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Invitation of Lenders by Borrowers

Hi Zidisha family and staff, Being a Volunteer Mentor, I have received questions asking if a borrower can invite a friend or a relative to lend/...

8 Jan 27 Borrower Questions

Application to be volunteer mentor

I here by apply to work with zidisha as volunteer mentor,please help. Thank you

3 Jan 26 Borrower Questions

uploading identity card

I have been asked to upload my id but when i try to upload it but its not going through when i try to edit the icon to upload is not available plea...

2 Jan 26 Borrower Questions

Loan credit limit

Hey my lenders, thanks once more for correcting my loaning widow. I was invited my Moses Orembe Ontuga who is a volunteer mentor. While I 'am apply...

5 Jan 26 Borrower Questions


Zidisha telah mengganti virtual account (VA) untuk pembayaran angsuran dari BCA ke BNI VA. Bagi anggota Zidisha yang memiliki rekening BNI tentu ti...

5 Jan 26 Indonesia

loan not founded

I used the intrest of my buseness to fund a loan but as at now my loan is not funded which is bringing buseness down. Please may i know the reason ...

1 Jan 26 Borrower Questions

Loan pending review

I just applied for a new loan, my previous application expired at 71% funding. Kindly review my loan my loan and advice accordingly. Thanks.

1 Jan 26 Borrower Questions

loan application review

i applied for a loan last week and my application is still pending review. how long does the review normally take?

2 Jan 25 Borrower Questions

Change of line

First I thank the zidisha team for the good work they are doing to better our lives. My question is, I have a business number and this is the the ...

4 Jan 25 Borrower Questions

Loan not funded.

Please I need help, nine days left but my loan application is still 0% funded! I have tried to edit my profile, even changing the requested amount ...

1 Jan 25 Borrower Questions

Urgent.. Kenya Loan Bephine Nyawera Shiraho

I would like to bring to your attention above named. I have been a member for quite sometime and have applied for Zidisha loan more than 5 times ...

1 Jan 25 Borrower Questions

Clarify members

I have a mentee with nice and punctual installments. I see the installment installment is not long and big nominal installment, which makes me disa...

2 Jan 25 Volunteer Mentors


Recently most of the applicants especially good friends have called to announce to me that their loan applications have been cancelled. I have many...

3 Jan 25 Volunteer Mentors

Account closing in bulk

I have read the announcement from the director julia about the many accounts that are closed. But the problem is solved. But the closing of the acc...

1 Jan 25 Volunteer Mentors

loans not funded

Kindly i would like to thank the Zidisha organization for having considered my loans applications since i joined Zidisha. I'm happy for that noble ...

4 Jan 24 Borrower Questions

This is my sixth time

Hello everyone this is my sixth time l apply this loan still 0 perct funding it left with 8days.joost told me l should post more pictures l did bu...

4 Jan 24 Borrower Questions

pinjaman blom masuk

ko belum masuk sih pinjaman saya

3 Jan 24 Indonesia

Collapse of my business

This is my sixth loan proposal after expiring for five times. I started creating this loan proposal since November, 2017 but it does not show any ...

2 Jan 24 Borrower Questions


I am so disappointed with Zidisha, you have been sending me emails that I am eligible to invite new members and once I have done that without infor...

4 Jan 24 Borrower Questions


Hi zidisha team i have applied my loan third time now and seems not yet funded is there anything wrong in my loan proposal or profile please help

3 Jan 24 Borrower Questions