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Thank you team zidisha for the assistance of loan I have been receiving, I would like to now exit the group and am requesting to know the dues that...

6 Jul 8

Upload of profile picture

I am finding it difficult to upload my profile picture. Is there and dimension size or format I need to convert the picture to enable me upload it?

1 Jul 8

How much of my money is still in circulation?

Why does Zidisha not show how much of the money that i originally deposited is still in circulation? Or, they could show how much has been lost. ...

10 Jul 7

Idea: Allow each lender to create one public "List"

Just an idea for the next time developers are looking for an upgrade to the web package; sites like Kiva heavily encourage the use of "Groups" that...

2 Jul 4

Can I use a Passport as an ID for Loans

Please can I use my passport as a form of ID to apply for a loan pls

2 Jul 2

Resignation and money refunds

I resigned from zidisha on 9th January this year and requested for my refunds. I did this in March and may though no response so far. So please can...

2 Jul 2

Semi-public test account pretending to be a borrower...

It occurs to me that many of the questions borrowers ask on the forums are conditional on understanding the mechanics of the site from their perspe...

1 Jul 1

Credit Risk Refund

Is credit risk fund refunded after complete loan payment. Is a one time payment or its every time I borrow? I just wanted to know before my loan is...

14 Jul 1

Deleting account

Please I'd like to delete my account so I can register afresh because I've just acquired my new ID which will be having my details including name

2 Jul 1

Technical error

Hello team, can repayment be made only through mtn network? Those using Vodafone cannot make repayment using the Vodafone network. No otp code will...

9 Jun 29

Change of names

I mistakenly typed a wrong name when applying for my loan, how can I change the name

3 Jun 26

Technical error

Am trying to pay loan through app but is not going through please give us pay bill number

3 Jun 26

Loan not approved for funding

Please I dont know the reason why I have been uploaded my mobile money account statement several times but yet still they always told my loan was n...

4 Jun 25


I believe the cost of expediting a loan shoud be calcalated based on the amount left to go on the funding of the loan. Sometimes the loan may b...

8 Jun 24


Hi all how can someone pay to become a premium member

2 Jun 22