Sons of Span. Amer. War Vets, Cuba Libre Camp 172

Welcome to the Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, Cuba Libre Camp #172 Zidisha Lending Group page. The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans is a Fraternal, Patriotic and Humanitarian Organization, founded in 1937. We welcome male descendant\'s of U.S. Spanish American War Veteran\'s (1898), The Philippine Insurrection (1898-1902), and The Chinese Boxer Rebellion (1900). We also welcome descendant\'s of The Cuban Liberation Army (Ejercito Libertador Cubano), as well as Filipinos and Puerto Rican\'s who aided the U.S. Militarily, in 1898, as well as descendant\'s of Allied Forces who fought alongside U.S. Troops during the Boxer Rebellion (1900). We also have a Ladies Auxiliary, for our Camp, for any Ladies who wish to assist us in our endeavor\'s and also have an Associate Membership for those who do not have a qualifying Ancestor but would like to join our Organization. For membership information, please contact us at [email protected]


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