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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Ini maksudnya apa tolong info ke saya segera

Saya pinjaman ke 4. Kenapa pinjaman saya 650.000 . Kenapa pengembalian saya jadi Rp. 1.200.000 . Padahal saya tidak memakai MLF.

5 Feb 18 Indonesia

Technical error causing borrower account declines

A technical error has caused some borrower accounts to be incorrectly declined over the past three days. Please accept my sincere apologies for th...

35 Feb 18 Announcements


Dear Lenders, I will resume my payments soon when I get well. Currently am in need of funds for a leg operation. Dear Friend, I just started ...

2 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

Cancellation of intermediate MLF deposit

I juwita ismariyani ... sorry before ... want to ask how to cancel the MLF loan medium loan I received .... and blm I pay at all.krn currently hone...

5 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

loan disbursed!

Hello zidisha lenders, thanks for the loans and continued support of myjoyce clothes and Bontique enterprises. I had applied for 9,130 KES. and my ...

2 Feb 18 Borrower Questions


I am Ulin Nuha loan realization already in approval but until now no funds have entered into my BCA account. But emails are sent in the name of med...

2 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

Inflation of the total amount to be repaid

Hello, am grateful for receiving the loan I applied for and in a very short duration. However am experiencing a problem, I borrowed KES 15,516 whic...

2 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

Inflation of the total amount to be repaid

Hello, I borrowed KES 15516 as my second loan which was grateful processed very fast and I received KES 14,741. The problem is that am supposed to...

2 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

Incorrect installment amount

I will like to bring to your notice of an incorrect installment concerning the amount requested and the amount repayment. I requested for GHS 60...

2 Feb 18 Borrower Questions



1 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

Loan limit downgraded and loan taking so long for approval.

Why was my loan limit downgraded from 31500 to 26100 while my repayment is 100/ ? And why does it take too long for loan to get approved yet the da...

2 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

Loan defaults

I strongly believed that borrowers who have failed to repay their loan have made some lenders developed some mistrust in the system (Zidisha). This...

1 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

Repayment amount too small

Hello I registered through the app and I realized that the highest amount to repay a week is 4 GHS and so is taking me about 17 months to finish p...

3 Feb 18 Borrower Questions

Deposit refund

Hi,zidisha team ,,happy for your support .my business has grown well.l ceased to be a member and request a refund of 13000ksh.Thanks as you consi...

13 Feb 17 Borrower Questions

Request for help.

Instead of complaining about Zidisha am posting this requesting your opinion on how I can get funded much quicker since this is my 6th application ...

4 Feb 17 Borrower Questions

Miscalculation in refunds as to reimbursed

My credit limit was ksh 1417 in which I have received the money but am being asked to refund a total of 2694. Instead of paying 1417. I have not ye...

1 Feb 17 Borrower Questions

Loan funding

Hey being an experienced member of zidisha,and good records of payment,with 100% turnover I m worried that I have applied for loan three times but ...

2 Feb 17 Borrower Questions

Credit limit

Hi by the time i was clearing my loan,my credit limit was ksh 107 thousand anda few hundred shillings and now at ksh 86 thousand and some hundre...

1 Feb 17 Borrower Questions

Loan defaulters

Hallo what action do Zidisha take incase of loan defaulters.

2 Feb 17 Borrower Questions

Loan funding

Hey,can someone kind me,this the third I am applying my loan but hasn't been funded.what could be wrong,.can someone check my account and advise me...

8 Feb 17 Borrower Questions