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Loan expediting

Good morning,what happens when one expediates a loan which was partially fully funded

2 Mar 25 Volunteer Mentors


I have an idea to point out. Instead of Zidisha introducing the credit risk payment, which is too high for some entrepreneurs it may opt to charge ...

3 Mar 25 Borrower Questions

Time of disbursement

You promised us that after three days of expedition we will receive the loan and if we don't receive the loan within that three days there will not...

4 Mar 25 Borrower Questions

Credit risk charges

Hi. I have been a zidisha borrower for over two years. I applied for a new loan two weeks ago. Today I have gone to edit the loan. First the minim...

4 Mar 25 Borrower Questions


I introduced Zidasha to a friend and he wants to know if he can use his house as collateral for the loan?

4 Mar 25 Borrower Questions

Volunteer mentor

Hi! I have interest in becoming a volunteer mentor. Kindly assist .thanks

3 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

Support ticket

Why is it taking like forever to get answer on support ticket?

3 Mar 24 Borrower Questions


Hi fellow members, in fact the the countless issues confronting zidisha for the pass 4to 5 months especially errors in the system here ...

4 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

What is happening Zidisha?

I woke up and saw that my base credit limit has been drastically decreased. Please zidisha this is not motivating at all please. Kindly make it rem...

10 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

Loan review

How many days do Zidisha staff take to review a loan for funding.

2 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

loan limit

The first loan that expired without being funded fully expired was 22800 then the time I applied for the second it reduced to 12844 and when I ,che...

2 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

Low credit limit

Hi, a colleague is asking why he has been offered Ksh. 16 as initial loan. This too small amount even less than transaction charges. What criteria ...

2 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

Credit Limit

I was giving a sum of 12ghs and later paid 307ghs including my one time membership payment and my MLF and was told I'll be given an increase. I po...

2 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

Loan limit

Three months ago my loan limit was ksh60000 which I applied. This loan was not fully funded and I eccepted the little that was funded (18000),,I cl...

2 Mar 24 Borrower Questions


Hello everyone, my service fee has drastically increased from 5%to 15%, what could be the reason because I wasn't informed. Plus I am being asked ...

2 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

Service fee verses principal loan amount

Dear Sir/Madam I wish to mention that there has been a significant increase in service fees from 5% to 15%. In the same vein, my next principal lo...

3 Mar 24 Borrower Questions


Plz am owusu Eric I want replaced my sim and I can't remember my number so plz can you send me my number to replaced it so I can make payment .thank

2 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

Loan not funded

It is my hope that , my loan will be funded since it has been in que for number of months.

1 Mar 24 Borrower Questions

Apa itu zidisha

selamat siang, saya mau bertanya bagaimana sih tentang pinjaman ini? saya bingung. seperti apa ini pinjaman nya? saya ingin pinjam.

2 Mar 24 Indonesia

Loan pending for review by staff

Hey how long does zidisha staff take to review loan application and publish for funding? My loan application has not been reviewed. It is 2weeks si...

7 Mar 24 Borrower Questions