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Zidisha is Awesome

My loan was actually funded yesterday and disbursed today. So efficient and promt. For other guys having issues Zidisha is working hard to be bette...

2 Nov 25 Borrower Questions

Pembayaran tidak terkonfirmasi

Pembayaran jatuh tempo tanggal 12 november 2017 1) membayar pada tanggal 10 november 2017 2) membayar Rp, 90.000 3) membayar melalui rekening BC...

1 Nov 25 Indonesia

exit from being a Volunteer Monitor

Kindly, I would like to pause my services as a volunteer monitor so that I can concentrate on my studies but once am done, I will be back. Thanks

2 Nov 25 Volunteer Mentors

loan yet to be funded

i really need help on my loan funding am on my sixth loan,i posted my project on 4th nov and its expired.i later reposted but its just about to exp...

1 Nov 25 Borrower Questions

unfunded loans

please i want to know whether the lender borrower ratio is widening and if zidisha is able to keep up. i have seen a lot of loans expiring without ...

7 Nov 25 Borrower Questions

borrowing questions.

When do I start posting informations about my loan to make my lender know I am utilising my loan very well since my first loan is been paid into my...

2 Nov 25 Borrower Questions

Question about closing an account

Hello dear zidisha staff, My account has been closed but I think it is a technical error. Can you check my account again and activate it again? I...

1 Nov 25 Borrower Questions


Greetings my Zidisha family,i would like to know if am still considered as your member after taking so long to complete my loan due to sickness s...

3 Nov 25 Borrower Questions

Long funding to expired limit

Dear my zidisha team and members have experienced. borrowings are expected to wait patiently until the 46% finance until the deadline for submissio...

1 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

Unfunded funding

My loan has 50 minutes left and still 2% is it possible to fund or not?

1 Nov 24 Borrower Questions


I have been paying my loans promptly. yesterday I had a credit limit. today my credit limit is gone I paid my loan of 260/- yesterday. I know ver...

18 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

Why Sudden Changes in Credit Limit

After receiving my second loan, I was giving GHS 2000+as my credit limit, but for about three days now my credit limit has being reducing each and ...

1 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

Loan Funding

Hello Lenders, I have been applying for a loan almost thrice now and every time it expires without being fully funded. Kindly check and help me si...

2 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

Pelunasan Pinjaman

Saya seperti biasa melakukan pelunasan di percepat, tapi sampai sekarang kok laporan di rekam pembayarannya blm muncul, jd seolah-olah saya belum ...

3 Nov 24 Indonesia

Bonus volunteer mentor

The mentor bonus mentality limit every day turns unstable. Today rises may fall and the day after tomorrow goes up again ... what"s wrong

4 Nov 24 Volunteer Mentors

change of number

Dear lenders,i am kyeremeh Benjamin Frimpong. I am very sorry for not making in touch with you. I have lost my the number I used in making payments...

5 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

Sudden closure of my Zidisha account.

I applied for the third loan and it was being funded by good lenders. After a few days ago, my dashboard indicated that the account is closed due t...

2 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

Kenapa Saya tidak bisa login di app

Selamat pagi para suhu Mohon bantuannya kenap saya tidak bisa buka lewat app....

3 Nov 24 Indonesia

Account closed down

My zidisha account was created using correct details of me and was fully funded and I accepted the loan but later realised that my account has been...

1 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

Error in current credit

My current credit has been reduced so I want help from Zidisha

3 Nov 24 Borrower Questions