TakeCare mission statement: To advocate for the protection of children's and women’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential. TakeCare on Zidisha: Support women entrepreneurship through crowdfunding.


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Johan Palmaer   Leader


  • Johan Palmaer     Feb 13, 2018

    I lent 5 USD to this:
    Rice, oil and other staples for my shop
    Josephine Tweneboah Asare
    Berekum, Ghana

  • Johan Palmaer     Feb 2, 2018

    I lent 5 USD to this:
    Selling prepaid mobile phone credit
    Mita Merdekawati
    Boyolali, Indonesia

  • Johan Palmaer     Feb 2, 2018

    Welcome to this team!

    Please make you aware of how Zidisha works. In the top meny, please have a look at About.

    But simply:
    1/ Transfer money to your Zidisha account by using credit card. Perhaps start with 15 USD.
    2/ We individually lending money to women entrepreneurs.
    3/ To limit your risks consider small loans, perhaps 5-10-15 USD per project.
    4/ As you getting re-payments, consider turn it back to new loans.

    As the captain, I'll try to find some projects of interest for us all, with lower risks, and we can discuss that or other projects.

    Good Luck!

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