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I have being asked to be a volunteer mentor

What are the requirements that I may need to submit

1 Dec 7

members loan fund

My members loan fund is so high, is there away that you can reduce it?

2 Dec 6

loan funding problem

I posted a new loan some 26 days back. this loan expired and I followed up with another. I have done all it takes in spite of challenges in the pas...

3 Dec 5

Loan expedition

Hi, I would like to find out how one can expedite their loan?

2 Dec 2


Hello, I am writing to know if someone can change his phone number from the one was registered in the system,if for example he traveled to a differ...

1 Dec 1

payment not recorded in account

Dear team, at this time many friends who have experienced recording errors, even payments are not recorded, when they have paid & confirmed their p...

1 Nov 29


Please lenders,i would be happy for you to give another chance for those who could not make up to settle their bonuses credit on their account shou...

1 Nov 27

Abu Musah Abajei loan discussion

I invited Abu Musah Zidisha and later was given a loan facility, but has not yet made any payment for the past one month. I contacted him to know w...

3 Nov 21
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