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Attach fhoto error

Why can not I attach a photo of my photo. On the progress of my work. When attached a photo is always an error.

4 Mar 12 Borrower Questions

Zidisha Team Spotlight: Betsy Ramser Jaime, ....

I just finished reading Zidisha: P2P Microfinance about Betsty Ramser Jaime and I am more than happy, and want to say thank you to Team Zidisha fo...

18 Mar 12 Open Forum

Technical Errors (Can we do away with it?)

I think one of the barriers or unfornate happenings that Zidisha is facing right now are technical errors. Eventhough my account has not been hit b...

4 Mar 12 Borrower Questions

Loan expediting fee

I just realise that loan expediting is nolonger available.It really help especially loans that were urgently needed. Hope zidisha staff will bring ...

5 Mar 12 Borrower Questions

Long live Zidisha!!!!

Zidisha has assisted me and other members to actualize our dreams. There is virtually no institution that could have lent us an ear on matters fina...

1 Mar 11 Open Forum

loan expediting challenges

I expedited my loan hoping it will come within three days stated but failed. I rather received the loan on a week time. Please Mr Dave look into my...

5 Mar 10 Borrower Questions

International Women’s Day falls on March 8

As the world mark the International Women's Day, I want to use this opportunity to wish all the hard working women on the Zidisha platform a happy ...

2 Mar 9 Open Forum

The loan of 500ZMW received 5 ZMW is this a loan

How can I improve my business with this small loan this is not a loan am disappointed

2 Mar 9 Borrower Questions

On-time repayment percentage

Is having a good on-time repayment percentage a plus for getting loans funded on time?

8 Mar 9 Borrower Questions

Deactivation of account

How long does one wait if they request for MLF refund and deactivating the account permanently?

12 Mar 9 Borrower Questions

adding photo

Trying to put a new photo in my profile , but rejected what might be the problem. Is there any help.

1 Mar 9 Borrower Questions


hello guys I have just noticed that my credit limit has just been reduced by almost a half. Why could this be reason?

1 Mar 9 Borrower Questions

delay of reply for support ticket and technical errors

i have notice for the pass three months and many borrowers complain that their issue address to the zidisha team by support ticket are not responde...

1 Mar 9 Borrower Questions

Pinjaman pertama

dana sudah di cairkan pada tgl 10 januari , ko sampai saat ini dananya belum masuk ya , kira kira knpah ya

16 Mar 8 Indonesia

Loan on review for more than three working days

My loan has been on review for more than three working days why?

6 Mar 8 Borrower Questions


How do l insert my pictures on my loan form or profile form

2 Mar 8 Borrower Questions

A suggestion!

Dear zidisha staff l would like to take this opportunity to suggest that it you suspend new applicants for sometime because my litt...

7 Mar 8 Borrower Questions

Loan cceptance

Kindly help a zidisha member on this. Loan fully funded but when a person click on the accept link it doesn't repond neither through the app nor t...

2 Mar 8 Borrower Questions

Mine is a complement to Zidisha Team

I thank the Zidisha Executive for introdusing new measures to curb funding delays and keeping the zidisha burner lighting up high. Id also like...

1 Mar 8 Borrower Questions

The error is causing us a lot

At first, when an applicant pay his/her loan installments it doesn't delay before reflecting on his/her page but what are we seeing today? There a...

1 Mar 7 Borrower Questions