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guarantor program

Hi Zidisha team, I just want to ask about guarantor program is it still working or it has stopped? because when i guarantee some it's not being ...

10 Dec 1

Loan to be paid

Good day zidisha staffs and members,am Agnes's sakala.am here to tell you all that am currently experiencing hell on earth,my mother who used to ta...

5 Dec 1

Request of membership fee

If someone request for a refund of membership fee, can that person still apply for a loan or the person is no more eligible to apply for a loan?

1 Nov 30

The thread "Loan not credited into my account" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

4 Nov 28

Additional charges

Dear director Please you should come out to explain to us why there is additional charges on the amount we are supposed to repaid after you have d...

7 Nov 28

Guarantor amount reduced

I received notification that i can guarantee someone a loan. The initial amount was enough to guarantee about 3 people. i just finish to guarantee ...

4 Nov 27

risk fee

hello and good evening zidisha family?my question goes as follow?do the credit risk fee deducted refundable?thanks

12 Nov 27

Guarantee not sucessiful

Hi Madam Julia, I need your help i guaranteed someone the loan but his credit limit is showing that he is unguaranteed and even to my guarantor ...

2 Nov 27

Guarantor Program

I have guaranteed a loan but it showing that my guaranteed member is not yet applied.Is there a technical error or there is another way of doing fo...

2 Nov 26

Guarantor program

Why is it that my guarantor can not guarantee for me for a second time. To the guarantor, the system says if he has already guarantee for me for th...

9 Nov 26

Guarantee not successiful

Hi Madam Julia, I need your help i guaranteed someone the loan but his credit limit is showing that he is unguaranteed and even to my guarantor...

5 Nov 25

Volunteer mentor

Pls I want to know if someone can read nor write and the person is a business person can't he or she join zidisha, cos one of the volunteer mentor ...

3 Nov 24


Please, I encourage everyone here in this community to place much effort to work with their loans when received in other to make the repayment on t...

2 Nov 24

Loan review pending .taking too long pls

Help. my loan is still pending review for almost 4 days now ...thought after repayment ... I will be able to expedited another loan and transport ...

4 Nov 21

On time repayment Increase.

Hello Zidisha family. The repayment ontime increase of k1000 plus for repaying between 17 - 23 November 2020 is no longer appearing on my dashboard...

3 Nov 21

Change of References' phone numbers

Hello, my volunteer mentor loan review is taking too long. I understand that it could be due to unavailability of some of my references. Please I...

7 Nov 16

support ticket option not found

please i need to change some of my références but i can not find the support ticket option in the help page

5 Nov 16

Taking long to get back to me

I have paid my loan back in full but you taking long to respond

2 Nov 15

North Korean leader photo shown on zidisha website

Can someone please look into this: whenopening Zidisha, at several places, topand bottom, a small photo is shown with the North Korean dictator. Ob...

3 Nov 15


I think the main purpose of Zidisha is to help people borrow money to expand their business and for other personal purposes but by the time the loa...

1 Nov 15