AstarBridge Limited

AstarBridge Limited is a private company by shares and anyone is invited to invest in real estate. We deal with: Property Managers Realtors, general commission Agents,court process server,Repossesor, private investigators and property Sales. Every new loan we fund, every new member we add, will change the life of an impoverished business owner, impoverished community and families and their family forever! For more information contact us [email protected]

Loans Raised

This month: $1,372

Last month: $0

All time: $1,372


  • John Makongo     Mar 2, 2016

    To all members, I was suggesting to change this group Name to ASTARBRIDGE LIMITED, the reason is, AstarBridge Limited is a registered company here in kenya and legaly in operation on REAL etsate Management, General Agent Commission and as well Property sale, , My wife Esther and I are the founders of the company, we also have Bonus package in our real estate management which gives back 2% monthly to all our Marketers who have source our clients specific landlords, and they benefit the 2% for 3yrs as a return to the community and help eradicate poverty through looking for ways to crate jobs and empowering people to excel, what are your suggestions? attached are the documents for registration and logo


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  • John Makongo     Feb 21, 2016

    Thanks guys,I am seeing a great move on funding ,I hope and pray many more lenders will join,please invite any of your friends who feels to join us .


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    • Bart Vogelzang     Mar 2, 2016

      Maybe you can advise me. I have opted to review my own funds, rather than them being placed by Zidisha automatically. The downside is that I have to wait a while before lending again, as I wait for repayments. If I went automatic, the repaid funds would be lent out sooner, but in smaller amounts. I prefer to lend a larger amount that can either inspire others to join in, or will put a loan request 'over the top'. I'm just not sure what is best for those looking for a loan. Any ideas on this?

      • John Makongo     Mar 2, 2016

        Hello Bart, thank you for reconsidering to continue helping and supporting those who are out to make a difference in this life through your money by loaning out,as per my own experince most of borrowers wishes to see their loans funded so quick and disbursed as well quick , this is due to maybe fiancial need in the business or maybe starting up a business, also this touches zidisha in other side , mostly zidisha gives opportunity to apply mostly $150 if not invited by any member and when they deduct the funds which is mondatory, you find that this person gets like $60 only as loan and this cant be enough maybe to start something like a business if its a new person who is starting up a business


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  • Bart Vogelzang     Feb 18, 2016

    Jontez, I will not be taking a leader position, and will probably stop helping via Zidisha. Unfortunately, when depositing money for lending credits, two of my payments have become lost. One was eventually found, but the other hasn't. This incompetence with my money has severely eroded my confidence and enthusiasm. So far I have not even received an acknowledgement of my complaint and request to locate this missing money.

    • Bart Vogelzang     Feb 22, 2016

      They have finally corrected the deposits, and I've helped several more people. I just hope they have fixed the problem that caused those missing deposits in the first place.


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  • Bart Vogelzang     Feb 8, 2016

    I joined Zidisha just a few weeks ago, and this group February 8/16. I'm looking forward to helping many more people over time.


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    • John Makongo     Feb 8, 2016

      Thank you for joining this group, I am the leader of this group and hoping to get more volunteers to join our Zidisha loan page. I also look forward to have many people as leaders of this group, are you interested to be one of the leaders of this group?

  • John Makongo     Feb 5, 2016

    Share this group and allow friends to join and let's expand put wings


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  • Purity Ogoya     Jan 5, 2015

    hello good people of our country land honored to join this group


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  • jossy2011     Jul 20, 2014

    Its my joy and pleasure to join this group.
    Thanks for welcoming me.
    Josiah Githinji

  • John Makongo     Feb 10, 2014

    Hello Knight Muteti Lang'at , if you want to be a member of this group,just click where it says JOIN THIS GROUP you join you will be able to post comments and also lender to someone and it will show up on this page,feel welcomed.

  • John Makongo     Jan 29, 2014

    Hello all, invite more lenders to join this gropu to help support those in need of boosting their business and eradicate poverty

    • Admin     Feb 4, 2014

      This comment has been deleted

      • John Makongo     Feb 10, 2014

        Hello Knight Muteti Lang'at , if you want to be a member of this group,just click where it says JOIN THIS GROUP you join you will be able to post comments and also lender to someone and it will show up on this page,feel welcomed

        • ericg     Apr 30, 2014

          i have tried to make my first borrowing unsuccessfully...
          every time i try borrowing it says the follwing.

          You have already created an account. You may access your account using the login form above.

    • 071516julius     May 9, 2014

      help me to get this loan sir

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