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members loan fund

I repayed my MLF of 1800 KSH but I have reached a point and cancelled the loan. How will I go about it to receive the funds back that I have repaid...

2 Jan 17 Borrower Questions


I have been asked to send my LD for 3 months without getting a loan each time l post a loan you request for my I'd l send it you suspend my loan fo...

2 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

account closure

My account has been closed and can't understand the reason as I have provided correct information,and even was contacted by v.m and my contact was ...

2 Jan 17 Borrower Questions


Hallo Zidisha, would like to know about the loan proposal expiry more than twice since payments were made on time and all other requirements met. ...

2 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

failed to understand hw zidisha works.

My name is Carolyn Njagi from Kenya, had applied for a loan for the first time for me to expanding my business of a wines en spirits store. The lo...

2 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

Closing account by zidisha party

Why my account is closed by zidisha ..? Can anyone explain me about this ... when I do not violate the rules ... please help the parties concerned ...

13 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

My account has beeen closed

MY account has been closed this morning as i was reapplying. It was my third loan. Kindly assist

3 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

virtual account is incorrect

I want to ask for a new virtual account because I"ve been wanting to pay but seen no virtual account is always wrong I ask for help update because ...

2 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

loan fully funded but never disbursed

Hello zidisha lenders, last year 2017, I was invited by Mr. Moses Orembe Ontuga into zidisha community. My business was dressmaking and consultancy...

1 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

Application for funding

I really hope there are funders who really want to help and fund the business that I run. I really like to use loan application from zidisha

3 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

Review my loan

Please Dave, kindly look into my loan and review it.it been some days now.

2 Jan 17 Borrower Questions

Cara membayar angsuran ke akun virtual BNI

Tolong bantu saya mengenai pembayaran angsuran ke rekening virtual bni zidisha. Saya adalah baru disini dan merasa kesulitan untuk melakukan pembay...

8 Jan 16 Indonesia

Member forum

Hi zidisha how do I create an account in the Zidisha members forum. Thanks.

2 Jan 16 Borrower Questions

Request for Membership fund Refund

I have requested for my membership fund to be refunded to enable me pay a supplier who is on my neck. please much attention are needed to help me s...

2 Jan 16 Borrower Questions

Loan not funded

Please can someone help me by explaining why my loan is not funded upon MLF payments and 100% on time payments?

1 Jan 16 Borrower Questions

Why has Zidisha removed my Mentees?

I wish to ask zidisha team why my mentees has been removed. I can also see the have removed my volunteer mentorship. What is happening now please?

1 Jan 16 Borrower Questions

mentees are disappearing

Dear zidisha staff l am VM Agyeiwaa Adwoa writing from Ghana, please can some one kindly explain to Ghanaian why their loan are declining like tha...

1 Jan 16 Borrower Questions

Search option on the forum page

these are simple thoughts and ideas. If the forum page there is a search option. It will be easier to find questions and answers on the same topic....

5 Jan 16 Open Forum

The installment payments of all members have been credited

Thanks zidisha, Good news coming from you, I check the profile of all members, the installment payment in november has been credited all, Zidisha h...

25 Jan 16 Borrower Questions

I hope zidisha team can help me to review my loan,

It's been 3 days I applied for a new loan. This is my fourth loan. And this is the second submission, after the first submission is not fully funde...

22 Jan 16 Borrower Questions