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Loan not disburse

I confirmed my loan on 16th November, 2017 and as at now my loan has not been disbursed. Please why?

4 Nov 22 Borrower Questions

Loan funding and time

Hello Zidisha family My loan is 39% funded and now it is 0 days remaining. How do i go about this scenatio please help.

1 Nov 22 Borrower Questions

Loan adjusted but the date are not accuret

I wonder why, I suppose to pay my loan on 25th november 2017, but today I have decide to adjust and pay the fully amount due, so as to clear and ge...

1 Nov 22 Borrower Questions


Hallo,i was wondering why you deleted the option whereby one can opt for Expedite Funds at a fee of 10%.Thanks

2 Nov 22 Borrower Questions

wrong on time repayment rate

My on time repayment rate has been 96 percent for some months. It just dropped to 93 percent even though I never made late repayment ever since . W...

1 Nov 22 Borrower Questions

Requesting for a loan

I have made full repayment of my loan but the app cannot provide me with an option to borrow another one. What i can only see on my screen is "Adju...

1 Nov 22 Borrower Questions

Bonus of next loan.

Please it was written on my current credit that I will receive some bonus for my next loan when I am able to complete paying my loan before 2nd Dec...

1 Nov 22 Borrower Questions

My credit limit was 4, 743ZMW. But why does it show $548.11?

I write to enquire on why my loan Disbursed Amount show $548.11 when infact my loan number 3 credit limit is 4, 743 ZMW and I received 4, 506 ZMW a...

1 Nov 22 Borrower Questions

Want to rename the profile according to the identity of the ID

Hallo zidisha please help me so I can change my profile name after identity anma in ID, from Malla janeeta become komalasari. Yesterday I used the ...

2 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

The remaining 2 day loan limit is still 2%

I am applying for a loan and the remaining 2 days left but still 2% and no system of acceleration of funds, if the remaining time has run out can a...

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

Abu Musah Abajei loan discussion

I invited Abu Musah Zidisha and later was given a loan facility, but has not yet made any payment for the past one month. I contacted him to know w...

3 Nov 21 Open Forum

credit bonus

Hi all, I want to know whether credit bonus expires?

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

decrease on credit limit of unfounded loan

My loan application expired at founded progress of 84 percent this morning , but did not enjoy the the Same credit limit when I reapplied. I don't ...

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

loan limit reduced

my loan limit was 88,000 but after the loan proposal expired without being funded, when I wanted to apply again I am told my loan limit is 945, why?

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

Loan funding

I have applied for a loan and my volunteer mentor has not got the notification to review my loan proposal and submit to lenders.

2 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

Two months break from paying loan

My name is John Kimotho i am a zidisha borrower and right now Iam serving a loan. For now Iam having a problem of an ailing father and I am find i...

2 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

Early repayment bonus

Pls I paid my loan before January1 as expected but I did not get the early repayment bonus

2 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

loan not funded

My loan was not founded in due time. The expirary date was; 20th November, 2017. Now getting to two days after the expiry date and it seems the ap...

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

Repeating Of Old Loan Instead Of New Credit Limit

Dear Team I have made full payment of my loan But Unfortunately I have been repeated to Correct the same amount as I took earlier INSTEAD of the...

2 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

change of MTN

I travelled to another country and while in transit my wallet was stolen together with my phone. I have now acquired another number which I want to...

2 Nov 21 Borrower Questions