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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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My loan request is few hours to expiry at 0%. I havent received a comment. Or a recommendation. Need direction and assistance.

1 Dec 1 Borrower Questions

Recruiting new members

How do I guide anew member to apply for Zidisha Loan? The members are my invites .

1 Dec 1 Borrower Questions

How to get my over payment balance Back.

Dear Zidisha Team, this issue is not technical problem but a request for over payment of funds. My first loan was 505 GHS and since i was a new me...

3 Dec 1 Borrower Questions

Zidisha App Sering Error

hello i want to ask about the payment that is not included in the recording even though already paid, anyone know the solution? I have sent an emai...

1 Dec 1 Borrower Questions

Profile not well updated

I’m having a problem with my profile, I’ve paid off my my previous loan and posted a new loan application which was funded, I accepted the loan th...

1 Dec 1 Borrower Questions

The installment changes are not appropriate

Good evening I want to ask, I apply for 1 loan without MLF and the funds already in liquidated into my account amounting to 215.000 nominal have be...

1 Dec 1 Borrower Questions

Angsuran dari yang lunas tapi masih ada dalam tagihan

selamat malam Zidisha saya telah melakukan pembayaran dengan rutin selama ini tetapi entah kenapa angsuran saya yang telah saya bayar tanggal 17 ...

3 Dec 1 Indonesia


Hello,i would like my 100% repayment rate restored. i paid the the 52/- on 1st october. here is the proof of payment transaction but until now,the...

5 Dec 1 Borrower Questions

Loan expediting fee

I just realise that loan expediting is nolonger available.It really help especially loans that were urgently needed. Hope zidisha staff will bring ...

4 Dec 1 Borrower Questions


Hello,i would like to become zidisha volunteer mentor.i have read all the volunteer mentor code of ethics and i think i can uphold that,i also have...

2 Nov 30 Borrower Questions

loans expired

Am Michael Kingi Kenya my loan just expired and on posting another loan the limit has dropped by half why that help me please

1 Nov 30 Borrower Questions

No assistance

Surely whatsapp with my account? No replies to my support ticket. My loan expired and instead of reapply another loan am told my installment is due...

1 Nov 30 Borrower Questions

Mpesa Number

I would like to change the mpesa number for mpesa. The one I used is no longer working. Kindly assist as I confirmed the loan already. I realised I...

3 Nov 30 Borrower Questions


My loan has 18 hours left but my funding is only 2% is there any chance my loan will be 100% funded ?? and if funding time has expired what should ...

8 Nov 30 Borrower Questions


hello i was updated that once i complete my loan by 13th november i will get a bonus of ksh20188, however i didnt complete then and reduced my limi...

2 Nov 30 Borrower Questions

Cara kirim support ticket bagaimana?

Selamat sore bapak2/ibu2. Saya mau tanya nih. Cara kirim permasalahan ke support ticket bagaimana ya? Saya masih belum ngerti nih. Maaf. Mohon ba...

2 Nov 30 Indonesia

The installment changes are not appropriate

Goodnight I would like to ask, I applied for 1 loan without MLF and the funds already withdrawn into my 215,000 nominal account have been deducted ...

1 Nov 30 Borrower Questions

Ide usaha untuk musim hujan?

Hello zidisha lover.. Mau tanya,ada yang punya ide usaha baru untuk musim hujan? Yang kecil-kecil an biar modal ga banyak :D

4 Nov 30 Indonesia

Pembayaran cicilan zidisha

Tolong bantu saya,, pada hari Sabtu kemarin saya benar-benar lupa untuk membayar cicilan saya sebesar IDR 90,000. Karena saya memang sedang sibuk m...

3 Nov 30 Indonesia

Loans are paid off but on the dashboard there"s still a bill

Dear team zidisha informed me that my loan is fully paid but on the dashboard it shows there is still an installment charge. It causes difficulties...

3 Nov 30 Borrower Questions