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The thread "Technical Error" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

1 May 4

Ghana card for registration

Hello family I have a sibling who is interested to join zidishi to expand her business but she does not have ghana card yet. Is there any other way...

1 May 4

The thread "Disbursement delay" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

1 May 4

The thread "Disbursement Delayed" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

1 May 3

Removed of vodafone and airteltigo from bank list

We the vodafone users on this platform we don't understand why we can not receive loan disbursement on our vodafone bank account when our loan is o...

24 May 2


Can i withdraw membership

3 May 1

Increase of expediting fees

Please why is it that the expediting fees has increase from 10% to 20% and this is too much is zidisha loan platform came to help we the borrower's...

12 Apr 29

Expediting fee

Please if I decide not to expedition my loan will the loan be funded.

2 Apr 29

Guarantor bonus

Why is this days when you guarantor something even when they pay on time the guarantor bonus is not reflecting ????

3 Apr 29

Lower limit too high

Hello. Due to covid times are hard and its not easy raising the cash to repay weekly please allow lenders to choose what they can repay as we hope ...

4 Apr 28

Volunteer mentor

Hi there, I would wish to become a volunteer mentor so that I can help my fellow Kenyans

2 Apr 28

Disbursement is delaying this days

For the past few days , their has been delay in disbursement of funds , which to my opinion should be looked at because much of my invitees and peo...

14 Apr 27


Hi. If I repay my current loan balance on time and in full, how long will it take for me to receive another loan when I make a new loan request on ...

5 Apr 26

Membership fee refund

If I request for a membership fee refund. Does Zidisha close my account and I can’t borrow anymore or do I continue being a member?

1 Apr 26

How to become a guarantee

I want to become a guaranteed please how to do that?

5 Apr 22

My pay bottom is not showing

I want to pay back the loan but my pay back bottom is not showing.please can you check that for me?

2 Apr 20

Loan funded but not yet received

It is 2-14 days for the loan to be disbursed into the account but for me it is now more than 17 days.what should I do

2 Apr 20

About inviting

Please am new I want to understand it something well, assuming someone invited me to join Zidisha and the person didn’t pay his or her loan on time...

3 Apr 18

ID Enquiries

Am a Ghanaian with valid Voter's ID card ,not everyone in Ghana is having the ecowas card at the moment about 10% of the population is having the r...

2 Apr 17