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Proses peminjaman uang

Saya upload foto kok susah knapa ya

2 Apr 2 Indonesia

Expedition fee

I hereby complain about expedition fee whereby I was charged and the rule was you will be charged when you get your loan within three days. Mine lo...

5 Apr 2 Borrower Questions

Credit Rist Payments

I am not clear about this credit risk payments. And l will be happy if someone explain it better to me. Zidisha charges 5% service fee on any loa...

23 Apr 1 Borrower Questions

mohon informasi

saya masih bingung, pada pilihan opsi, ada pembayaran sebesar 18rb sekian, tetapi saya harus membayar 200rb sekian.. saya belum paham. maksudnya ba...

1 Apr 1 Indonesia

loan application

Kindly help,i am applyin for a loan but i have been trying to upload my id image as i was requested for more than 2 weeks but its not going throug...

2 Apr 1 Borrower Questions

loanreview by zidisha staff

How long does it take for zidisha staff to review a loan. I applied and now 8 days have gone and my loan application is still pending waiting for r...

4 Apr 1 Borrower Questions

masih newbie

saya sudah menerima dana idr 28.824. besar pinjaman saya 200.000 kok cuma di transfer segitu ya. apa 200.000 itu sudah di potong untuk new member ...

5 Apr 1 Indonesia

cancel to be member, what can i do?

i want to cancel become a member in zidisha. how can i cancel it? and return the money of 5000 rupiah. may you please explain for cancellation to b...

4 Mar 31 Borrower Questions

Number of weekly installments

Hi zidisha. I will apply for a third loan. But I am puzzled why the choice of weekly payments is huge. On the previous loan there is the smallest o...

3 Mar 31 Borrower Questions



1 Mar 31 Borrower Questions


if for example I pay my loan immediately paid off early and trs I immediately want to apply for loan lgi can or not it sir / bu? thank you sir / bu :)

1 Mar 31 Borrower Questions


I applied for a loan, and I was informed it has been disbursed but when I checked my balance, its Ghc2 only instead of Ghc 500. Please I need clari...

2 Mar 31 Borrower Questions


Hi! Kindly assist how can one accept loan which has been partially funded. Thank you.

2 Mar 31 Borrower Questions

Long loan review and unfunded loan applications

Zidisha family is a great team that has made us borrowers actualize our dreams, but when a time comes when you apply for a loan and it takes more t...

2 Mar 31 Borrower Questions

Memberahip fee.

I have already paid membership fee on my first loan...Its still appears in my currrent loan.

2 Mar 31 Borrower Questions

Should fees be charged for any MLF contribution by borrower?

EDIT ON 20180330: Note that borrower can get back any MLF contribution as long as all loans have been paid back fully. While this still does not ...

9 Mar 30 Lender Questions

Saya melakukan pengajuan pinjaman 250rb,saldo yg masuk 10rb,

Untuk pinjaman ke 2 brpa kah yg saya dapat dan harus mebayar ke zidisha 250rb,

2 Mar 30 Indonesia

not funded

its now a been ab week since i posted a loan and not even being review for funding please i would like to request for the team to loo into my acco...

1 Mar 30 Borrower Questions


I would like to know what is the stipulated time for the loan to be approved by zidisha staff. why does it take so long for the loan to be approved...

1 Mar 30 Borrower Questions

Repayment rate

Hi guys, I am writing to enquire about on-time repayment rate. I thought that if you defaulted on payments at some points and then you start making...

5 Mar 30 Borrower Questions