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Keep repayments in my account does not seem to work

I like to allow my account to rebuild before re-loading so that my kids can be involved and read and choose projects to support. However even thoug...

5 Feb 3, 2018

Cant use my account money

I cant borrow from my account money. It offers me only card payments. Whats the matter and when do yuou get it solved?

13 Jan 14, 2018

Loans I Did Not Make!

Anyone understand how I was suddenly credited with making $50 worth of loans to 10 different people in odd amounts when all I did was browse the pr...

2 Jan 9, 2018

Lending balance discrepancies

Can anyone explain how my transaction can show a negative balance sometimes? I obviously only lend when my dashboard shows I have funds, but then t...

17 Jan 7, 2018

Unable to make loans from money in my account?

I have $10 in my account, from repayments, but whenever I try and make a loan I am only offered the option of paying from it via Paypal or Credit/D...

5 Jan 6, 2018

No lending account option?

I have $33 in my lending account. But when I try to lend, the only available options are "PayPal" or "credit card". Why is my lending account mon...

10 Jan 1, 2018