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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Advice me

May I know whether its possible that my loan will be funded. I have raised this particular loan since November 10th 2017 up to date but to no avail...

1 Feb 17 Borrower Questions


I am required to pay 5000 per week, emg bs ya transfer 5000? Instead of at least 10,000?

4 Feb 16 Borrower Questions


Why do loans take long to be approved while the days for the loan funding are reducing on a daily basis, , the process should be fast

13 Feb 16 Borrower Questions

Loan not funded.

This comment has been removed.

24 Feb 16 Borrower Questions

Wait-listed loans

As the volume of loan applications continues to grow faster than the supply of lending capital, we have begun wait-listing some loan applications. ...

49 Feb 16 Announcements

repain loan problem

Hello team, I really need your help. I have repain my loan on time and receiving notifications of payment received from Zidisha. Now the problem be...

2 Feb 16 Borrower Questions

Third business day.

My loan has been on review for three working days , I hope it will given the necessary attention and be posted for funding by the close of today. ....

1 Feb 16 Borrower Questions

Loan Applicatio takes too long

Your loan application is pending review by Zidisha staff. Once approved, it will be available for lenders to fund.this is taking forever to be done...

1 Feb 16 Borrower Questions

Loan Expired

Hi sir, am wondering why my loan that I just applied few minutes a go am told has expired? Why and it has not yet been published ? Please help.....

9 Feb 16 Volunteer Mentors

Why do borrowers pay back immediately, then post a new loan?

I have seen the following happen several times. 1. A loan gets funded with an extended repayment period, say 12 or 24 months 2. Within a few we...

36 Feb 16 Lender Questions

mentor saya tidak bisa dihubungi

tolong saya dibantu saya sudah menghubungi pak zainudin tapi HP nya beliau sudah ngak aktif lagi , saya sudah menghubungi berkali - kali . saya ber...

3 Feb 15 Indonesia

Reapplying Problem.

Hello Members, The fundraising period for my loan has ended without being fully funded, I have the opportunity to accept the 35% I got or to cance...

6 Feb 15 Borrower Questions

Loan Expiring at Zidisha Staff Review Stage

Hello Please what could be the next step to follow should incase my loan expire at the staff review stage. As at now (15/02/2018) I have only one ...

1 Feb 15 Borrower Questions

Loan expired before being published

Hi, There is a complaint that loans expire even before they are published, can zidisha assist please what do we tell our members

2 Feb 15 Volunteer Mentors

how to do to become a mentor?

I would like to become one of mentors in zidisha what I'm I supposed to do!

2 Feb 15 Borrower Questions


I 'am not able to apply for my loan.

2 Feb 15 Borrower Questions

Three times application without funding

Having applied for a loan three times without getting hundred percent funding, even-though I increased my MLF deposit. What is the happening now?

2 Feb 15 Borrower Questions


Hello team i don't understand why my credit limit has been reduced , yet my loan has moved from 92% to 93% on time payments, As a result th...

9 Feb 15 Borrower Questions

Wait list and loan approval

Hello zidisha team, I created my loan proposal on 2/02/18 but has since been put on the wait list. Now it is left only two days to expire but has s...

3 Feb 15 Borrower Questions

I can't finish applying for a loan

If I finish applying for a loan it's taking me back again can you please help me thank you

8 Feb 14 Borrower Questions