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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Can I borrow again

I repaid my loan in full and now, I can not apply again, can't see the option of posting a new loan application

1 Aug 14 Borrower Questions

biaya ke anggotaan

saya tidak mengerti dengan biaya keanggotaan seumur hidup. semoga ada yang menjelaskannya

5 Aug 13 Indonesia

Loan Ammount

Hi Zidisha, I applied for a loan of IDR. 177,185 but i only received IDR 10,000. My loan app shows that I owed IDR 177,185. now how can I pay money...

2 Aug 13 Borrower Questions

unable to upload picture

Please where can I upload my picture for my loan to be granted.

1 Aug 13 Borrower Questions


Buat yag masih bigung,,jika sulit dgn aplikasi masuk via chrom pilih versi dekstop,,,foto harus jelas saat kita melakukan pekerjaan jika sulit kita...

1 Aug 13 Indonesia


Kenapa tidak bisa melanjutkan untuk menekan konfirmasi..

2 Aug 13 Indonesia

How does a loan expire when it's 100% funded?

https://www.zidisha.org/loan/office-renovation-for-block-making-business The money was returned to me as an expired loan, yet it shows as 100% f...

27 Aug 13 Lender Questions

Tidak bisa pinjam lagi

Saya biasanya dpt kredit 90 skrg 65 krn beberapa bulan yg lalu saya mendapat musibah rumah kemalingan dan suami kecelakaan jd saya fokus urus suami...

2 Aug 13 Indonesia

Leapfrog Technologies

Often, the developing world can "leapfrog" over outmoded, but entrenched, technologies in the developed world. For example, cell phone networks ra...

11 Aug 13 Open Forum

My current credit limit

I repaid my loan on time and my base credit limit indicated to be about 59000 . Now it decreases day by day and have not borrowed any other loan s...

2 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

Credit risk payments

Starting this week, new loans will be asked to make a 10% credit risk payment into the Members Loan Fund. Zidisha is a nonprofit organization, a...

82 Aug 12 Announcements

Can not borrow again

Why can"t I borrow again? The statement "you have made too many proposals, wait for a few moments to make a new proposal again". What do you mean b...

3 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

My account is hanging

I paid my loan and i was to request for another loan but i was asked to do the verification again and as i posted my pics the rectangle i was to cr...

1 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

No update on loan repayment

I paid ksh. 1000 today in the morning and up to now the payment has not been reflected on my account

1 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

penerimaan dana

dear zidhisha ini hitungan nya salah ga saya terima dana 10 rb bayar nya 177 rb saya mau komplain kemana

3 Aug 12 Indonesia

Can't View Phone Contacts of Mentee's References

Hi, I have seen this for a third time now - when I try to review a mentee who has been brought back for review upon finishing paying a previous loa...

3 Aug 12 Volunteer Mentors

Pengjuan ke 2

Kmrn sya bayar 10rb trs katany naek limit jd 177 nah pasdiajuin kok sy malah harus bayar segt bkanny dpt pinjmn malah disurh bayar bagai mn kita mw...

3 Aug 12 Indonesia

Loan Application

Dear zidisha org. I did not finish my aplication well what do i do next?

7 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

Loan disbursed is not the one I applied

Hi, I applied for a loan of ksh.1203 and you have disbursed a loan of ksh.12. My loan app shows that am owed 1203, now how can I pay money that I h...

2 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

Loan Application

Why is the message below popping up when I try to complete my loan application? "Please write something different in each of your loan profile sect...

1 Aug 12 Borrower Questions