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Expiring of loans & reduction of credit limit

Hell zidisha staff, I want to know what exactly is going on because anytime I move forward with my on time percentage you find means to reduce...

2 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

not received my loan

i would wish to know after my application was successful and approved i was sent ksh 25 into my account is this what i applied for?

1 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

loan not funded

Hello zidisha lenders, I had applied for a loan it was successful but never funded and later you told i was not among those funded. I am wondering ...

1 Nov 24 Borrower Questions

volunteer mentor can not be called

in my facebook group there are about 2800 members, many members of zidisha who say the same me & complain if their volunteer mentor can not be cont...

7 Nov 24 Volunteer Mentors

Slow in lending processes

It is the aim of every organization most importantly, to expand positively as in the case of Zidisha. As Zidisha expands and many borrowers join ...

7 Nov 24 Volunteer Mentors

Bright Future for a mentor

Yes Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction and is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, t...

1 Nov 23 Volunteer Mentors

Closing of my Zidisha account

Hi Zidisha,I really appreciate, like and happy to the good work that zidisha is doing but am worried,i visited my account and realized was blocked...

3 Nov 23 Borrower Questions

many errors

Dashboard errors we can't post loans,new members who have been introduced are given very small amount of loan which can not help them.Before introd...

3 Nov 23 Borrower Questions

penggalangan dana

sisa waktu tinggal 15 jam apakah pinjaman saya akan terrealisasi

3 Nov 23 Indonesia


I have made two consecutive payments into the MLF on 10th and 17th November of GHS 52 each but is still not reflected in my dashboard. Please can y...

4 Nov 23 Borrower Questions

My loan funding

My loan was funded up 35% but it has reduce back 18% and i dont understand. And i have no days left and i have not receive any massege about the si...

1 Nov 23 Borrower Questions

close of account

hello my account has been closed illegitimately and i hope things are corrected for me please

1 Nov 23 Borrower Questions

loan not funding

My second loan expired without been funded and i have applied for a new one but the percentage has not even show. Zidisha should do something about...

1 Nov 23 Borrower Questions

pinjaman baru

saya sudah melunasi pinjaman sebelum nya sebelum tanggal jatuh tempo , tetapi tidak bisa yah mengajukan nya lagi ini pinjaman ke 3 saya, tolong ban...

3 Nov 23 Indonesia

loan fully funded but never disbursed

Hello Zidisha, My loan was fully funded but was never disbursed. You asked to submit my National Identity card which i scanned and submitted. Can h...

10 Nov 23 Borrower Questions


Hello Zidisha, Finally the long awaiting funds is come ! Thanks so much zidisha for been a listening organization. Kindest.

1 Nov 23 Borrower Questions

Loan Fully Funded but delay in Disbursement

Hello Zidisha Team, Please my loan was fully funded and accepted on 16/11/2017 but as at today (23/11/2017), it hasn't been disbursed to me. Pleas...

2 Nov 23 Borrower Questions

technical problem

in Indonesia many have errors in the record of payments, there are double recorded payments, there is payment can be confirmed but not yet recorded...

1 Nov 23 Volunteer Mentors

Pembayaran virtual akun tidak tersedia

Tolong staf zidisha sudah satu Minggu pembayaran tidak tersedia di m.bangking dan di ATM. . bagaimana ini.

5 Nov 23 Indonesia

My loan has not been funded

I have exhausted all the 13 days for my loan to be founded. I now have zero days left. Please take a decision about my project.

1 Nov 23 Borrower Questions