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ID/ Account Issue

I uploaded my ID card but I was latter told the ID wasn't readable, clear or didn't match the one I registered my account with. Due to this problem...

2 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Kenapa pinjaman saya kok eror

Maaf saya mau nanya, kok pinjaman saya begini kenapa ya? Mohon bantuannya

3 Dec 28 Indonesia

inability to upload ID card from the dashboard

i sent a ticket on the inabilty to upload a ticket via the dashboard. what is happening with zidisha?,does it always have to be this inefficient??...

8 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Help me help me SOS

I have a serious problem and have not got a solution from Zidisha team ... The problem I am experiencing is On my loan now the loan installment pay...

1 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

clarification of credit limit bonus

Please I was been told to completes my loan payments before 9th November 2017, so that, I can received a credit limit bonus of GHS 870, of which I ...

3 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

I. D Card.

Please lenders I have tried for several times to upload I. D. Card ,but my dashboard is not permitting me to upload it, please help me. Thanks.

4 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Loan credit limit

Hello zidisha, My loan request is KES.25 and next one was KES.38 currenly its KES.57. In the normal it appear 57,000.00 . Please adjust i want it t...

1 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Genesis of ID Card Upload Problems

I’ve come a long way to believe that some of the problems on this platform are created by some of us the borrowers. At a point in time, we realized...

8 Dec 27 Borrower Questions

Reduction in Base Credit Limit

I was given a loan amount of 2,795 GHS of which I am still paying. I have maintained an on-time repayment rate of 97% for over a month now. On my c...

1 Dec 27 Borrower Questions

Problem with ID Card Upload

Hello Zidisha, In as much as it’s a good initiative to introduce this identication process I thing itt would be best to check errors in system. I...

1 Dec 27 Borrower Questions

profile pictures

What is happening when i can not complete my loan application form

5 Dec 27 Borrower Questions

I can't find my project on the public projects

Please I can't found my project on the public projects where lenders will see and fund my loan for me. Please why someone should help.

12 Dec 27 Borrower Questions

Expediation services

How can i know the expedition services are available?my loan is taking longer to get funds

6 Dec 27 Borrower Questions

wrong loan account displayed on my dashboard

The below account is not the current account am servicing and it normally comes after every two weeks Your next loan credit limit If you repay...

6 Dec 26 Borrower Questions


Hello, first let me congratulate zidisha for the good platform they are giving us. here in kenya,we are fortunate enough being among the few count...

3 Dec 26 Borrower Questions

old loans in the dam

The words are like this. Please guidance pack, I have constraints. My submission process has been funded for a long time, the rest of the time I ha...

3 Dec 26 Borrower Questions

Pending Review

Hello zidisha team, how long does the review take i applied on 19th nov but later had to do a followup with support after i was 100%funded and a t...

4 Dec 26 Borrower Questions

Loan does not appear in the listed projects

I am a new member. I applied for a loan and when i check in the listed projects, mine dose not appear there. Kindly advise.

2 Dec 26 Borrower Questions

Unsecured Loan Project

Please Information, I have made a loan application, but not recorded on the Project Submission Loan. Related to that, I have to ask whom? Thank you

3 Dec 26 Borrower Questions

Salah pencatatan pembayaran saya, kacau

Sudah masuk pinjaman ke 2 tapi pinjaman pertama masih di tagih

4 Dec 26 Indonesia