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Couldn't we remove the Credit Risk Fee for loans under $50?

Sorry to keep returning to the issue of trying to reduce the service fees for borrowers; but it's all about helping the most people at the lowest r...

6 Aug 25

ID uploading

Please how do I crop the picture before upload it. Please help me with that. Thanks

3 Aug 21


Thanks to zidisha for what their are doing in my life and in other people's lives..I have questions before anything else.i want to know the benefit...

3 Aug 16

Volunteer Mentor

Please kindly help me here How do I become a volunteer Mentor? I am interested. Thank yo

2 Aug 16


Pls with expedited arrangement, does stiil take more than three days even for an international transfer fund manager to be involved?

1 Aug 14

Date of automatic transfer

It appears that any attempt to set up an automatic transfer occurs immediately, on the same date as the attempt. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to...

1 Aug 14

Faithfulness and integrity As a Borrower

I had conversation with few borrowers; some are my mentees and some are borrowers who want to talk to me so as to know more about Zidisha and how Z...

1 Aug 14

Odd category button

I just noticed something odd related to the buttons or links for the different lending categories (farming, out of the box, etc.). For the Beauty ...

1 Aug 14

Payment before schedule time?

This comment has been removed.

9 Aug 13


Pls does expedition fee vary according to credit limit or it's constant?

3 Aug 13

Volunteer Mentor

Please someone kindly help me. How do I become a volunteer Mentor ? As I am very much interested in assisting and help people's to understan...

4 Aug 13

Uploading profile photos

I am abit confused ,I have been asked severally to update my photo in the profile which I have done severally but it keep repeating . I am unable ...

1 Aug 13


Hello team, I am requesting to become a loan guarantor kindly assiste. Regards Juliety.

4 Aug 12

loan guarantor

What is the advantage of becoming loan guarantor,be cause they said I am eligible to become loan guarantee and what will happens if I don't like to...

4 Aug 12


I need your explanation because am so shocked and surprised why is Zidisha not giving credit limit when you repay before the due date.I was told to...

1 Aug 12

Credit risk

I agree to the credit risk fee, while taking loan, my problem is after fullfiling my obligation in paying in full and on time, am I not supposed at...

2 Aug 9

Please delete my profile

This comment has been removed.

5 Aug 2