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Borrower Questions

A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

2837 Feb 23

Lender Questions

A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

244 Feb 22

Open Forum

The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

77 Feb 23


Announcements by Zidisha staff.

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If it's not about Zidisha, it's here.

23 Feb 23


Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

688 Feb 23
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Ticket support error

zidisha hopefully can grow and become better

2 Nov 28 Volunteer Mentors

Batas limit transfer bank

This comment has been removed.

7 Nov 28 Indonesia

Error zidisha system is quite detrimental borrowers

My 1st loan disbursed at Oct 23, 2017 amount IDR 100.000 for 3 weeks installment. my payment history for this loan: Oct 25 amount IDR 20.000 (alr...

2 Nov 27 Borrower Questions

Angsuran saya selisih

Mohon bantuanya Pada tanggal 20 november saya sudah melakukan pembayaran dan sudah ada notifikasi di email dan sudah di kreditkan, pada tanggal 26...

1 Nov 27 Indonesia


Please lenders,i would be happy for you to give another chance for those who could not make up to settle their bonuses credit on their account shou...

1 Nov 27 Open Forum

Please let me know the zindisha people

This is my 3rd loan acc on 07/11/2017 The first payment on the date of 12/11/2017 I already transfer Payment to 2 maturity 19/11/2017 I already tra...

2 Nov 27 Borrower Questions

Kurang Faham Total IDR nya

Ingin pencerahan

1 Nov 27 Indonesia

Slow percentage increse in loan funding

Why is there a slow percentage increase in loan funding process, now post 9 days remaining 5 days with only 9% is there any hope that this loan wil...

2 Nov 27 Volunteer Mentors


mau nanya sy pinjaman 247,744 setelah potong anggota cm 4.868 berarti dana yg masuk disaya 4.868 rupiah ya.terima kasih

2 Nov 27 Indonesia

Technical Error

My repayment percentage has been reduced from 93% to 85% (I am 100% sure this is due to the system error the hit my account right after receiving m...

1 Nov 27 Borrower Questions

Loan application expiring before fully funded

My loan is only one day to expire before fully funded and it is only 9% funded,hopefully if will be funded within this short period . What might b...

1 Nov 27 Borrower Questions

Rewarding zidisha volunteers

Hi to everyone? I am actually following up zidisha as a mentor and am worried about how zidisha is working. My observations are: Those re...

5 Nov 27 Volunteer Mentors

Zidisha tidak akan pernah bangkrut

Salam kenal semua nya kepada seluruh anggota zidisha.. Terutama senior2 saya yang terhormat. Nama saya eko wahyudi dari surabaya indonesia.. T...

2 Nov 26 Indonesia

Loan payment

Hae zidisha can I pay my loan once

3 Nov 26 Borrower Questions


Halo teman - teman Zidisha. Saya lagi bingung nih kenapa data yang ditampilkan di akun saya banyak yang tidak sesuai. 1. Jumlah yang sudah saya b...

7 Nov 26 Indonesia

my loan funding problem

My loan was funded up to 35% and it has gone back to 17% and i dont understand why it so. Also my days left had elapsed so i want to know my fate...

6 Nov 26 Borrower Questions

How Zidisha count ontime repayment percentage?

Hi Julia, Dave or other Zidisha Volunteer. Can you please explaine more about how Zidisha count ontime repayment percentage right now? I have saw t...

6 Nov 26 Volunteer Mentors

Delayed funding

To all borrowers, Let us remain patient as zidisha organizarion burn their midnight oil in funding our loans. Thank you Zidisha team.

1 Nov 26 Borrower Questions


Dear team & honorable mother julia kurnia, in indonesia there are many technical errors in recording payments, including I also experienced it

1 Nov 26 Indonesia

problem in applying for a new one

I was told to wait for 12 days now yestaday the funds rechead 7% and the time I was given expired now and trying to apply for a new one now it's re...

1 Nov 26 Borrower Questions
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