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Loan Approval Period before going Live

I embrace the new rule as implemented by Zidisha on approving loans proposal before going live to lenders. Its a milestone, so to speak....remove c...

2 Feb 3

Call for Restructuring of Zidisha Framework

From the statistics, zidisha has done quite well over the few years it has been in operation but the borrowers seem to have escallated in ranks to ...

16 Feb 3

Search option on the forum page

these are simple thoughts and ideas. If the forum page there is a search option. It will be easier to find questions and answers on the same topic....

5 Jan 16

apply the formal ways of handling applications

I am wishing each and everyone on this platform a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. I have analyzed the current and the old format in whi...

4 Dec 26

Introduce Zidisha in Central America

Hello everybody, I have been a lender in Zidisha for a few months now and I love it. It's a brilliant idea with a noble goal and an effective s...

6 Dec 24