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Mentor Bonus Not included in my Credit Limit

I am disappointment to learn that my mentor bonus of ksh 13,000 was not included it my previous credit limit increase, although I have received the...

2 Mar 18 Volunteer Mentors


Philemon Angwanga Mar 14 Classroom walls Philemon Angwanga Mbita, Kenya 0% Funded KES 50,040 Still Needed 9 Days Left Thi...

5 Mar 17 Borrower Questions

Help needed

Dear Zidisha family, I have been applying for my loan since November last year and the highest amount that has ever been raised is 40 dollars out o...

1 Mar 17 Borrower Questions

Pinjaman lama di danai??

Mau bertanya kenapa saya lama untuk di danai..padahal rekaman pembayaran selalu tepat waktu... tolong di bantu saya.. saya akan bertanggung jawab a...

2 Mar 17 Indonesia

Pinjaman ke 6 MLF

Di pinjaman ke 6 ini saya mencoba untuk mengabil pinjaman yg memakai memakai MLF. Apakah resiko pencarian semakin mudah atau akan nambah sulit? ...

3 Mar 17 Indonesia

Suggestions to improve Zidisha System

Hello Zidisha Team, I recently applied for consideration as a VM and got a reply that I should attach a picture that I am taken alone and my Kenya...

5 Mar 17 Borrower Questions

Profile picture do not appear on the project page

Hello Zidisha. I have already pay off previous loan and now apply a new loan. But I have problem on my project page, why my profile photo does not...

5 Mar 16 Borrower Questions

my loan is fully funded but I cant accept

I recieved the mail on the 14th march 2018 telling me that am fully funded but to my surprise I can't accepted .... please I need the help

6 Mar 16 Borrower Questions


Hallo ZIDISHA I lost my phone and am now using anew number, the previous number of which i had used to sign up- my Zidisha account is no longer in...

2 Mar 16 Borrower Questions


Hello all, I will like to show me appreciation to zidisha and my lenders for funding and disbursement of my loan just a day after I confirmed it. ...

3 Mar 16 Borrower Questions

Qualification of VM Revocation

My status as a VM was unilaterally revoked by the zidisha team (Francesca Centurione) on the grounds that I did not perform the task as a VM. In fa...

2 Mar 16 Borrower Questions

Menggunakan rekening keluarga untuk pencairan dana

Halo zidisha, pinjaman saya sudah terdanai secara penuh oleh zidisha, namunsaya belum mempunyai rekening pribadi. Kalau menggunakan rekening keluar...

2 Mar 16 Indonesia

Pending Review

My loan has been on pending review for about a week now. Please what is wrong. Because am indeed of the money.

1 Mar 16 Borrower Questions

Total fees has increased

Has there been an increased in total fees charged from 5percent?

1 Mar 15 Borrower Questions

Keep on keeping on

Having learnt about Zidisha’s work I wish there were more companies touching as many lives as Zidisha does. I can only therefore encourage each len...

2 Mar 15 Open Forum

increase in deduction

hi.. my name is peter from kenya... im kind of sad that now zidisha is becoming expensive.. i paid the mlf fund of 140$ so the total amount was 2...

2 Mar 14 Borrower Questions

5th loan application attemp

what may be wrong as i had been trying to secure a loan but keeps failing this is my fifth loan attempt without success. Even the comments are now ...

2 Mar 14 Borrower Questions

Zidisha paradox

Iam a keen observer of Zidisha activities some which puzzles me. I sometime see loans get posted and get funded very fast - sometimes within minut...

5 Mar 14 Borrower Questions

Can not upload my ID

I am experiencing issues uploading my ID whenever applying for loans is there anyone else who is experiencing the same problem? I have cont...

2 Mar 13 Borrower Questions

My loan vs time

My names are Amos Shutu and has posted a loan that has taken one month and now is 0% funded and four Days left for it to expire..My repayment recor...

8 Mar 13 Borrower Questions