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Receiving SMS from different source

Hi, I have been receiving SMS from AFRICASTKNG that my loan is past due date. The message doesn't come from zidisha. Is it that AFRICASTKNG is part...

3 Sep 21


I am asking why is the credit risk payment not refunded after i repay my loan or what is the purpose of the credit risk fee? This is because i have...

1 Sep 21

Making this platform difficult for us

Hello Julia good morning, please you have written in the page that , those are affected created too many loan proposal it because of they used zidi...

1 Sep 21

Want to be a volunteer mentor

Hello please George Amoako . I have being with the team for a while now and have extensively read the terms and conditions . I wish to become a vol...

2 Sep 20

Early payment issue

Hi, I wanted to know if it's possible to pay your loan too early. I recently took a loan of $94. I then sold some agricultural produce on a lot I'd...

3 Sep 19

Technical error

Hello Zidisha team. I just have a concern about the changes your made that people should not use the same device when applying for the loan at zid...

3 Sep 18

Illiterates who want to be a member of Zidisha

I Thank Zidisha staff for helping business women and men like ourselves develop our businesses.But I what I want to know is what about illiterates ...

2 Sep 17

Volunteer Mentor

Am intrested in becoming a Volunteer Mentor.I feel it's one way I can appreciate the help rendered to me by Zidisha. I believe this will be a wonde...

2 Sep 17


its my interest in assisting my fellow kenyans

2 Sep 13

Volunteer mentorship

Hi, I'm Sylvia. Zidisha is capable of helping a lot more people in my country but not many ar aware the service exists. I'm interested in becoming ...

1 Sep 13


Do you offer loans with a payslip

1 Sep 13

Uploading bank statements

Is there any other requirement than the bank statement? I saw on my dashboard I have to upload some extra documents in order for my loan to be app...

1 Sep 12

Premium membership

How do I withdraw my membership?

2 Sep 10

Making this platform difficult for us

Hello Julia Good morning I wrote you message yesterday but it seems you didn't read or reply concerning about problem were are facing on this platf...

3 Sep 9

More pictures?

I often see loan requests saying something like: I want to buy stock for my shop, and a picture of the person wanting the loan. I feel no connec...

2 Sep 8