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Hello, how does one become a guarantor? What are the conditions, musti pay premium?

4 Jul 15


How can I get loan without paying membership fee since I can't afford the required amount

2 Jul 15

Am interested in becoming a volunteer mentor.

Dear lenders Am Joachim Mumba a Zambian,am interested in becoming a volunteer mentor. So that help others get their loans quickly and also mak...

1 Jul 15

Interested in voluntor mentor

Hello i need help in becoming a voluntor mentor for zidisha, I'm interested.

1 Jul 15

Risk Fee reimbursement

Is risk Fee refunded?

3 Jul 14

Lender profile

Could Zidisha include the application status (approved or pending approval) on a borrower's funding request page?

2 Jul 12

Volunteer mentor

Help me how I can become a volunteer mentor, i would love to volunteer as a mentor for zidisha

2 Jul 12

Support System Not Okay

I would like to call the attentions of Zidisha management to the fact that the support system on ground is not yet superb. I have been having prob...

3 Jul 12

zidisha website 'help page'

Hi all, Julia referred to the 'Zidisha website help page' - but I cannot find it anywhere! help, please! thank you :)

10 Jul 9


Thank you team zidisha for the assistance of loan I have been receiving, I would like to now exit the group and am requesting to know the dues that...

6 Jul 8

Upload of profile picture

I am finding it difficult to upload my profile picture. Is there and dimension size or format I need to convert the picture to enable me upload it?

1 Jul 8

Idea: Allow each lender to create one public "List"

Just an idea for the next time developers are looking for an upgrade to the web package; sites like Kiva heavily encourage the use of "Groups" that...

2 Jul 4

Can I use a Passport as an ID for Loans

Please can I use my passport as a form of ID to apply for a loan pls

2 Jul 2

Resignation and money refunds

I resigned from zidisha on 9th January this year and requested for my refunds. I did this in March and may though no response so far. So please can...

2 Jul 2

Semi-public test account pretending to be a borrower...

It occurs to me that many of the questions borrowers ask on the forums are conditional on understanding the mechanics of the site from their perspe...

1 Jul 1