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A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Zidisha growth

Zidisha is a great concept, and I am very happy to participate in it. It seems, however, that for it to really achieve its mission it needs a whol...

4 Apr 30 Open Forum

over deduction of 10% risk credit limit

hello every one please l want to help me in calculation this simple mathematics , l requested for of 1862ghs and l was partially funded ...

29 Apr 30 Borrower Questions

payment not reflecting

i did pay my first loan installment in time but up to now it shows that i haven't paid,what could be wrong back there since i was to pay first inst...

7 Apr 30 Borrower Questions

image of my full payment

hello zidisha member and all lenders,good evening?back here am good and lemme say thanks to zidisha,to my lender mr Paul Buchheit and the other len...

1 Apr 30 Borrower Questions

Payments showing as -

Hi I sent and e mail to service, but I haven't heard back. All the payments are showing as minus instead of payments. I am supposed to have 19 d...

3 Apr 30 Lender Questions

looking for business partner

I deal with cashews business in my country Ghana and am looking for any interested business partner to partner with. I do buy the seeds and packed ...

2 Apr 30 Random

MLF to Pay loans

I paid Ghc 568.00 into the previously MLF during my third loan and l have finish payments. I am currently paying my forth loan and l have also deci...

3 Apr 30 Borrower Questions

Pelunasan pinjaman

Minta saran Kenapa ini pinjaman saya sudah saya lunasi kok masih harus bayar lagi 63.690 padahal sudah lunas 953.000 Mohon bantuannya teman t...

2 Apr 30 Indonesia

improving method or system of payment in Ghana.

As a volunteer mentor and a member of this forum, i have done my own search to find out why some borrowers don't pay their loan after it has been d...

10 Apr 29 Volunteer Mentors

I do not understand how Zidisha works

Please I need a Ghanaian member of Zidisha number to guide me. Zidisha gave 239ghc and I paid only 12ghc and I received a message that claimed I ha...

4 Apr 29 Borrower Questions

Happy Belated Birthday, Julia!

I hope it was a wonderful day! Thank you again for creating Zidisha and for trying to help as many people as you can, across the globe. :)

6 Apr 29 Random

Credit limits for VM

I would like to know better, how are VM's credits limit adjustments are done in zidisha (increasing and decreasing credit limit) 1.It's the VM ha...

3 Apr 29 Volunteer Mentors

Poor Service

Two things that are of poor services in zidisha and technicians need to work out are; 1.Poor communication network : As a mentor when l calle...

25 Apr 29 Borrower Questions


Dear zidisha ..maaf atas kesalahan saya mengklik memilih angusuran yang terlalu tinggi , mohon bantuannya apakah saya bisa merubah angsuran lebih ...

10 Apr 29 Indonesia

Volunteer Mentor

interested in applying to become a Volunteer Mentor

4 Apr 29 Borrower Questions

Dasbord error

Saya ridwan ...dasboard saya error ada tagihan yg sudah saya lunasi tetapi masih tertagih dan email masuk terus padahal saya sedang membayar pinjam...

5 Apr 29 Indonesia

My mentees.

Hi, zidisha team, I received your email message, I have politely done as you requested me to do, I have called all of my mentees who are in areas, ...

4 Apr 29 Volunteer Mentors

Pelunasan lebih awal.

Apabila uang saya cukup untuk melakukan pelunasan lebih awal apa akan mempengaruhi poin kredit saya?

2 Apr 29 Indonesia

My mentees who are in areas.

Hallow, my fellow VM, I have some of my mentees who are in arreas more than a month, I have tried advising them to adjust their instalment to the l...

2 Apr 29 Volunteer Mentors

My current credit limit

Hello friends, my name is Florence Ngulube and I joined Zidisha on 7th April 2018 and they have me $0.50 as my start up credit limit and I paid it ...

5 Apr 28 Borrower Questions