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Loan not funded.

Should I cancel my loan proposal? Because it's just remaining 5days and still not funded.

7 Jan 30 Borrower Questions

my mentees are disappearing . why

I am a VM and I had 9 mentees who were repaying on time due to my constant interaction with them through calls. just today I checked my assigned me...

10 Jan 30 Borrower Questions

Volunteer Mentor's Information

Please I don't know if this is happening to other members of this noble commuinity,my volunteer's information,such as his contact is removed. Am I...

2 Jan 30 Borrower Questions

challenges in applying for a new loan

Once I make an application, the moment i reach at informing the lenders how I used my last loan, the entire request doesn't go through to complete ...

10 Jan 30 Borrower Questions

loan not funded

Hello zidisha am lost of words and for sure i dont know what to say after going several complaints from my fellow borrowers and getting various ans...

2 Jan 29 Borrower Questions

Repayment not credited to my account

Hello I have made a repayment of 30ghc on the 12th of January yet still is not credited to my account. I want to know why Thank-you

2 Jan 29 Volunteer Mentors

Pencairan kredit gagal

Keterangan karena bank tidak sah, padahal biasa nya tidak begini

16 Jan 29 Indonesia

Zidisha staff, need help, payment has not been confirmed.

I have paid the second installment on January 24, 2018 for 10,000 IDR due on January 29, 2018. I have also made a support ticket on January 27, 201...

7 Jan 29 Borrower Questions

unsecured loans

I am very happy with his zidisha is his vision of his mission is good ... but for the loan proposal early borrowing his response very fast loan to ...

2 Jan 29 Borrower Questions

Pending Disbursement

To the honorable zidisha, the below mentioned Mentee (Pending Disbursement) https://www.zidisha.org/loan/pembelian-pakaianai-partai-grosir Already ...

3 Jan 29 Volunteer Mentors

technical error of declined loan

Hello zidisha team i wish use this opportunity to alert you that the technical error of declined loan has not resolve completely .Some of guinea b...

2 Jan 28 Borrower Questions

Indonesia disbursement banks / Bank pencairan pinjaman

Previously, loan disbursements could only be sent to BCA bank accounts in Indonesia. We are now able to disburse loans to any of the following ban...

13 Jan 28 Announcements

Non funding of loans

My previous loan expired without being financed, I put another request which is over three days old and still 0% funded, what exactly is happening ...

17 Jan 28 Borrower Questions


Hello zidisha team.. i want to be a VM.. How will i go about it?

1 Jan 28 Borrower Questions

pinjaman yg belum terdanai

Mohon maaf saat ini saya masih bingung untuk menanyakan kepada siapa perihal kenapa pinjaman belum terdanai .jadi saya buka diskusi diforum ini. Sa...

3 Jan 27 Indonesia

loan application pending for staff view

i`m just asking how long it takes for a loan application to be viewed? mine is now 4 days unviewed

5 Jan 27 Borrower Questions


Barang kali disini ada senior team Zidisha yang berdomisili di dekat saya di daerah Cakung/Cilincing Jakarta Utara. Supaya bisa ngobrol-ngobrol leb...

1 Jan 27 Indonesia

Pinjaman kedua

Pinjaman kedua susah trrdanai saya lihat sebagian member pun sama akan hal yang saya alami...ada apakah dengan semua ini

6 Jan 27 Indonesia

Solutions to reduced number of loans being funded.

Hi Madam director - Julia, Zidisha staff and fellow members, Since it is now undeniable fact that the number of loans being funded to 100% has r...

1 Jan 27 Borrower Questions

mass declined loans by error

Hello zidisha team i am VM in Ghana and i have received another report from some of borrowers that their loans which is on project funding and thos...

1 Jan 27 Borrower Questions