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MISSION: Sensitizing on proper nutrition and making knowledge accessible to the community in an effort to alleviate nutritional diseases. VISION: Improved quality life through a well nutrition wise informed community, changing lifestyles and the alleviation of nutritional disorders. AIMS: • Undertaking of researches with a basis on cause, prevention, intervention and prevention of nutritional disorders. • Publishing of information researched on, accessed from credible nutritional sources for public sensitization. • Emphasizing on the present but unobserved public policies i.e. BFHI • Campaigning and holding public talks with the targeted audience thus creating awareness on ways of elevating nutritional disorders or/through proper nutrition. • Undertaking of data analysis and presentation of nutritional based information. • Supporting better hygiene practices and sanitation in an effort of alleviate nutritional disorders through prevention and intervention. • Offering nutritional counseling and education to the community. • Offering mentorship on proper nutrition. • Staging food exposes thus encouraging proper food preparation and meal management. • Promoting healthier nutritional cultural practices in an effort to alleviate lifestyle diseases. • Facilitating and attending seminars in an effort to access gain and making public nutritional information.


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