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A group dedicated to promoting borrowers making a difference to the lives of others... Whether its by feeding school children, loans targeted at preventing the spread of more serious health issues, or borrowers whose focus is generally on making a difference & helping the wider community, rather than just themselves & their own families needs (which of course is also important, but not the purpose of this group). Lets get these valuable loans funded :-)

Loans Raised

This month: $9,619

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All time: $9,619


  • Treesforpeople     Feb 20, 2018

    Lucky uses the profits from his business to educate his 3 orphaned nieces/nephews, as well as his own children.

    Evalyne is also bringing up an orphan.

  • Treesforpeople     Jan 29, 2018

    Here's a good one - Kennedy's loan is for a solar powered water pump to ensure children get clean water at school. It's a big loan though, and only has three days left, so it'll have a job to get funded.


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  • Treesforpeople     Jan 24, 2018

    Thanks Emma. The link to Japheth didn't work - do you know if he got funded this time?


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    • Emma     Jan 24, 2018

      He wasn't :-( I'm guessing people just aren't seeing his loan... Here it is again Trees (& anyone else you wants to help) -

      Cheers for the other loan to Charles you posted too :-) I popped in my little bit... All the best, Emma.


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  • Emma     Jan 20, 2018

    Thanks for that Trees :-) Jacob's link worked, but he's been funded already... which is great to see, so many are expiring these days...

    Speaking of which... Surprisingly, Japheth's loan expired AGAIN... I have no idea why he's not getting more support for his loan? Drip lines are such a wonderful form of irrigation... such a shame he isn't featured on the 'staff picks' page, I guess his 68% payment record probably hinders him a bit... Anyway, I hope he gets funded this time, hopefully more people see his loan :-)

    These also expired, so thought I'd repost the new loans:


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  • Treesforpeople     Jan 19, 2018

    Chantal works for an organisation which helps children and families affected by congenital disorders to get access to treatment, foster support groups, as well as create awareness about the causes and treatment plan for some of these conditions.

  • Treesforpeople     Jan 14, 2018

    Jacob is a customer care agent at a solar power company. He's looking for money to buy a laptop. The company has provided solar lamps to disabled people/orphans.

    • Emma     Jan 15, 2018

      This link didn't work for me... but I'd be happy to loan to him :-) If you happen to get an email about whatever refreshed loan he posts, do give us a yell :-) ... if you want to of course.

      Thanks for all your great suggestions Trees... Both on here & Africa Leap :-) I also noticed you lent to everyone I posted before, & I posted so many... gosh you're good. Just wanted to say it hasn't gone unnoticed :-) Hope you've been well Trees, thanks again for everything as always. Emma.


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  • Treesforpeople     Jan 8, 2018

    Many thanks Emma! :-)


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  • Emma     Jan 7, 2018

    Just wanted to pop a quick msg to say something happened with Japheth's loan I posted earlier & his loan got refreshed...

    So thought I'd post his newer link for anyone who might want to lend to him again: - Its great to see him using drip irrigation for his crops, hopefully he teaches others in his community how to do it in the future :-)

    Also, a few of those previous loans I posted didn't get funded... Here are their updated loans they posted more recently:
    All 3 of those have changed a little from their previous loan requests, but thought I would still post them again anyway, for those who still want to help.

    Lastly, the other 3 of those loans from before have now been funded which is great to see! But these haven't yet, so thought I'd post again seeing as so many seem to be expiring these days. (SIDE NOTE; You've already lent to these Trees, & Bjorn you've also lent to the first chap).

    All the best everyone, Emma.

  • Treesforpeople     Jan 4, 2018

    Thanks very much Emma! I've lent to the ones I could, and have commented in AfricaLeap. Happy New Year! :-)


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  • Emma     Dec 30, 2017

    Most of these loans were fantastic :-)
    Thanks so much for all your posts Trees!

    I lent to most that you posted (liked the ones I did), but as I mentioned on AfricaLeap, there was just a couple that clashed with my values so I didn't lend to those... Joyce runs a beauty/clothes/accessories shop & Obed has a clothing/shoes business. But most were wonderful :-) I still feel a little bad not lending when it seems like they're still good people, trying they're best to do the right thing, but when there are so many people who are only really contributing positively with their businesses, I struggle to put money towards loans when they have side businesses that I think can often have more of a negative effect on the community (fuelling vanity/over-consumption/bad-habits etc.)

    But as I said, most of these are absolutely wonderful, as aalways :-) Thanks for always posting so many great loans Trees :-) You know how much its appreciated :-) Hope life's been making you smile, Emma.

  • Treesforpeople     Dec 28, 2017

    Joyce is wanting to buy solar-powered lighting to supply poor households.


