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Borrower Questions

A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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Lender Questions

A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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Open Forum

The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

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Announcements by Zidisha staff.

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If it's not about Zidisha, it's here.

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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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old loans in the dam

The words are like this. Please guidance pack, I have constraints. My submission process has been funded for a long time, the rest of the time I ha...

3 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

Pending Review

Hello zidisha team, how long does the review take i applied on 19th nov but later had to do a followup with support after i was 100%funded and a t...

4 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

Loan does not appear in the listed projects

I am a new member. I applied for a loan and when i check in the listed projects, mine dose not appear there. Kindly advise.

2 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

Unsecured Loan Project

Please Information, I have made a loan application, but not recorded on the Project Submission Loan. Related to that, I have to ask whom? Thank you

3 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

Salah pencatatan pembayaran saya, kacau

Sudah masuk pinjaman ke 2 tapi pinjaman pertama masih di tagih

4 Dec 26, 2017 Indonesia

Technical problems with dashboard

Hii Zidisha. I have realised its very difficult to post anew loan request. First uploading a photo seems a nightmare. Secondly should succeed past ...

2 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

unpublished project

to the honorable team zidisha and related parties. my loan to this day is not publicized for public project, whereas only one day left, before I...

2 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions


Hello zidisha, i am lacking a volunteer mentor who can review my loan kindly assign me one so that he/she can review my loan

3 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

Salah memasukkan nama Bank

Saya Ayu , beberapa hari lalu saya mendapatkan notif jika pinjaman sudah di danai . Akan tetapi ketika saya memasukan no rekening. Tanpa di sengaja...

3 Dec 26, 2017 Indonesia

Detailed elaboration on this:

Your loan application is pending review by Zidisha staff. Once approved, it will be available for lenders to fund.Yet its 71% funded and 2days to e...

4 Dec 26, 2017 Volunteer Mentors

My loan

Hi my loan is being reviewed by staff . I don't get it being a constant regular payee I don't understand why zidisha to do that to some of us

3 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

apply the formal ways of handling applications

I am wishing each and everyone on this platform a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. I have analyzed the current and the old format in whi...

4 Dec 26, 2017 Open Forum


selamat siang , saya azhari aprianto dengan email: [email protected] , saya sudah membayar angsuran saya sebesar 7.473 IDR tetapi pembayar...

2 Dec 26, 2017 Indonesia

Two requests

Hello, I don't know how fast my loan will be approved so that it can be available for funding.I have two requests I am requesting that they do lo...

2 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

Reset my phone to factory setings

Pls my little sister just reset my phone to factory setting so I can't access my email account now.what should I do pls.I don't only remember my pa...

2 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

Working place pictures

Why is it that my working place pictures are not appearing on the screen? What is happening? Because i have tried so many times and failed to appear.

2 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

Sciatic hidayat

Says Karang 105 idr already at transfer Rp 10.000.000 kok blm terkonfrimasi .. Says want to borrow again

3 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

duration for the pending preview

My humble question to the Zidisha team is , how long will the preview takes before an applicat loan will be justified. Why because I apply for loa...

2 Dec 26, 2017 Borrower Questions

When all the difficulties for this loan will end

Hallo dave With this new policy really make us wobble is there any best solution besides this? May we find the bright spot of the problems we exper...

3 Dec 25, 2017 Borrower Questions

loan removed from the projects

Please zidisha team my loan is not fully funded but it has been removed from the projects and it is not among the in the projects page. Is it a tec...

2 Dec 25, 2017 Borrower Questions

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