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unfunded loan

Evening. my loan progress is left with 4 days to expire with 0% funded. please what might be the problem and what should l do please?

4 Jan 9 Borrower Questions

Please review soon.

My loan is still pending review after I applied please kindly review it as the 14 day period is running out fast.

1 Jan 8 Borrower Questions

loan application

I have a problem when posting my new loan in step 1 what is the problem coz i need to re apply.

1 Jan 8 Borrower Questions

Credit Card Fee

Why do I have to pay a Credit Card fee on every loan I make , even though I have money in the bank "kitty" , and am not using a Credit Card?

12 Jan 8 Lender Questions

My account is not funded while am a good client.

Hello Zidisha team, am Jacob Kazungu. Am very shocked now a days why is it taking long for my account to be funded? It have been weeks now since i ...

9 Jan 8 Borrower Questions


kenapa koq pembayaran nya jadi ke bni? saya jadi mls angsur nih tlg kembalikan ke bca

2 Jan 8 Indonesia

Pengajuan pinjaman belum di danai

Teman" pengguna zidisha Knapa yach saya sudah dua kali pengajuan tapi belum juga di danai. Padahal pinjaman saya ini sudah ke 5 kali. Ada yan...

5 Jan 8 Indonesia

MLF refund

I have applied for the refund of my MLF since 3rd January, 2018 with my uploaded national ID but I have not received a response yet. How long will ...

5 Jan 8 Borrower Questions

I want to withdraw from being a volunteer monitor

Hello zidisha, I have been an active volunteer monitor, but of late circumstances makes it impossible for me to continue as a volunteer monitor unt...

5 Jan 8 Volunteer Mentors

Invited member

Hi, I invited a new member two months age and Zidisha grew emailed me that the member has not yet repaid his loan and they requested me to contact ...

3 Jan 8 Borrower Questions

my on time repayment

zidisha team am just concerned of my on time loan repayments that never changed from 71% even after making the 1st payment on time in my recent loan.

7 Jan 7 Borrower Questions

review staf zidisha

My loan until now has not been reviewed by zidisha team Kira about how long the review process ?? Thank you

1 Jan 7 Borrower Questions

Loan limit

Dear all, my name is Ibrahim kirui from Kenya. I would like to ask you about my loan limit which has drop from 580 USD to 458 USD yet am always rep...

2 Jan 7 Borrower Questions

Dashboard not showing where to request loan

I'm a volunteer mentor, I cleared my loan but I'm unable to request for another one. I'm being told to contact my mentees with errears before reque...

3 Jan 7 Borrower Questions

No Response

I sent a ticket requesting for MLF refund two weeks back with no response from Zidisha upto now.What is happening? Who specifically should I approach.

3 Jan 7 Borrower Questions

Lending balance discrepancies

Can anyone explain how my transaction can show a negative balance sometimes? I obviously only lend when my dashboard shows I have funds, but then t...

17 Jan 7 Lender Questions

Requested lower amount

I am hoping I get funding this so that I can use this loan to improve my repayment rate this time around. Thank you lenders for funding

4 Jan 7 Borrower Questions

credit limit

Hi team .I just wanted to inquire about my on time repayments because it never change even after adjusting my loan repayments

4 Jan 7 Borrower Questions

Difficult to deal with

I need Infoemasi, on this 2nd loan. I find it hard to get funding. It"s been a month from the last time I made a repayment. No development at all y...

1 Jan 7 Borrower Questions

Loan disbursement long overdue

I confirmed my loan on December 30, but it been a week now my loan has not been disbursed. Why???

1 Jan 6 Borrower Questions