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Cant use my account money

I cant borrow from my account money. It offers me only card payments. Whats the matter and when do yuou get it solved?

13 Jan 14 Lender Questions

2nd Loan application,yet loan still not funded.

Hi, I posted a loan application which expired in December without being funded and posted another loan application two weeks after the first. B...

3 Jan 14 Borrower Questions

What happens when my invitee with good repayment dies?

Yesterday I was shocked when I received a call that my invitee (Gilbert were) was involved in a road accident and passed away. I have looked at his...

5 Jan 14 Borrower Questions

Include mentee reference number

Dear Dave, before I write a letter on the help of the ticket and in the review field of the mentee, I want Dave can help to follow up, to the techn...

2 Jan 14 Volunteer Mentors

Early repayment bonus

I don't know why I ddnt qualify for early repayment bonus

2 Jan 13 Borrower Questions


Hi zidisha team ? Please can someone help me how to navigate how to expedite loan which is almost 50℅ funded thanks

2 Jan 13 Borrower Questions

Loan application funded

Being a member zidisha now it seems our patience is being tested. Must be extra patient waiting for our loan application funded by the funders. Ke...

2 Jan 13 Borrower Questions


I have post more two request but my loan didnot funds. and i want to know, the problem why expred without being fully funded and have 79% but still...

2 Jan 13 Borrower Questions

Loan funded for two weeks now but not disbursed

my loan is fully funded for about 2 weeks but still not yet disbursed and still pending .please explain to me and other borrowers why it happens in...

17 Jan 13 Borrower Questions

Loan still not funded

Can I reduce my loan amount because from the look things, it may take time for my loan to be funded. As time passes, the cost of the inputs will a...

3 Jan 12 Borrower Questions



2 Jan 12 Borrower Questions

can the previous loan bill

Dear team, I implore you to check the payment report of your friends in Indonesia, so many technical errors / errors in recording the payment, even...

34 Jan 12 Volunteer Mentors

borrowing questions.

I applied for my second loan in December but I received an email from zidisha yesterday that my loan application has expired so I should reapply us...

3 Jan 12 Borrower Questions

Thank you zidisha

Thank you zidisha. Paying the mortgage before its time, my repayment score, up 10% Keep the spirit

2 Jan 12 Borrower Questions

Loan not approved

Have been paying my loans on time and i applied for loan and untill now in my dashboard it still says your loan is being reviewed by zidisha staff ...

3 Jan 12 Borrower Questions

MLF Request

I created a support ticket to the association ( Zidisha) claiming for my membership refund but since then I have not hear any thing from the asso...

6 Jan 12 Borrower Questions

loan amount not received

Please , the person l invited called me that her loan is pending disbursement of which l know at times it takes about four five day and you receive...

2 Jan 11 Borrower Questions

Loan structure

Please, help me to shorten my loan paying structure, I need to grow faster, that time that you are giving me to hold my current loan in one month i...

3 Jan 11 Borrower Questions

how can i change my mlf to the highly funded one

i logged in with the list membership loan fund but i want to take the one which is highly funded....how can i do that. thanks

2 Jan 11 Borrower Questions

New invitees

Am ruth njeri my question is if you invite a person to zidisha and they get loan and by any chance they default a. Will you be required to guaran...

10 Jan 11 Borrower Questions