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Incorrect transfer

I made a transfer transaction from m-bca I want to transfer to BNI account Because of the mistake of choosing the transfer name list I instead tran...

2 Jul 27 Borrower Questions

second loan requesting

from yesterday am trying to request a second loan but it let me down please help how to balance between my weekly sales and weekly profit

1 Jul 27 Borrower Questions

Bagaimana cara merubah angsuran

Salam semua team zidisha, mentor dan kawan2... Bagaimanakah cara merubah angsuran? Aplikasi ini sangat membantu kami dalam usaha dagang eceran se...

3 Jul 27 Indonesia

Loan dashboard

Afternoon zidisha. In my submission dashboard word appearing too many make loan proposal at one time, please wait for a while but it"s been 4 days ...

6 Jul 27 Borrower Questions

Mengubah nama bank

Mohon bantuannya bagaimana cara mengubah tujuan bank. Saya salah memasukkan kolom bank. Bank saya BNI tetapi yg saya pilih kolom bank Mandiri. Teri...

6 Jul 26 Indonesia

Technical issues

My loan application has not been sent to the current account dated 26/07/2018, but I am notified via email to pay the installment until the date of...

3 Jul 26 Borrower Questions


Pengembalian dana selain transfer lewat virtual account BNI bisa ga lewat bank lain?

2 Jul 26 Indonesia

Loan not funded to my account.

Hello lenders, it is another moment I would like to ask if possible you allow me and bring options in my phone so that I be able to access a new lo...

2 Jul 26 Indonesia

Limit Tidak Naik Padahal Pembayaran Lancar

Dear Mimin, Ini pinjaman ke-5 dan saya selalu bayar lebih cepat Pinjaman ke-1 : 10,500 Pinjaman ke-2 : 103,500 Pinjaman ke-3 : 173,189 Pin...

6 Jul 26 Indonesia

No option on my dashboard for new loan application

My dashboard has been telling me to contact mentees with errears and post on their timeline before requesting loan. I have done all this but there ...

12 Jul 26 Volunteer Mentors

Title tequired at the final stage of loan

hello zidisha please i think there is a technical problem with the loan application page and i have edited with ten different phrase but keeps tel...

4 Jul 26 Borrower Questions

Loan limits

Hello in my zidisha account their is NO loan limits please help

2 Jul 26 Borrower Questions

Pengajuan yang ke empat

Saya mengajukan pinjaman kembali kenapa tidak bisa bapak? Kendalanya ketika setelah menulis lengkapi profil, terus mau melanjutkan selalu saja munc...

6 Jul 26 Indonesia

Invalid Mechant ID "pops up whenever I want make payments. "

Hello, I really need help and guidance. I wasn't aware of the forum usage as a platform to inquire on various issues related to zidisha, not unt...

2 Jul 26 Borrower Questions

Profile picture

I don't know what happened but my profile picture is not what I chose. How do I set up a new picture please? I went to edit profile but it doesn’t...

3 Jul 26 Borrower Questions


Hi Zidisha, how will 12ksh Loan help Me for sure thats to small money, even if it to build my credit I can't take that money it wont help what I need

4 Jul 25 Borrower Questions

Title required when applying for loan

Hallo. I had hoped to never have to raise a query here, and even so, I am doing it reluctantly. I am comforted that maybe someone someone somewhere...

1 Jul 25 Borrower Questions

Mau pengajuan pinjaman


3 Jul 25 Indonesia

Cost of credit risk

Its all night for the filing now why well the crescent risk expense is immense Please his enlightenment

1 Jul 25 Borrower Questions

disbursement of funds has not been received

how this disbursement of my funds too belom also transferred .. on behalf of yoyok mujianto .. please in the process

14 Jul 25 Borrower Questions