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A volunteer mentor

Hello, how do I become a volunteer mentor in kitale ....please advice, what do I need to do

5 Apr 7

The thread "Pending approval" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

2 Apr 6


Hello, how does one become a guarantor? What are the conditions, musti pay premium?

3 Apr 6


Hello, I am Amos Kalenda a zidisha borrower, I would like to request to become a zidisha volunteer mentor, i am based in Kitale Kenya. I also w...

4 Apr 6

Volunteer Mentor

Please I write to apply for volunteer mentorship. I am in Ghana, west Africa.

10 Apr 6

COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus is grinding businesses of all sizes to a halt, with small businesses being the most hit. Personally, the various restrictions to bu...

2 Apr 4


Hello,they asked me to register as membership .what can I do? Can I get the loan without registration

11 Apr 3

Zidisha staff

Why has zidisha staff not approved my loan request for funding yet have upgraded to premium

12 Mar 20

It is not businesses as usual

Due to Corona virus business in Kenya is not as usual.no interaction this causing big problem in this world of business.lets all pray for this disa...

3 Mar 20


How do I borrow money from Zidisha

1 Mar 18


Hello, I like to become a volunteer mentor on zidisha .....how do I go about it Thanks and best regards

2 Mar 17

Volunteer mentor

I dont have assigned volunteer mentor please.How can i do to have one

2 Mar 16

I don't know how to get this loan ,who can help,I'm new here

Please help on how I can navigate on my dashboard

1 Mar 16

Deactivate my account.

I don't want to be here anymore. How do I deactivate my account?

9 Mar 16


How people from Kenya benefit from zidisha.

1 Mar 15

About risk allowance

Please I want to ask why the risk allowance is no more refoudable. I want to help build zidisha by inviting orther people's but many are refusing s...

6 Mar 11

Membership payment

Please what is the maximum amount a person who has not paid membership 3000 will receive?

1 Mar 10


The cost of the loan is stipulated to be only 5%.however there are some hidden charges of service a whole 10% without even adding the credit risk.W...

2 Mar 8