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Mohon di jelaskan karena masih member baru :)

saya member baru di sini, disini saya mau to the point aja.. untuk pelunasan ini maksud nya bagaimana ya ? karena ada pilihan ubah jumlah ansuran...

1 Apr 5 Indonesia

Total fees

Hello all, I really don't understand what is happening and why it's is happening as this. I can see my new credit limit has a higher amount of mo...

10 Apr 5 Volunteer Mentors

What is wrong with my loan application

I have applied for this particular loan since first week of January and it always expires without being funded.please I want to know if there is so...

7 Apr 5 Borrower Questions

Message to Lenders and Borrowers

I have to admit that Zidisha Lenders are by far the most generous people out there. I have been a borrower for quite sometime now and they’ve been ...

2 Apr 4 Borrower Questions

withdraw from Zidisha

I wanted to benefit from zidisha services but it looks like I am unable to continue since I am unable to get a source of funds. Please deregister m...

2 Apr 4 Borrower Questions


I have applied for a loan since the last week of December and it always expires without being funded.I'm kindly asking for assistance on how to bet...

1 Apr 4 Borrower Questions

I can't upload my ID card and picture of me holding the ID

I am requesting for my MLF and has been asked to upload a picture of me holding the ID card but I can't or I am unable to do so by several attempts...

1 Apr 4 Borrower Questions

Problems with new accounts

Please my I know if Zidisha is undertaking a routine maintenance. I'm asking because there are friends I have introduced Zidisha loans to but they ...

2 Apr 4 Borrower Questions

Memberahip fee.

Why Zidisha charging me for membership fee for my second loan application

2 Apr 4 Borrower Questions

penjelasan anggota baru

selamat sore maaf saya ingin bertanya maksud dari idr 5000 itu apa ya saya butuh dana untuk usaha saya tapi kok cuma 5000 rupiah lalu saya tid...

3 Apr 4 Indonesia

6th attempts in application

Just asking the problems I am doing in my applications since this time is the 6th one since early January and all in vain.I have been a Zidisha mem...

3 Apr 4 Borrower Questions

Minta no rekening zidisha helppp please

Tolong saya minta no. Rekening zidisha? Bukan virtual acccount BNI !! Saya mau transfer

1 Apr 4 Indonesia

Filing loan

I apply for a new loan But the replacement of profile photo I can not change but I can continue until the loan application step ... but I have clic...

1 Apr 3 Borrower Questions

bagaimana cara mengundang teman

saya mau mengundang beberapa teman, tapi kata zidisha saya harus minimal 1x melakukan pelunasan. padahal hari ini pinjam an pertama saya sudah luna...

2 Apr 3 Indonesia

New loan

Hopefully my new loan application will soon be published, email can be told to change the photo but when I click can not change the photo, we alway...

1 Apr 3 Borrower Questions

Disbursement long overdue

Hello all, I confirmed my loan on March 29, but as at now my loan has not been disbursed. Why???

3 Apr 3 Borrower Questions

change of number

Dear lenders,i am kyeremeh Benjamin Frimpong. I am very sorry for not making in touch with you. I have lost my the number I used in making payments...

6 Apr 3 Borrower Questions

Payments are not recorded

Good night zidisha team and the investors, I am due today payment of zidisha installment, and after I paid really no email notification. And on Das...

2 Apr 3 Borrower Questions

Loan Fee

Why the loan fee has risen from 5percent to around 15 percent this will made it difficult for me to continue because it will be too expensive pli...

5 Apr 3 Borrower Questions

my loan

Iam and indication that i will get negative amount,every time i apply for a loan.what is problem?

2 Apr 3 Borrower Questions