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Prioritize shortest-loan-term first

For auto-relending, there should be one of the priorities "Shortest loan term" (soonest projected repayment) since that would increase the number o...

1 Jun 19

Money disbursement

My loan has been fully funded and accepted but it is now 3 days since It was been accepted till now the money is not disbursed in my mtn account. S...

2 Jun 16

Repayment of the loan

What happens when you repay your loan on a day that you did not select to pay back? For example I selected Sunday as a day of repaying my loan back...

6 Jun 15

Is zidisha open to SMEs?

Hi Zidisha, I have been enjoying personal loans from you for some time now and it has helped me a lot. Now I am starting a small scale industry wit...

1 Jun 13


Samuel Partangu Jun 9, 2020 the Covid 19 pandemic has changed our world we are indoors but hope the situation would not be permanent. many bu...

1 Jun 9

Did something happen to Indonesia?

This comment has been removed.

4 Jun 8

Expediting services.

Hello zidisha, Do you still offer express/expediting services to Kenyan loans? It will be good for me as I have an emergency issue to take care a...

4 Jun 6

Julia won't respond to my messages

This comment has been removed.

7 May 30

Higher interest rate

Good morning, the same new credit risk and the 10% us making things difficult. Can Zidisha help bring it back to the 5%

5 May 23

Is Zidisha closing down?

When I first got involved, Zidisha had hundreds of borrowers, from half a dozen countries all over the world. Now my feed show 6 guys from Nigeria ...

10 May 21


Please I want to repay for my invitees who have defaulted their repayment and manage the account. Is it possible? If yes, how can I receive the n...

4 May 13

Thank you!

Hello Team Zidisha, a big thank you and a grateful heart from me to you and your families for all the wonderful things you are doing in my life. ...

1 May 12