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Tip for Zidisha

What is this? In the past there has always been an option to add a tip or not, when adding funds. I notice a tip is automatically taken from my ac...

4 Oct 19

Filter option for previous borrowers?

Hi, would it be possible to add a filter option in the browse projects page that would allow a lender to see only borrowers to whom they have prev...

4 Oct 11

Pay it forward

I would like to know if pay it forward a loan or donation And why is it that zidisha team doesn't show concerned about our credit limit Why is it...

8 Oct 10

Zidisha - a different experience now

Hello people, sorry to open a new post, but I would like to briefly summarize what my current findings are and ask if I have understood it all c...

2 Oct 5

Account options

On the "Automated Funding" page, now that the only lending model is the "Pay It Forward" model, is it intentional still to have "What type of proje...

6 Sep 30

Refund Membership fee

How do I get back my membership fees since I can't get higher loan than providing help

1 Sep 29

can I still make loans myself?

I see that Pay it Forward is the main thing now, but I don't want to do this - it's really just a donation - I want to keep choosing my own loans. ...

24 Sep 26


Hello,have been thing and came up with a suggestion if it can work about the fee, is it possible for the fee to be usually on reducing graph as ...

1 Sep 25

MLF payment to increase a borrowers credit limit

I see a lot of comments of borrowers who are complaining that they haven’t received the full requested loan amount. In all cases they have chosen t...

13 Sep 25


Once again I say goodbye to this platform and with it to you, dear borrowers! No, I don't want a refund. It was only a very small contribution to ...

3 Sep 18

Receive advance repayment

Dear Zidisha-Team, thanks a lot for your work. I cannot find, what "receive advance repayment" actually means, when borrowers weren't able to pay ...

30 Sep 14

Sudden change in Pay it forward bonus

Hello, I am new here ,I am supposed to pay Ghc 180, I just saw that my Pay it forward bonus has been reduced from its original matching credit of ...

2 Sep 9

All loans seem to be pay it forward and no PIF badge anymore

Hi Team, Is Zidisha only doing pay it forward loans now? Every loan I click on seems to be this and there's no longer the PIF badge? Sorry ...

5 Sep 7

Extra deposit is too much.

I have observed something regarding this "pay it forward" thing,and after my observations I realized that zidisha management want to prevent some o...

9 Sep 5