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Thanks Zidisha for the MLF redund

Thank you so much for the refund. God bless you all.

1 Apr 24 Borrower Questions

Thanks Zidisha for the MLF redund

I hereby wish to thank you so much for the MLF refund. I really appreciate. I am kindly requesting Zidisha that in future, they shud allow members...

1 Apr 24 Borrower Questions


Teman teman saya bilang ada menu percepatan di akun mereka,tapi kenapa ya di akun saya tidak pernah ada menu percepatan? Apakah memang demikian? Ti...

2 Apr 23 Indonesia

Dana belum saya terima

Saya mengjukan yang ke 3, sudah terdanai penuh dan sudah pencairan dana, tapi dana sudah 1 minggu belum saya terima, padahal minggu depan sudah h...

2 Apr 23 Indonesia


Mau tanya pinjaman pertama sampai ke 11 itu lancar pencairan na untuk pinjaman ke 12 lama yach padahal saya tidak pernah telat byr malah byr lebih ...

2 Apr 23 Indonesia

Uncredited Payments

I have made payments on 16th of this month and up til now(6 days) the payments still have not credited to my account. I have send a support ticket ...

3 Apr 23 Borrower Questions


I have done two attempts to upload my photo but it is only the message shown. Kind regards, please help.

2 Apr 23 Borrower Questions


Please I need help to change my number. I iam not able to repay my due loan with my moble number.

2 Apr 23 Borrower Questions

Mentees credit limits reduced

Please two of my mentees have complained of reduction in credit limits. The new credit limit is lower than the amount they took in their precious l...

1 Apr 23 Volunteer Mentors

Lump Sum Payment to clear loan

Hi team members, I want to clear my loan balance of 33% through one payment. How will this affect my access of the next loan and the credit limit...

4 Apr 22 Borrower Questions

Grateful to Team Zidisha and To all lenders

I would like to thank Zidisha team members, all the volunteers and all lenders for your kind support. I'm always grateful and thankful to you all....

2 Apr 22 Open Forum


I would like to appreciate the work of zidisha as it has brought an impact up to interior parts of the country. In fact, I got to learn that more t...

1 Apr 22 Open Forum

Credit limit

Dear Zidisha, my credit limit was suppose to be 6019 Ghs but i checked now and i'm going to be given the same amount that i repaid in my last loan....

3 Apr 22 Borrower Questions

Indonesia disbursement banks / Bank pencairan pinjaman

Previously, loan disbursements could only be sent to BCA bank accounts in Indonesia. We are now able to disburse loans to any of the following ban...

15 Apr 22 Announcements

Bantuan pwncairan cepat

Selamat siang mhn pencerahan nya masalh pencairan dari pertama penganjuan sampai sekarng yang ke 10 ko yang ke 11 ga ada pencairan cepat yach pilih...

3 Apr 22 Indonesia


Can someone check my account for me why I have made a payment for about five day's now which has not been credited

4 Apr 21 Borrower Questions

Add a limit to loan repayment time

I recently made a loan to a borrower requesting a repayment period of several months (I don't remember exactly what the length was). Now, when I l...

13 Apr 21 Lender Questions

Akses pinjaman

Saya ingin mengajukan pinjaman , tetapi di saat saya ingin memasukan foto kenapa tidak bisa yaa ?

4 Apr 21 Indonesia


Hi Zidisha, I hope this E-mail finds you in good health, i am also doing good in my home country. Secondly, i want to extend my mass thank you t...

2 Apr 21 Borrower Questions

payment not being credited to my account

please i made my weekly payment on the 18th of Apr and up to now my account have not been credited. am worried it will affect my credit score. plea...

1 Apr 21 Borrower Questions