• nakamura     Apr 8, 2016

    [cross-post from Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers group]
    It's been a while, so would it be okay if I mentioned another loan? This is a new loan from the same person I posted a year ago.

    Juliet Ashiagbor is pursuing a university degree in Business Administration. She's seeking a loan to pay toward university fees, learning materials, and materials for the completion of her thesis. She plans to repay using her salary as an accounts and administrative officer and her income from her business in fashion wares.

    It's large loan, $1124 in total and just 3% funded, but it's still pretty early with 10 days remaining. I'm mentioning it here early because sometimes these large loans go unnoticed until only a few days are left, by which point it seems everyone assumes it's too late. I'm not asking anyone to lend any more than they'd contribute elsewhere, but maybe having a higher % funded will embolden other lenders to lend at crunch time. And if it doesn't work out, you can still lend it elsewhere.

    This is her fourth loan, and she has a good track record on all her previous loans. You can find her loan and feedback here:

    Thank you and happy lending.

  • Atheist4good     Oct 23, 2015

    She needs some help


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  • AnnaT     Jun 2, 2015

    Has anybody noticed this? Recent loans in Kenya seem to incur massive fees. Have a look at this:

    Cost of this loan
    Service Fee: 5% of $100.00 = $5.00
    Cost paid to join Zidisha
    Upon joining Zidisha, Millicent paid a lifetime membership fee of $11.10. Millicent also deposited $33.29 into the Zidisha Members Loan Fund This was a one-time cost and entitled Millicent to lifetime Zidisha membership.

    I consider such fees completely unreasonable. When I lend the money, I want it to go to the woman, not into this mysterious fund. Does anybody knows what is going on?

    • Landei     Jun 3, 2015

      Things like this made me look for alternatives. I suggest to have a look at mfi.loans

      • nakamura     Jun 9, 2015

        My understanding is that this new fee replaces the interest borrowers used to pay on loans. Here's a quote from someone who paraphrases it better than I can.

        "From what I have read, the Members Loan Fund is to help recoup lender losses from loans posted after March 1, 2015 that are never paid back or that have significant losses due to currency fluctuations. For example, if a lender deposits $100 but only gets back $75 because of defaulted loans and the like, the Members Loan Fund will reimburse the $25 in the hope that lenders will continue to work with Zidisha. I believe there is a $1000 lifetime cap to the amount of money that any individual lender can be reimbursed from the fund.

        Initially the borrower membership fee was supposed to be prepaid in order to cause joining borrowers to feel that they were invested in Zidisha and to not be as likely to take out 2-3 loans until the total loan amount was large and then disappear for good. However, this pay-to-play membership fee dramatically reduced the number of borrowers wanting to sign up because it sounded suspiciously like a lot of scams that ask for money with the promise of a big loan. So Julia nixed the pre-pay requirement.

        Here are some more links on the subject:

        forum.zidisha.org/threads/i... "


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  • nakamura     Apr 25, 2015

    Hi, for those of you still here, is it okay if I promote a loan expiring soon? If this isn't a good place for that, please let me know and I'll refrain from now on.
    [EDIT: This loan is fully funded now. Thanks to those of you who contributed!]

    This one's for Juliet Ashiagbor in Ghana. She's studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration while supporting her father and younger sibling, and she dreams of one day starting her own business after she graduates. The loan has $180 remaining and expires in 2 days. This is her third loan, her previous two loans have good repayment because she repays using her salary as an accounts and administrative officer. Checking the loan comments, Zidisha ambassador Taylor Hannah has met her and speaks highly of her.

    You can find her loan here:

    It's been mentioned here that it's nigh-impossible to find atheists to lend to. While it makes no difference to me whether borrowers thank me or God for their loan, some of you may be encouraged to hear Juliet makes a point of thanking her lenders directly. You can read her profile and comments and decide for yourself. Thank you.

  • Atheist4good     Dec 30, 2014

    I didn't get this letter, but if they change my name atheist4good, I will also leave.

  • Sarasota     Dec 28, 2014

    With Zidisha now banning self-expression (see email from Julia about changing usernames of people like me) this is likely to be the end of this group. Everyone feel free to come over to an alternate forum that we've created at forum.mfi.loans instead where there is no censorship. In case you missed it I've pasted a copy of it below my name.



    "Dear Zidisha member,
    I am writing to let you know of an update to the Zidisha terms of use display name guidelines:

    Lenders are encouraged (but not required) to use their first or full names as display names. Display names that promote political, religious or otherwise partisan views are prohibited.
    The reason for this change is a recent increase in the use of ideological display names, which threatens to undermine the impartial nature of our community and cause some members to feel unwelcome. To be fair to everyone, we are now requesting all users to use ideologically neutral display names.
    As a temporary placeholder, your display name is now showing your city or country location (whichever text you have authorized to display to the public). You may change it in the "Edit Profile" page of your Zidisha account.

    Kind regards,

    Julia Kurnia

    • JimVandegriff     Dec 29, 2014

      Fascinating . I'm sorry about this newly stated rule. It seems unfortunate to me that theists can state religious beliefs and that is not deemed unwelcoming, but names that state non-religious beliefs are thought to be unwelcoming. I look forward to the creative subversion I see coming to the naming process.
      I encourage you not to leave the site, and perhaps to directly and gently engage people about atheist views. I will check out the site you recommended. Jim

    • Sandi     Dec 30, 2014

      I've become disillusioned w/ Zidisha. Am pulling my funds out as they come in.

