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Loans Raised

This month: $61,968

Last month: $0

All time: $61,968


  • MajesticLight     Aug 28, 2014

    Hey everyone,
    So grad school has been just a little bit time consuming. I feel that the group would benefit from a more active leader. Anyone feel like stepping up?
    I can't promise when I'll check back, but I'll try to do it "soon."

  • cocokathy     Apr 16, 2014

    Hey guys,
    WOW! We have almost loaned $23,000 collectively! We rock! Let's continue to spread the word and keep being awesome :)


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  • MajesticLight     Oct 1, 2013

    So I haven't checked up on us for a while and *wow* have we grown! Welcome to all the people I haven't welcomed yet!

  • KyRoamer     Aug 9, 2013

    PLEASE join Zidisha's new forum and participate. Randy Peterson donated the software (current version of what milepoint uses) and he and his staff helped set it up.

    It is at or just click on member forum at the top of this page. There are forums to discuss matters of interest related to Zidisha and a Z-lounge for off-topic discussions. Your wisdom and good natured humor will add much to the forums.

  • pentatonicscale     Mar 26, 2013

    I would like help filling Hannah Waithira's loan. She is a third-time borrower whose loan was suddenly taken down in January because of the change in rules. She lost a business opportunity because of that. She is a widow with 5 children, and she is essentially a real-estate agent who buys and sells shambas. She has been through a lot emotionally with Zidisha as well as losing one really good sale. (You can read about it in the comments on her loan.) I would love to see her large loan filled as soon as possible by the Zidisha community so she can regain faith in us.

    • MajesticLight     Mar 27, 2013

      I've loaned to her. She seems like a very nice lady, and I'm happy we can help her (especially since her bank is charging her 2-3 times what she can get here!) :)

      I can kinda see what the Zidisha administration is trying to prevent, and how she created a red flag.
      First time borrowers are capped at $500, so that if the they end up being notsome, the damages aren't too bad. When a loan is paid back, the borrower can then take out an even bigger loan (since they've proved their trustworthiness).
      I think what they fear is for someone to rapidly take out loans and pay back so they can increase their max loan amount, and then run off with it.
      I don't think this is her intention; since she's working in real estate, there are be very fast turn arounds with big sums of money.
      It also would have been nice for Zidisha to say "hey, we get worried when people do this, so please don't" the first time she paid back super-early. That way, instead of repaying the loans ahead of schedule and taking out more loans, she could have re-used that money to buy/ sell more property (and not raised concern).

  • pentatonicscale     Mar 25, 2013

    Hi, I'm a Kiva Nerdfighter as well. Have you seen the Kiva-on-Zidisha group? You are cordially invited to join it as well.
    Right now I'm trying to drum up some volunteer translation help. A couple of us have started trying to get all the loan descriptions from French to English, because they fund faster that way. Any of you polyglots are welcome to click that "Add translation" button and help. Lots of loans on the site right now, and I fear the French ones will fill slowly unless more of us help.
    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (that's Japanese for "please continue to be kind to me/help me...)

    • MajesticLight     Mar 27, 2013

      I took some Spanish in high school (which is kinda close-ish to French), so I could probably use Google translate and then fix what sounds wrong. Unless I have no clue what the translation is trying to get across (which has happened sometimes), in which case I'll just leave it :P

  • MajesticLight     Feb 27, 2013

    Hi guys!
    I want to re-visit the idea of putting up a group picture. I found a fantastic picture (with lots of inside references) on TeeFury:
    As far as the design's copyrights/ uses go, I'm trying to interpret what "After a design's 24-48 hour stint on TeeFury it is free to go where it pleases." means (from their FAQ). I think it means we're free to use it. What's your guys' interpretation?

  • MajesticLight     Feb 27, 2013

    Welcome fisaire!

  • Joseph P. Edd     Feb 3, 2013

    Hi Everyone,
    I am an intern for Zidisha. It's great to have your lending group active on our site. I am currently trying to attract more nerdfighters via's forums! Let me know if you could help out at all.
    @JackiePandTomT - the number of available loans has decreased a lot because we are no longer using the same collection agency. We ran into some issues, so now we are using volunteers to confirm loans by SMS and phone calls!

  • JackiePAndTomT     Jan 17, 2013

    Is it just me or has the number of available loans dropped drastically?

    • MajesticLight     Jan 21, 2013

      Yeah they have. I think it's due to an influx in new members (there were fewer than 2000 when I first joined, I think). Also, I think that the financial background check process takes a while, so they're probably trying to put them up as quickly as they can.

  • KyRoamer     Jan 14, 2013

    Here you can belong to more than one team and if you do each loan is credited to each team. You do not have to choose between teams. So I belong to both the milepoint team and Nerdfighters.

    If you travel, consider joining the milepoint team as your second team. It will in no way reduce your credit here.

    Many of us OCD types who collect miles and points are nerds just like you. Join us here as members of the milepoint team.

  • MajesticLight     Dec 24, 2012

    I was wondering, what do we want our group picture to be? I feel that we need one. What do you guys think?

  • Dschejwoulff     Dec 17, 2012


    This is my p4a video about zidisha:

    Watch and rate please!

    • Admin     Dec 17, 2012

      Great video! Would you mind if we shared it on our Facebook and Twitter page?

      Jason Ladieu
      Communications Manager
      [email protected]

    • JackiePAndTomT     Dec 17, 2012

      Great job! Let's get that money for zidisha! I'm advertising on all the kiva videos.

  • MajesticLight     Dec 16, 2012

    Look at that! Finals swamp me for a week an a half, and when I finally get to check back here, we more than doubled our membership count! It's great to see all of you! Welcome!

    • JackiePAndTomT     Dec 17, 2012

      Welcome to you too! Let use comment on the kiva videos to sway them to vote for the very informative video dschejwoulff made! A lot of people think what kiva does is what zidisha does.

  • Dschejwoulff     Dec 12, 2012

    ... We should really support Zidisha on this years P4A... Is anyone on that yet? Also, lets promote Zidisha in the comment sections of Vlogbrother-videos that mention kiva (&also in other nerdfigther places)! Not that Kiva is really evil, I just think people should know that there are better "competitors" out there.

  • JackiePAndTomT     Dec 6, 2012

    I like this much better than kiva! DFTBA!

  • MajesticLight     Nov 27, 2012

    We just passed The Link Net! Yay! And we're tied with FBC Arlington YAMS. Guess who's gonna get passed next? ;)

  • MajesticLight     Nov 19, 2012

    Huzzah for mortaloak! Welcome to the team, and thanks for doubling our number of members ;)

    • Joseph P. Edd     Nov 21, 2012

      I love this idea! Nerdfighters unite, and spread awareness via nerdy platforms like commenting on youtube, reddit, etc. If we use are nerdy abilities we will make Zidisha a power to be reckoned with!

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