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Change of Name After Acquiring national ID.

Hello comrades, I will like to seek your help on this platform as I find myself wanting. I used my new surname to register for my account after I...

1 Jan 3 Borrower Questions

Missing payments received

I just wanted to let you know that I just received the "missing" payments from 23, 24, 25, 26 december. I was moderating the comments of the le...

3 Jan 2 Volunteer Mentors

Need explanations please

I want to ask whether am I part of this community or not because when I post a problem here nobody assist or provide solutions to my problem. For a...

4 Jan 2 Borrower Questions

Loan application 4th time

Happy new...this is my fourth time applying for my loan without been funded.I have been advised to work on my on time repayments,which I promise t...

3 Jan 2 Borrower Questions

Loan Not Funded

Hello guys? This is the second time I am posting my loan. The first time it was funded up to 38% this time round it's 26% funded with just four day...

4 Jan 2 Borrower Questions

loan Application pending review by Zidisha Staff.

Please l applied for my second loan for about a month now and l was having 14 days for my loan to be fully funded. It was left with a day for its e...

2 Jan 2 Borrower Questions

pembayaran tidak terekam

3 kali Pembayaran saya tidak terekam oleh sistem, tanggal 19 november 2017 (Rp.10.000), Tanggal 24 desember 2017 (Rp.20.000) Tanggal 1 januari...

3 Jan 2 Indonesia

This is my fourth time

This my Fourth time l have apply a loan but still not funded .Still my percentage is 0 my on time payment rate is 99 percent .Please Why

2 Jan 1 Borrower Questions

Complicated Entrepreur

Dear Fellow Volunteer Mentors, Can you please advise/help me on how I should proceed. - On 28th an entrepreneur was referred to me for review. ...

3 Jan 1 Volunteer Mentors

Members Loan Fund Refund

How do I go about requesting for MLF and deactivate account.

5 Jan 1 Borrower Questions

No lending account option?

I have $33 in my lending account. But when I try to lend, the only available options are "PayPal" or "credit card". Why is my lending account mon...

10 Jan 1 Lender Questions

Regarding options for 'sorted by' dropdown

On the 'Browse Projects' screen, the 'sorted by' dropdown shows 'Almost funded' option, among others. However, that option should be renamed as 'A...

6 Jan 1 Lender Questions


can new members join using their passports??? apart from id.since passports also serves as id

1 Jan 1 Borrower Questions

Merry Christmas And Prosperous New Year

I wish Zidisha and the Team a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Zidisha has done a lot for me and my family as well and that I can't forget ...

1 Jan 1 Random

My next credit limit.

My next credit limit has reduced with a huge amount from GHS5385 to GHS4345. Please, may I know why?

1 Dec 31 Borrower Questions

Amount consideration error

Please help me on the way forward, I applied for an amount equal to my limit but only ksh.1000 was considered and disburse, I repaid it immediately...

8 Dec 31 Borrower Questions

second look at pending review

I really appreciated the good works our lenders and the Zidisha team is doing to support the individuals in their various communities.All the new ...

1 Dec 31 Borrower Questions

New member

Please forgive his help. How do you do the loan ?? I input the photo pd when work activity kok in reject hehe

3 Dec 31 Borrower Questions