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The thread "Loan disbursement" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

2 Sep 20

The thread "phone number" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

2 Sep 20

Paying and borrowing

Can I pay for a loan before due date and apply for another one? How often can I apply for a loan if I am making timely repayments?

2 Sep 20


LoanCan one skip and apply for a higher loan or it's just stepwise?

3 Sep 19

Volunteer mentor

How do I become a volunteer mentor

2 Sep 19

Loan to be funded

There are few loans on the project to be funded...Why is this happening?

3 Sep 18

Credit Risk Refund

Is credit risk fund refunded after complete loan payment. Is a one time payment or its every time I borrow? I just wanted to know before my loan is...

3 Sep 17


Hello, I applied for a loan which was fully funded but it's always pending approval by my mentors. How long does it take and what if the volunteer...

4 Sep 17

Why is my second and third loan the samething

May I know why my third loan did not increase?

3 Sep 16


Can i use my membership fee to pay the loan. Please help. I nolonger need a loan.

3 Sep 16

Why all deductions from loan offered?

Good day, when I started zidisha loan me 100, I paid 105. In Jan. I paid membership fee 3000, from loan 5265, zidisha deducted : service fee 263,...

2 Sep 16


Kindly let me know if credit risk fee is refundable, and if yes what are the procedure to follow to get it back?

2 Sep 16

Deductions and service fees

I was told that some of the deductions are savings kept for me. At what time can i collect these savings

4 Sep 15

I am no longer interested in becoming a volunteer mentor

I am no longer interested in becoming a volunteer mentor... Pls kindly bear with me... thanks

3 Sep 15

About risk allowance

Please I want to ask why the risk allowance is no more refoudable. I want to help build zidisha by inviting orther people's but many are refusing s...

4 Sep 15

Volunteer mentor

I want to become a volunteer mentor

5 Sep 12

Wow! Flash Disbursement

I'm greatly impressed with Zidisha and its quick disbursement of funds. I received my loan seconds after I confirmed and accepted it. Grateful

4 Sep 9

Missing On #community-moderator Group

Hi Julia; I'm requesting the director to add me to the group. I just learnt of it recently when a friend called me and asked why i was not in the ...

1 Sep 8

Loan Borrowed

I will like to make arrangements with zidisha staff and borrow some huge amount about $ 2,000.00 eqivalent to Ghc 10,000.00 with low interest rate ...

9 Sep 5