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Difficulty in uploading my ID card

I find it difficult to upload my ID card on the dashboard. This is making it impossible to view what is pertaining on my dashboard.

4 Dec 29 Borrower Questions

Pembayaran keanggotan

Apakah sekarang ini ada pembayaran untuk menjadi anggota zidisha?Saya menerima pertanyaan tsb Dari seseorang yg akan menjadi anggota zidisha. Di fo...

5 Dec 28 Indonesia

Unrecorded Repayment

Dear Team Zidisha Previously I apologize, I want to make a report about the existence of one of the people I mentori, the person has paid off his o...

6 Dec 28 Volunteer Mentors

Payments are not recorded

Good night I feel confused how else Payment for repayment 49,868 on October 28, 2017 is not recorded And just yesterday can email bills That my loa...

6 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Approval of zidisha staff for loan submission

I ask for staff zidisha how long I have to wait for approval from zidisha staff to apply for loan

5 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Suggestion for improvement of loan payment

Dear zidisha management, per my investigations, most of the Borrowers complain that they dont get text message on thier phones for payment notifica...

2 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Repayments percentages not increasing.

My repayment percentages stops increasing after payment on the due dates which is affecting me negatively.

4 Dec 28 Borrower Questions


Hi. I requested for a loan of which you gave me 25 shillings that I sent back yet you are asking me to pay 2100? For what? Check your records well....

4 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

I have tried to puplish my loan but shows an error

Most of the time as i publish my loan isn't going through. Please assist i have followed all the process. Only later shows there is an error and as...

2 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Deactivate my account.

I don't want to be here anymore. How do I deactivate my account?

8 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

What"s Up With Zidisha ???

Dear Team Zidisha This is the 2nd time I experienced a distribution failure (in one month of having two pending disbursements), account number and ...

10 Dec 28 Borrower Questions


Saya baru bergabung dengan zidisha pencairan hanya 15.000 sedangkan jumlah yg saya bayar 300.000 . Saya kurang paham sedangkan saya dpt 15.000 kena...

2 Dec 28 Indonesia

Loan review Concern

Hello zidisha team, I would like to know how long it takes for a loan to under go review by a volunteer before it up for funding? And in my own ...

7 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Installment payments are not inputted by date

Is there a special email to complain so that it can send more than one picture proof of payment file?

2 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

ID/ Account Issue

I uploaded my ID card but I was latter told the ID wasn't readable, clear or didn't match the one I registered my account with. Due to this problem...

2 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Kenapa pinjaman saya kok eror

Maaf saya mau nanya, kok pinjaman saya begini kenapa ya? Mohon bantuannya

3 Dec 28 Indonesia

inability to upload ID card from the dashboard

i sent a ticket on the inabilty to upload a ticket via the dashboard. what is happening with zidisha?,does it always have to be this inefficient??...

8 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

Help me help me SOS

I have a serious problem and have not got a solution from Zidisha team ... The problem I am experiencing is On my loan now the loan installment pay...

1 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

clarification of credit limit bonus

Please I was been told to completes my loan payments before 9th November 2017, so that, I can received a credit limit bonus of GHS 870, of which I ...

3 Dec 28 Borrower Questions

I. D Card.

Please lenders I have tried for several times to upload I. D. Card ,but my dashboard is not permitting me to upload it, please help me. Thanks.

4 Dec 28 Borrower Questions