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Loan Funding

Hi, I would like to ask if there is a loan funding issue or delays, I recently raised a new loan that only received 3% funding and the loan expi...

2 Jan 10 Borrower Questions


Hi, zidisha team? I'm requesting to expedite my loan which I'm eagerly waiting to put it in use immediately after its successfully funded, I'm re...

2 Jan 10 Borrower Questions

Members pending approval

My loan has funded three time and each time the loan expire i am told that i wait zidisha team to approve it .It takes about five day to be approve...

4 Jan 10 Borrower Questions

loan funding

I thank you all the Zidisha Team. My loan has been fully funded.

11 Jan 10 Borrower Questions

Members pending approval

I am not a new member,I applied second loan for about three time each time the loan expires they tell me to wait approval why don't they approve on...

1 Jan 10 Borrower Questions


Please why is it that my loan application for which l have made more than two times is not funded , yet i think i have made all that is needed .

10 Jan 10 Borrower Questions

Loan funding

I have been applying loan and this is like the third time without any luck of my loan being funded I have even reduced the amount.Please tell me wh...

1 Jan 10 Borrower Questions

Second loan not received

Greetings, My loan expired without being funded despite paying 100% on time and having an MLF deposit with zidisha. I have now followed all the ...

6 Jan 10 Borrower Questions

Helped my mentee

I helped my mentee Kevin Njeru, who is doing business of riding jacket that displaying is not by wearing. Kind regards, Moses Orembe Ontuga GSFF, V...

2 Jan 9 Volunteer Mentors

Loans I Did Not Make!

Anyone understand how I was suddenly credited with making $50 worth of loans to 10 different people in odd amounts when all I did was browse the pr...

2 Jan 9 Lender Questions

Members recruitment

Good evening team,my name is francis my question is i have invited two people by the name am in good standing yet they are being granted loan of 3...

5 Jan 9 Borrower Questions

Zidisha doesn't need new members again?

There always a notice on the dashboard that we should help zidisha to recruit new members. I have spent a lot of my time talking to friends to jo...

16 Jan 9 Borrower Questions


Hi zidisha team,you are actually doing great. my question is that how can i become avolunteer member of your team?

1 Jan 9 Borrower Questions

loan funded but not disburse more than three weeks

my loan is fully funded more than three weeks but still not yet disbursed and still pending .please explain to me and other borrowers why it happen...

5 Jan 9 Borrower Questions

My accaunt

i have an issue with my account , first loan application not funded for over a month now ,another thing i have been tolled to upload a copy of my ...

1 Jan 9 Borrower Questions

Further explanations

Please Mr Dave, can you please use your good offices to explain to me why my previous loan I applied was 12% funded with 100% on - time payment, ab...

20 Jan 9 Borrower Questions

unfunded loan

Evening. my loan progress is left with 4 days to expire with 0% funded. please what might be the problem and what should l do please?

4 Jan 9 Borrower Questions

Please review soon.

My loan is still pending review after I applied please kindly review it as the 14 day period is running out fast.

1 Jan 8 Borrower Questions

loan application

I have a problem when posting my new loan in step 1 what is the problem coz i need to re apply.

1 Jan 8 Borrower Questions

Credit Card Fee

Why do I have to pay a Credit Card fee on every loan I make , even though I have money in the bank "kitty" , and am not using a Credit Card?

12 Jan 8 Lender Questions