      Wish you well, Mike!

  • Atheist4good     Sep 3, 2014

    Welcome to the group! It is annoying that even though my name is atheist4good, they always thank god for the loan!

    • Rachael101     Dec 28, 2014

      Your statement seems to indicate that you want recognition for your work as an Athehist but to what end.... And I am sure that this is not your motivation.

      You give because you care not because of your Athehism.
      You are a human being and some human beings have experiences that are showing them that their life is being guided with purpose. If that is where their experiences lie then so be it, you cannot expect people to learn about a truth that they have not learned.

      Understand that you are making change to people lives so that they can reflect on their belief systems........ One day but not today...... Today they have bigger life problems distracting them.

  • Atheist4good     Sep 3, 2014

    Welcome to the group! It is annoying that even though my name is atheist4good, they always thank god for the loan!

  • Atheist4good     Sep 3, 2014

    Welcome to the group! It is annoying that even though my name is atheist4good, they always thank god for the loan!

  • JuneSmith     Jul 26, 2014

    Howdy Guys & Gals..June here from Dallas Texas.. I love this website.. I was going through YouTube as usual :) I wanted to share this with yal. I think it’s a great Kenyan initiative. What yal think.
    Here the link: youtu.be/sb54Y8thOAM

  • jossy2011     Jul 22, 2014

    Am a newbies here please recommend me for a loan and Rate me highly.

  • roger     Jul 8, 2014

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm Rog. Nice to meet you :)

  • roger     Jul 8, 2014

    Hi Guys and Gals, I'm Rog. Nice to meet you :)

  • tash90     Jun 14, 2014

    Hello Everyone,
    Join me towards funding this project www.zidisha.org/microfinanc...
    She is a determined woman who has well informed us about her business and what she intends to purchase. It's her second loan and communicative.
    I have kick-started her loan. Join me and the rest to make her achieve success in her business and make impact in her life

  • kingcamo1095     May 27, 2014

    Has anyone else noticed just how big of a group we are on here? Over 117,000 dollars in impact! Way to go team, I don't believe in you!

  • JimVandegriff     May 12, 2014

    A little song humor for atheists: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wog...

  • Atheist4good     Feb 21, 2014

    I think it would be next to impossible to find atheists to loan to, as we are a minority and for the most part in the closet. It is dangerous to be an atheist in many countries. As these are person to person loans, at least you are not giving to a religious organization to dole out your money and get the praise.

    • Romojo     Feb 26, 2014

      Thanks for reply, all: I've no problems lending to the believers, as long as they credit me with the loan, rather than the mythical man upstairs.

      mewestern, thanks for comment.
      deusCaritasEst... sorry to offend. And I know a little latin, so not surprised I did :)

      • yorick     Apr 20, 2014

        @Romojo They might credit their good fortune to God, the spirits, sprites, fairies. You got 0 influence on that. As far as I am concerned, religion is something most people get with their early socialization and therefore something they won't shake. As long as that delusion is not actively harmful, it's all good in my book. The best I can do is help out and say "no I don't believe in anything supernatural, but I believe in the goodness of humanity."

    • Admin     Jul 16, 2014

      This comment has been deleted

      • Landei     Jul 24, 2014

        Yes, it's really sad that most Westeners tend to think in terms of "Christian" and "Islamic" countries, and forget that people there are as diverse as in Europe or the US. And I think Western atheist organizations don't do enough to support atheists in developing countries.

        By the way, I'm glad your loan was funded, I was already worried a bit.

  • Romojo     Feb 21, 2014

    Another Kiva refugee here - hello to all. Any tips on picking good loans appreciated (just loaned to a hairdresser and got back a 'god bless you', which worried me a little).


    • mewesten     Feb 21, 2014

      Hi Romojo --
      There's been lots of discussion of this in the member forums.
      Look for loans w/ ids by members w/ high 'karma' numbers (a new feature some hate) indicates more experience. Look for a real plan, no cut & paste, facebook linked name & pic match the profile page, look for some lending experience w/ high on-time repayment rate., I look for good communicators (posts on their on their profile page).
      Make no mistake ... it is not an investment, except in people. I also don't like losing all my lending money too quickly, so trying to get good loans.
      Hope this helps a little. Welcome to Z>

    • LA     Feb 21, 2014

      What's worrying, Romojo, is that you would seem to prefer a humanitarianism has religious criteria as opposed to simply being a human in need.

  • John Makongo     Jan 28, 2014

    Hello Friends, please this is a kind request to consider joining cradle of hope group, this is a new group of lenders who are interested to use the group in lending to small business men and women who are coming up to make a difference in the society with a mission to help orphans children, HIV/AIDs children and widow women or are positive from the interest they make,please consider joining this group and SPREAD THE WORD out. read the group profile at this link www.zidisha.org/index.php?p... or search the group with this name "CRADLE OF HOPE" Thank you in advance

  • tash90     Jan 15, 2014

    Here are two individuals we should help achieve their dreams. Join me and lets lend a hand
    Elizabeth Ogawo- www.zidisha.org/microfinanc...

    Erick Njoroge Waithaka- www.zidisha.org/microfinanc...

    • mewesten     Jan 15, 2014

      Hi Paul,
      Those funding requests have already been posted on all the forum threads.
      This is a discussion group intended for lenders.

    • Sandi     Jan 15, 2014

      Hi tash90,

      Welcome to the group. Could you say more about why you recommend these two loans in particular?


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