'm new here and I'm amazed and surprised that there are loans of 10$ or there about. Does this 10$ really make a difference? I mean, 10 bucks...

16 Sep 21

Showing negative balance

Once again, I have a negative balance showing. Can you correct this ASAP as I can't lend to anyone until this is sorted.

8 Sep 20

Lending fund value

My Lending Fund Value lists a dollar value as Amount Written Off. This amount is approaching 50% of my total funds original value. When I search my...

2 Sep 16

Transparency on funds remaining

I've been a lending member of Zidisha since 2012. I would like to know how much of the funds I transferred is still being used for loans. How c...

3 Aug 25

Zidisha growth

Zidisha is a great concept, and I am very happy to participate in it. It seems, however, that for it to really achieve its mission it needs a whol...

9 Aug 25

Why are there no loans to India?

I would like to support people in India and Bangladesh. Why are there no applicants from rhese countries ?

3 Aug 25

on time or late?

What's the sort of timeline used to determine on time vs late for repayment status? So for example if a loan repayment was expected on 1 July, ...

8 Aug 3

Relending not working.

Hi, I had relending enabled to run daily. It's been at least a couple of months since I've checked my account, and I saw that I had almost all my a...

3 Jul 31

Martha Nyambura Mwega - Kenya/Clothing Sales

I have loaned funds to this woman, however, her loan application does not come up when I search Kenya/Clothing Sales. I see it is expiring in 2 day...

22 Jul 14

currency fluctuations

Hi all, the value of my fund has dropped 30% in a week due to currency fluctuations. I've had a look on exchange trackers but I can't see which cur...

3 Jun 18

(This thread has been removed)

The default filter on the projects page is the staff picks. What is this and is there any data on whether these are more likely to get funded?

7 Jun 16

Impact Investment Growth Credit

I would be grateful for an explanation of what this is, please. Many thanks.

3 Jun 13