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International Women’s Day falls on March 8

As the world mark the International Women's Day, I want to use this opportunity to wish all the hard working women on the Zidisha platform a happy ...

2 Mar 9

zidisha giving hope to many through lending

the 1st time i heard about zidisha,the idea sounded too good to be true,every shop you passed you would hear people discussing zidisha in low tones...

5 Mar 7

The best financial partner-zidisha.

Good job zidisha team,you are so flexible and friendly,as borrowers,we are because you are.long life

1 Mar 3

Traits so valuable.

Zidisha is building an act of selflessness where more people are encouraged to help those who are coming up in life. When I think of my dreams and ...

5 Feb 27

Thank you message

Zidisha offers the greatest opportunity to young entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond to help them grow their business and pay school fees (educate ...

2 Feb 25


The slow movement of a lion doesn't show weakness or tiredness but rather a calculated steps to get its prey.Never bother how fast people are movin...

3 Feb 23

Commendable job.

I would like to thank Zidisha for job well done in establishing a forum where we can get the latest happenings. The forum has proven to be the best...

6 Feb 21

Thumbs up to Zidisha

As a borrower, allow pass my complement to all the lenders. We live in a competitive world where "verything" bears the term scarce due to hard econ...

3 Feb 12