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Am not Happy with Zidisha.

In fact how zidisha has reduced the base credit limit and has introduce high credit risk am not happy at all. Am PLEADING for them to do somethin...

1 Mar 27 Borrower Questions

How long does is take for a loan to be reviewed?

Please my loan proposal has been pending for more than a week now but has not still been approved and published. May I know the reason?

3 Mar 27 Borrower Questions

Credit risk deduction.

Dear zidisha team, thanks four your support that you usually do to upgrade our life, I would like to inform you that, the total amount you have men...

2 Mar 27 Borrower Questions

urgency in photo not uploading

Members I have tried to upload a photo that lenders would view it but always not uploading even after resizing it..this affects the rate at which l...

2 Mar 27 Borrower Questions

How I wish you begin reporting people to CRB

This is my opinion, For the time I have been receiving loans from Zidisha I have noted one big weakness which is high loan defaults. Borrowers are...

1 Mar 27 Borrower Questions


What criteria is being used to get the loans out of waiting list to funding stage. I am asking because I can see big loans which were made recently...

4 Mar 26 Borrower Questions

Credit limit reduction

Please my credit limit has reduced from around 800 GHS to around 700 GHS. What may have caused the change? @joost can you assist?

9 Mar 26 Borrower Questions

My credit limit

Please this is my new loan and I am trying my best to make full payment and my payment too is 100percent.Unfortunately for me my credit limit has c...

1 Mar 26 Borrower Questions

upload ktp susah

Bagaimana cara upload foto ktp .kenapa sangat sulit saya ingin ajuin kembali

2 Mar 26 Indonesia

Ucapan terima kasih

Saya telah melakukan pinjaman kedua,alhamdulillah proses cepat dan lancar,selama 3 hari dana saya telah terdanai 20%,esok hari saya cek kembali ter...

3 Mar 25 Indonesia

Loan Fund Issues

Why is the incoming fund too small? With the amount given at that time it simply can not help to smooth the business I want to pioneer .. I beg f...

1 Mar 25 Borrower Questions

expedition fee

Thank you ZIDISHA for your good works. I know the expedition service is available when there are surplus of lending fund for the many borrowers. Bu...

11 Mar 25 Borrower Questions


Please my audience and members here,there is this question i need to know from this honourable forum.In short,if an applicant join zidisha and init...

4 Mar 25 Borrower Questions

the period is only 23.000 rupiah?

I need a minimum of 25,000,000 IDR, why is it only offered 28,000 IDR?

2 Mar 25 Borrower Questions


Saya mau tanya dong..kenapa pinjaman yg harus nya saya terima unga nya tapi malah pemberitahuan nya malah (-) min..jadi saya tidak ada terima pinja...

4 Mar 25 Indonesia

Loan expediting

Good morning,what happens when one expediates a loan which was partially fully funded

2 Mar 25 Volunteer Mentors


I have an idea to point out. Instead of Zidisha introducing the credit risk payment, which is too high for some entrepreneurs it may opt to charge ...

3 Mar 25 Borrower Questions

Time of disbursement

You promised us that after three days of expedition we will receive the loan and if we don't receive the loan within that three days there will not...

4 Mar 25 Borrower Questions

Credit risk charges

Hi. I have been a zidisha borrower for over two years. I applied for a new loan two weeks ago. Today I have gone to edit the loan. First the minim...

4 Mar 25 Borrower Questions


I introduced Zidasha to a friend and he wants to know if he can use his house as collateral for the loan?

4 Mar 25 Borrower Questions