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Pay it Foward

Hi, may I have an invite to the Pay it Forward program madam director Julia? Thanks.

2 Jun 13

500 server error

I want to invite a friend but when I hit the invite button it gives 500 server error.

2 Jun 13

How does it work??

How does pay forward work????

1 Jun 13

How to access pay it forward

Pleasei want to know how pay it forward works and how can I do it?

2 Jun 12

Two minor page design issues

https://i.ibb.co/kKThR8r/Screenshot-747.png a) When lending, the two frames overlap each other. Never seen this on other lending projects, assum...

7 Jun 11

The button to access

Thank you my sweet mother for invited me to join.But I have gone through the procedure but there is no button to access the application form. (Q...

3 Jun 10