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Borrower Questions

A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

2789 Feb 21

Lender Questions

A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

244 Feb 20

Open Forum

The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

79 Feb 21


Announcements by Zidisha staff.

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If it's not about Zidisha, it's here.

21 Feb 19


Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

683 Feb 18
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Anggota baru

Mohon maaf Saya masih bingung bagaimana cara menggunakan

7 Feb 7 Indonesia

Pengajuan sampai sekarang belum terdanai

Tim yang terhormat mohon petunjuk kenapa sampai sekarang pengajuan saya belum terdanai. Padahal pengajuan pinjaman ini sudah saya ulang sampai ti...

2 Feb 7 Indonesia

More information

Hello zidisha commmunity,i was asking to know more about the zidisha i want to take big loan how do igo about it? and how do i become a volunteer m...

6 Feb 7 Borrower Questions

Removal of an invitee

zidisha team hi, i have a concern which i have raised for quite some time now . I have a member who passed on by the name Josephine murigi, can she...

10 Feb 7 Borrower Questions

Mentor volunteer

I have a friend of a volunteer mentor named gresia meriana purwanto, yesterday his account was closed due to a technical error, now he wants to com...

3 Feb 7 Volunteer Mentors

loan credit limit

Hello zidisha, I had applied for my loan of more than KES. 9000.00 but you have sent me KES.82.00 . my dashboard reads it is awaiting the lenders. ...

2 Feb 7 Borrower Questions

Kok sekarang pendanaan susah banget

Ada apa dengan zidisha kok malah melempem . Padahal ini harapan saya untuk dapat meningkatkan taraf hidup

4 Feb 7 Indonesia

Zidisha System

Hi. I have been a zidisha member for some few years now. Inspite of the challenges I have stuck but of late, the zidisha system malfunctions are t...

4 Feb 7 Borrower Questions

New members assigning to Mentors

Hi all, Is there a problem with Zidisha platform or something of the sought or assigning new members to volunteer mentors was suspended? I did ad...

1 Feb 7 Volunteer Mentors

Closure of account

I have noticed all the members who finished repaying their loans as of 16th have had their accounts closed, now most of my mentees are scared that ...

5 Feb 7 Volunteer Mentors

Default members

Hi,l had a burning issue,apart from l inviting someone to join Zidisha and the said person has redeemed his/her loan extremely late .can l be given...

5 Feb 6 Borrower Questions


is it possible to get a smaller loan than your credit limit and if so how do i do it about?

2 Feb 6 Borrower Questions


Pengajuan saya masuk daftar tunggu karena banyak aplikasi masuk apakah ada yg sama dengan saya sudah 2 hari belum ada email aplikasi saya di publik...

3 Feb 6 Indonesia

Advice on my loan application

I humbly appeal for suggestions and advice on my loan application, I am confused for two weeks now.

1 Feb 6 Borrower Questions

Finally my Loan is FUNDED

They say "patience pays", my Loan has finally been funded after expiring and retrying. Friends don't give up keep on trying and your loan expires. ...

11 Feb 6 Borrower Questions

Pinjaman ke 4

Mau sharing .. saya sudah 2 kali pengajuan tapi belum didanai .. apa karena nilai saya 88% ?? Bagaimana cara menaikkan nilai sedangkan kredit saya ...

4 Feb 6 Indonesia

why Zidisha approved member not complete profile

I m so glad to be volunteer mentor Zidisha, lots people join Zidisha with different background, when I check Profile Zidisha member lots member jus...

8 Feb 6 Volunteer Mentors

Add a limit to loan repayment time

I recently made a loan to a borrower requesting a repayment period of several months (I don't remember exactly what the length was). Now, when I l...

8 Feb 5 Lender Questions

Unpaid loans

Why this time my loan is long to be funded even though ii ni have a 3rd loan Please guidance so that usually my loan is fulfilled Thank you for you...

20 Feb 5 Borrower Questions

Id card request

I have a big problem my loans have expired like 10 without getting funds and every time l post they keep on asking me to post I'd .l post they req...

1 Feb 5 Borrower Questions