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  • Treesforpeople     Dec 22, 2017

    Emmanuel runs a school which includes underprivileged children.


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    • Emma     Dec 30, 2017

      Thanks for posting Emmanuel's latest loan here Trees :-) Didn't realise he'd already finished that last loan... Thanks for the update :-) Very happy to lend to again :-)

  • Treesforpeople     Dec 22, 2017

    Obed is supporting four street children in their schooling.

  • Treesforpeople     Dec 1, 2017

    Evalyne takes care of an orphan in addition to her five kids. She uses profits from her restaurant to buy school supplies for a less privileged child (not sure if this is the orphan, or an additional child). I thought she seems like a good sort.


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  • Treesforpeople     Nov 23, 2017

    Wow - you found so many good loans Emma! Thank you! I've just been going through them and lending to all those that are still current. Thank you! :-) I do agree - bikes are fantastic!


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  • Treesforpeople     Nov 23, 2017

    Ahmed wants to expand his borehole to supply clean water in his community.


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  • Emma     Nov 19, 2017

    Chantal only has 17hrs left... Its such a small loan, but I donated to everyone else before I found her, so could only contribute a little... Sounds like a great borrower :-)


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  • Emma     Nov 19, 2017

    Desy seems like an absolutely WONDERFUL human!! Little off with their payments in the past (6 were late, and the other 11 were paid early), BUT really love what they're doing, so I'm definitely looking past that :-)

    Rafiki again:
    Really like this chap, you probably remember him from before :-) Noticed you were already quick to loan to him again Trees :-) Thought I'd pop him here for anyone else who wants to contribute though :-)

    Malaria nets etc:

    Education for all:

    Thaura seems pretty clued in with regards to saving water needed for his crops :-) But you know more about that stuff than I do, so please feel free to let me know if I missed the mark here... Seems great though...

    One of the few people I've seen planting coconuts... I've noticed so many borrowers seem to be roped into selling cosmetics/skincare etc. I feel like if people had easier access to coconut oil, eventually people would stop buying these mass produced products from these 'pyramid scheme' companies I see cropping up more & more... Anyway, I'm waffling again, but I love to see her planting coconuts :-) Plus she just seems more aware than many on here, & its nice to support anyone in disease control :-)

    Lastly, not sure if you lot are also interested in this one... but I try to lend to most people I see buying bicycle's rather than cars etc. So thought I'd share in case you're the same :-)

    Hope you're all smiles. Emma.

  • Emma     Nov 19, 2017

    I don't think so Tom... Although I like what she's doing, she is working for a company... rather than Francis who was a self-starter entrepreneur.... Many companies, as we all know, often have a tendency to be more focused on $$$ rather than the actual cause... especially the companies that tend to put a lot of money into sales & marketing... But there are always exceptions :-)

    At the end of the day, as long as people try to hold businesses accountable (both as an employee & a consumer), we're careful with where we put our dollars, & we make sure not to support or work for people that don't share our values, than I think slowly but surely those more exploitative business practices will drop away... or at least lessen :-)

    Its just a matter of trying to stay very conscious of everything's back story :-) I think people often forget little things that maybe aren't as obvious to many of us, but make a world of difference..... I think many of us are a bit more cluey now with human rights regarding labour & hygiene etc., and the more obvious environmental issues to do with excess waste, over-use of water, & some environmentally un-friendly products/practices...... BUT, we often forget some of the other big movers & shakers when it comes to anything we buy that requires mining etc...... And that's a HUGE one.... Anything with a battery in it (particularly lithium), or the impact of illegal/improper gold mining for example - you've all probably seen this one effect quite a few Zidisha borrowers... They call it "galamsey" in Ghana... You can read some of Emmanuel's comments about it here:

    Money is such a powerful motivator for so many... If their is a high demand for a particular mineral/element, chances are some people will exploit it if it means a higher profit... So we just need to be very mindful where we put our dollars :-)

    Sorry, I went off on a bit of a tangent there... But its something I've only really been paying closer attention to in recent years myself... Its so easy to forget :-)

    Hope you're all doing wonderfully.

    EDIT: I know I already waffled on there... & its a little unrelated, but while I've got minerals/elements on the brain; Also another thing most people think very little about, but is pretty darn important, is how vital it is for cobalt to be present in the soil our food is grown in.... That's one of the main reasons so many of us are deficient in B12 (important for healthy blood cells & nerve function etc); because soil is often void of much cobalt....... Anyway, I'll stop waffling now :-) I just find it fascinating how much mining, and various minerals/elements etc effect our environment and health..... Don't get me started on the importance of eating alkaline foods rather than acidic :-p Haha I'll be here all night if I don't stop typing now... My mind is going off on too many tangents, sorry everyone :-p

    Hope you're all well & enjoying life... Emma.

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