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Credit risk

What is the purpose of the credit risk and service fee being deducted from my loan each time I apply

2 Jan 18


I do not know how to pay back. I used the pay button but not going. Please i need somebody to explain how to pay back.

2 Jan 17

Close my account

Hey Zidisha, I'm new here but I'd like to have my account deleted because it will not meet my financial needs at this point. Please help me to delete.

1 Jan 17

Is Zidisha closed?

May you please help me to know if Zidisha has closed the opportunity of getting a loan without paying a onetime premium membership?

1 Jan 16

Want to Quit Zidisha

Hi guys I'd like to know the applicable procedure for closing down my Zidisha account. I'd hoped for a new loan (my third) but seems it was not ...

1 Jan 11

Volunteer Mentor.

Hello, am Racheal and am interested in being a volunteer mentor for my Country Nigeria. I promise to abide by all set standards and ethics. Kindly ...

4 Jan 10

Creation of Support Ticket

ZIDISHA STAFF 1. I would like to know how to create a support Ticket in my profile because its like I dont have it in my profile 2. May provide a...

1 Jan 9

Account editing

Hi I need to edit my ID number

1 Jan 8

Credit Risk

Hello my dear, what is the credit Risk?

11 Jan 8

Risk fund

how can i use risk fund to clear my loan

1 Jan 7


Pls how can I contact Zidisha directly? I have been having issues with the loan process and my volunteer member has not been of help or is helpless.

2 Jan 7

Profile Picture Editing

It has never been easy to edit ones profile picture both from the android application or from the web gui without a new loan application or simply ...

1 Jan 5

Email error

Hi I'm Hildah I invited one person Joyce Kapolyo to join zidisha but the email was wrong I want you to help by correcting this email this person wh...

2 Jan 4