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Clarification on extra Funding to a project

Kindly clarify to me how funding a project work. Affter the repayment of my loan, I contributed GHS 200 to refund a 'pay it forward' project. I wan...

4 May 14

Service Fee

Has the service fee changed from 5% of the loan amount? I applied for a loan of Kshs. 55,835/= and have been charged a service fee of Kshs. 8,375/=...

2 May 13

ZIDISHA, my dependable business partner

First of all, I am grateful to be part of the Zidisha family. Since I joined this family, response to my loan request was just amazing and swift ap...

1 May 11

Delayed in Disbursement

May I know the reason why loans now a days delayed in disbursement?

4 Apr 5

Service fee

Was excited when the risk fee was abolished by zidisha because as small and upcoming business this amounts go a long way to make on unmake us. The ...

5 Feb 24

More explanation on pay it forward

If i pay forward like 5,000 naira, how much loan will be given me? And how much will i pay back considering the fact that i have paid forwars 5,000...

2 Feb 20


What is the difference between pay it forward and expidition type of loan?

1 Feb 19

My volunteer mentor

How will I know my volunteer mentor?

1 Feb 5


Hello all. I have been out of this forum since the 1st October 2021 till today. I sincerely thank my volunteer mentor: madam Lilian Kimko for her...

7 Feb 2

Risk fee

Please the risk fee, will we get them back when things are ok and we want to stop borrowing?

3 Jan 7


Hello members. I wish to find out if the Traditional Loan option is still available. I used to see two options: the Traditional Loan and the Pay...

2 Jan 7

My pay it forward contribution

What happens to my pay it forward contributions that I've lent out to other borrowers? Are they monies I've donated to the fund or are they still m...

2 Jan 7


how can i invite someone on zidisha

1 Jan 7

Pay it foward

Wat happens to the amounts contributed to the pay it forward. Will we be able to retrieve it someday like savings?

1 Jan 2

Zidisha community

Is zidisha community a bank, investment if not what is zidisha community is?

3 Dec 23