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Hi, I paid money to this account yesterday on 19th Feb 2021 at around 9pm but I don't see it reflect. Kindly adjust the account I want to finish th...

1 Mar 2


Hi, I made a deposit but has never reflected to my dashboard kindly help, I want to clear my loan. Thank you

1 Mar 2

Fiador Charles

I borrowed and am looking forward to borrow again, I think the Zidisha is real and it will really benefit some of us alot

1 Mar 2

Loan Funding

Hello Zidisha family, I trust we're all doing well by God's grace! Please, I wish to ask about what happens to my application if it's not funded w...

2 Mar 1

No Volunteer Mentor is calling

hello please I have been told volunteer mentors would be calling me but it's been three days now and no Vm has called, please is there any problem?

2 Mar 1

guarantor programme

i need help with recieving the guarantor code it is not coming to my email or phone number

2 Mar 1

Membership termination

I want to quit Zidisha, thus terminate my membership, how do I go about it and get my membership money back. Thanks

1 Mar 1

The thread "Browse Projects -> Filter" has been moved to the Lender Questions forum.

1 Feb 28

Credit limit confusion

How is the credit limit calculated? Is it not Base limit + on time repayment limit + guarantor limit? What I am seeing on my credit limit is very c...

2 Feb 28


Do you give big loans to customers who have small business and want to open big business to pay at the end of the month

9 Feb 28

Interest rate

Pls I think de interest fees you charge is too much pls do something about it

3 Feb 28

Guarantor program

Please I will like to ask Zidisha a question regarding the loan guarantor. Please for how long should a person be in Zidisha before he or she can b...

5 Feb 28


Hello zidisha members,hope everyone is fine, please I want to ask about the guarantor form, the form only ask me to provide my guarantee member nam...

5 Feb 25

Unpaid Loans / Bad Debts

I have been on this platform for years and I definitely see a pattern. People take out small loans and then move their way up to larger loans meanw...

7 Feb 25


Hello whats the paybill no. Mpesa want to clear my loan

19 Feb 24


Hello zidisha members,please about guarantee program,can I guarantee for new members only or I can guarantee for both new and exciting members,than...

7 Feb 24

Need help on guarantee

I have guarantee someone a loan but there dashboard is saying you should pay a membership fee

6 Feb 23

Hello Staff

Please am interested becoming a volunteer mentor,how do I go with it?

3 Feb 23

Credit risk payment

I want to know if one make payment on time ,will she be able to request the credit risk payment or is not refundable?

2 Feb 20

Expired loan

At what state will my mentees loan be expired.. if it happens so what should my mentee do to get it reversed so that he or she can get access to a...

9 Feb 20