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Loan application

We are sorry, your loan application was not approved. Plesase what does it mean? I am a business person and l will repay all my loans. I want to us...

2 Aug 6 Borrower Questions

mengubah rekening

bagaimana cara saya mengubah rekening saya

2 Aug 6 Indonesia

Saya salah tulis nama bank

Mohon bantuan sya salah tulis nama bank, hrsnya bca tp disistem kok bri

4 Aug 6 Indonesia

Why do you deduct credit risk limit from my credit limit?

Hi zidisha staff, why do you deduct credit risk limit from the credit limit when someone asks for the refund .You deducted mine and stated it as me...

2 Aug 6 Borrower Questions

this is not good

Hello everyone. Am new here at zidisha a friend told me about this organization and it's a good organization but am very disappointed with the star...

3 Aug 6 Borrower Questions

My loan was not funded.

Hello , I have been paying my loan on time but anytime I try to reapply, I get a lot of challenges. My loan was supposed to be funded in June but...

3 Aug 6 Borrower Questions

Send invites

Please I would like to know when is a member eligible to invite people to Zidisha? As in how long does it take for a new member to qualify?

3 Aug 6 Borrower Questions

Credit risk fee

It is a must that one has to pay credit risk fee? and if it's not a must how can one be exempted from this?

2 Aug 6 Borrower Questions

Delete account

Kindly help, how do I delete my account?

1 Aug 6 Borrower Questions

Zidisha di daftar OJK

Kami barusan diberitahu bahwa Zidisha didaftar oleh Satgas Waspada Investasi Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) Indonesia sebagai fintech ilegal. Kami...

7 Aug 6 Indonesia

sudah transfer kok dasbor belum lunas

sudah melakukan transfer pembayaran tapi kenapa di dasbor masih tampilan pencairan yang lalu. makasih

1 Aug 6 Indonesia

Terima Kasih Zidisha

Saya ucapkan terima kasih pada zidisha. Pada para donatur. Saya benar" terbantu dalam menjalankan jualan online saya. Mohon maaf atas kredit dukung...

1 Aug 6 Indonesia

Fundraising period now starts after loans pass staff review

Starting today, the fundraising period of fourteen days does not start until after a loan has been successfully reviewed by our team. This is ...

35 Aug 6 Announcements


I have not been able to make contact with my VMs. That button that opens the page is nolonger their since 2018/08/01. What could be the propblem,or...

3 Aug 6 Borrower Questions

Angsuran Pembayaran

Saya sudah melakukan pembayaran ke 4 saya tapi kenapa dinotifikasi Zidisha masih ada tunggakan tolong dong saya mau ngajuin pinjaman ke 5 buat moda...

4 Aug 6 Indonesia

Credit risk fee

Kenapa saya lihat di masing-masing akun orang setiap pinjamannya ada yang dibebankan biaya servis juga resiko kredit dan ada yang hanya dibebankan ...

1 Aug 6 Indonesia


saya lihat pinjaman anda sudah terdanai dan dicairkan pada tanggal 26 juli 2018 apakah pinjaman itu yang anda maksud?

1 Aug 6 Indonesia

Volunteer Mentor failing to review

Hello, my loan is fully funded and left with my volunteer mentor to review it for. He is proven too difficult on me. I have called him several time...

3 Aug 5 Borrower Questions


Dear Team, My loan status is at "Pending Disbursement" for 5 days now. No money received yet. I want to know why it's been keeping holding. Also ...

19 Aug 5 Borrower Questions


Please where can I find the phone number of my volunteer mentor. I could not find it any where in my profile page. He has never called me before b...

4 Aug 5 Volunteer Mentors