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Unconfirmed deposit

Hey paid my full loan on 4-5-2018 And my account is yet to be credited. Do you have customer care

3 May 8 Borrower Questions

bantuan kenapa ya payah mengunggah foto ktp

Saya mau mengajukan pinjaman baru lagi setelah sudah saya lunasi tetapi masih terus unggah foto ktp saja.. Dan tidak bisa terus itu kenapa ya..tolo...

4 May 8 Indonesia

Payment not listed

I eka have made zidisha payment but my dashboard does not change when normally it is not like this. Then I got an email from zidisha about the paym...

5 May 8 Borrower Questions

Pembayaran cicilan pertama

Selamat sore .. saya pengguna baru ZIDISHA.. hari ini tgl jatuh tempo.. tapi dari tgl 5 saya sudah melakukan pembayaran melalui M BCA.. namun msih ...

2 May 8 Indonesia

Pembayaran pinjaman

Selamat siang cicilan sudah byar tetapi blm masuk/blm ada email angsuran masuk di dasbor juga belum masuk.mhn bantuan nya

23 May 7 Indonesia

Loan disbursement overdue

I accepted my loan on May 1, 2018. Today marks one week and a day since my was accepted but I have not received my loan to purchase a automatic vol...

1 May 7 Borrower Questions

Assigned members

Please,i am a volunteer member and i was having 50 mentees under me but now it seems Zidisha only four are now under my care.I can't get it and why...

1 May 6 Volunteer Mentors

Loan Adjustment

Please, may I know why there is a mistake in Adjustment of loans when one request could not be reverse at that particular moment. Because, our mind...

1 May 6 Borrower Questions

Payment has been paid

Hallo .. I am a new borrower in zidisha. I have paid the payment. but sy payment is not yet recorded. And in his dashbor also has not changed .. Pl...

1 May 6 Borrower Questions

Loan Adjustment

I made Adjustment on my page and only to realised that, the terms did not go on well successfully instead of increasing from Ghc 20 to Ghs 200,it's...

1 May 6 Borrower Questions

My loan not funded

Hello my loan not funded I applied five times without funded a my wrong to apply please I am now fed-up with this

4 May 6 Borrower Questions

Uploading my Photo

Please help, I have tried uploading my photo in vain. What should I do for my Photo to upload because it has hindered my progress?

3 May 6 Borrower Questions

On-time repayments

Hi,my on-repayments stands at 97% since i joined zidisha and i think i am making on-time repayment to my loan what could be the problem . I think ...

3 May 6 Borrower Questions

Time of disbursement

Its over one week I have accepted my loan but it is yet to be disbursed and I want to ask the reason why it is delaying. Thank you

3 May 6 Borrower Questions

unlisted payment

To the zidisha team, I hope the zidisha team will immediately follow up on the unconfirmed payment, this time many mentees complain that the paymen...

1 May 6 Volunteer Mentors

Payment confirmation

One of my mentor mentorin need help, he already made payment but in zidisha system his payment has not been credited to my mentee account and it ha...

6 May 6 Volunteer Mentors

Angsuran Pinajaman Mengunakan Bank Lain

Saya ingin membayar angsuran zidisha tapi nomor rekening saya ganti dengan yang baru tidak sama dengan rekening pada saat saya menerima dana pinjam...

2 May 6 Indonesia

Not able to post comment for my mentees

Hi, I have called my mentees regarding their loan repayments, but I am not able to post comments as usual. Is there a problem with the website? ...

2 May 6 Volunteer Mentors

Joy and Happiness In Successfully Paying Your Loan.

There is always so much joy and happiness in my heart when lenders who do not know you personally but loan to you only base on trust and faith that...

4 May 6 Borrower Questions

Unconfirmed payment

Please help me, I have paid and waited for 3hari and have sent support ticket but no incoming email notification that my payment has been entered. ...

2 May 6 Borrower Questions