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Zidisha for all

In fact, Zidisha vision and actions are worth of high admiration. It brings hope for unbanked people to have easy access to credit. Well , would i...

1 May 12

Founding Story

Hello to All Borrowers, Let's also spend few of our time to read founding Story, Why Zidisha, How it works etc so as to appreciate how far Zidisha...

3 May 3


I would like to appreciate the work of zidisha as it has brought an impact up to interior parts of the country. In fact, I got to learn that more t...

1 Apr 22


Greetings to you all, its my 1st time to be here, and am optimistic that i will have good testimonies as older members do.

3 Apr 19


Whoever came up this idea of micro lending is such a genius. At first when i had about zidisha i thought it was a scam. I just could not understand...

2 Apr 16

The ultimate dream.

This comment has been removed.

4 Mar 18

Keep on keeping on

Having learnt about Zidisha’s work I wish there were more companies touching as many lives as Zidisha does. I can only therefore encourage each len...

2 Mar 15

Zidisha Team Spotlight: Betsy Ramser Jaime, ....

I just finished reading Zidisha: P2P Microfinance about Betsty Ramser Jaime and I am more than happy, and want to say thank you to Team Zidisha fo...

18 Mar 12

Long live Zidisha!!!!

Zidisha has assisted me and other members to actualize our dreams. There is virtually no institution that could have lent us an ear on matters fina...

1 Mar 11