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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Status pembayaran tiba-tiba berubah

Dear All, Mohon bantuannya saya sempat ada melakukan pembayaran di tgl 31 Oktober 2017 dimana yang seharusnya cicilan kedua saya bayar lunas sekal...

2 Dec 2, 2017 Indonesia

pembayaran yang tidak terekam,

hallo saya mau bertanya,biasanya sebelum jatuh tempo saya sudah bayar angsuran pinjaman saya.sebelumnya semua lancar2 saja,setiap bayar lansung t...

2 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia

rek pembayaran

setelah beberapa waktu lalu.. saya mendapat kabar bahwa no virtual account pembayaran ganti, dan beberapa hari yg lalu mendapat kabar kalau pemba...

3 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia

Pembayaran tidak masuk

Tolong bantu saya kemarin taguhan bayar tgl 27 nov Saya sudh tf dr tgl 25 nov tapi kok tidak masuk d list pembayaran.. dan saldo d rekening jg ke...

2 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia

Virtual account tidak terdaftar

Hari ini tanggal jatuh tempo pembayaran terakhir saya, tapi virtual account tidak bisa digunakan. Padahal pembayaran sebelum sebelumnya tidak ada m...

3 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia

No virtual tidak ada

Hari ini saya akan melakukan pembayaran cicilan dari pinjaman saya yang jatuh tempo tanggal 01 desember 2017 besok, tapi saat saya memasukkan nomor...

5 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia

Unfunded loan

Hi my loan has 4 days left to expire and it is zero funded and my business is terribly affected by the political crisis in our country Kenya so I a...

2 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions

Virtual account salah

Yang terhormat tim zidisha, sy mau bayar angsuran tp kenapa tulisan di Ebanking nomor virtual account salah/tidak ada padahal sudah sy cek berkali-...

14 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia

Expedition of a loan

How can I expedite funding of my loan. I can't see that option

2 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions

Pembayaran tidak terekam

Saya sudah membayar dari tanggal 6 november 2017, akan tetapi dashboard saya masih minta pembayaran. Tolong dibantu Terimakasih

15 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia


saya ingin mencoba pemabayaran cicilan , pie pas di masukin nomor virtual nya salah, bisa minta info nya pa/ibu sekalian.

5 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia

Virtual Account Tidak Terdaftar

Halo, mau nanya dong , ane masih newbie , baru pertama melakukan pinjaman , sangat cepat 1 hari sudah dicairkan ( 250rbuan setelah dipotong keangot...

14 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia


Hello, I am writing to know if someone can change his phone number from the one was registered in the system,if for example he traveled to a differ...

1 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions

Limit pinjaman berkurang hingga jutaan

Hai eko apa kabar ?? Bisa kah anda screnshoot batas kredit anda ?? Agar kami dapat menjaskannya . Karena saya melihat jadwal tempo pelunasan an...

3 Dec 1, 2017 Indonesia

Error in my account

I was recently refered here by a member who has been borrowing with you and I only managed to secure $0.01 this is unfair i think my account has an...

2 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions

loan limit not increased

I took a loan in September and held it for three months but now after repaying am told that my limit did not increase because I did not hold it for...

3 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions

Why bills installment so much more ??

Dear team zidisha .. Why my mortgage bill jd more byk. which initially only 6 weeks. now the bill becomes 4433 weeks. that"s right. cook I have to ...

9 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions

Loan Application

I am trying to apply for a new loan but it doesn't update on my dashboard. It keeps showing "Post a New Application". Please help

1 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions

Wrongful recording of my repayments

Please zidisha team, I am confused. I was supposed to pay my loan on 25/11/17 but I paid earlier than that date. My repayment repayment was not rec...

1 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions


My loan request is few hours to expiry at 0%. I havent received a comment. Or a recommendation. Need direction and assistance.

1 Dec 1, 2017 Borrower Questions

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