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How people from Kenya benefit from zidisha.

1 Mar 15

About risk allowance

Please I want to ask why the risk allowance is no more refoudable. I want to help build zidisha by inviting orther people's but many are refusing s...

6 Mar 11

Impact Investment account type

I'm very confused by what this is. Is this essentially saying the funds I've transferred to Zidisha will stay with Zidisha forever as sort of a do...

3 Mar 9


The cost of the loan is stipulated to be only 5%.however there are some hidden charges of service a whole 10% without even adding the credit risk.W...

2 Mar 8

Need to Add My Profile Picture

Hello there, How can I add a photo to my profile? I see other profiles have them but can't get that option on mine. TIA

2 Mar 6

Credit risk fee querry

Hi, Forum. Does credit risk fee attached to every loan one gets? And when does credit risk fee becomes withdrawable?

11 Feb 28

Credit risk payment

Can someone kindly explain to me whether the credit risk payment is refunded to the borrower once the loan borrowed is repaid in full. otherwise, t...

3 Feb 22


What is this credit assessment fee? Is it non refundabel? Because when you given the loan that amount is deducted. For instance l borrowed 3,000 a...

2 Feb 21

Question about receiving advance payment

hola! So i've been out of the loop for a while so i'm sorry if i'm rehashing issues that everyone is aware. So I was checking how my old loan...

7 Feb 15


As a guarantor of Zidisha loan, I would like to know someone's past record of repayment before guaranteeing anybody. Is this possible? A number of ...

3 Feb 14

membership fee

why did you remove the membership fee refund button

1 Feb 13

Loan Guarantor Program

Below is the message I received from Zidisha. It’s my hope and prayer that all well-meaning borrowers in Zidisha would also work hard in all their ...

1 Feb 11

501 c3 donation receipt

Since my account is not withdrawable and since Zidisha is a 501 c3, there should be a donation receipt for 2019 available. Is there? Where do I fin...

3 Feb 6


Pls how can I contact Zidisha directly? I have been having issues with the loan process and my volunteer member has not been of help or is helpless.

3 Feb 3

Is Zidisha closed?

May you please help me to know if Zidisha has closed the opportunity of getting a loan without paying a onetime premium membership?

2 Feb 2