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Credit risk

After repayment of loan,is the credit risk refundable?

2 Nov 18


What happens when I pay the premium membership fee?Will I be able to access higher loan limits as from 100$ or less??

2 Nov 18

The thread "Technical Error on the Zidisha Platform in Zambia" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

1 Nov 17

Loans that are not repaid

When a loan goes unpaid for a certain amount of time, the lender is given the option of "Receive Advance Repayment". This is good but I was wonder...

11 Nov 14

Why only projects in Africa?

Hello together I have noticed that for some time now only projects in Africa have been presented. What is the reason why, for example, no projects...

4 Nov 13

Can I be given a new mentor please

Please I need a new mentor who can assist me where possible. I need money very urgently and my loan isn't promising. How am I going through this Ju...

2 Nov 12


How can I option out of zidisha membership premium

2 Nov 11

Hello to everyone

Please I first of all get $10 and then pay for the premium membership fees so can I get more than $50 in my second loan or how much can I get please

1 Nov 11

You have created many loan proposals in a short while

I applied for a loan on Sunday and I was not Disturbed because the application expired, I kept cancelling and reapplying then they told me I should...

1 Nov 11

Credit risk payments

Hello, I did not understand why every time I apply for a loan I get a deduction of the credit rist payments and my credit limit doe not increase. P...

4 Nov 11

Credit Risk Payment

1. Please I don't understand something and I want to be clear on it, it's about the "Credit Risk Payment" I want to know what is it about, and I am...

1 Nov 11

Browse on Woman Projects

Hi all, Could it be possible to add a tool that filters out only woman projects? Worldwide, women have much less economic opportunity, secu...

16 Nov 10


I want to thank all our lender and the founder of this wonderful community. God will continue to bless you. I have a suggestion on how to encourage...

1 Nov 10

I want to become a volunteer mentor

I am interested In becoming volunteer mentor, how can I go about it?

1 Nov 9

Change of phone

What happens to the loan limit when one changes phone?

1 Nov 9

Mentor Change

Can one have the mentor assigned changed or get an additional one?

1 Nov 9