Lending Groups maximize their impact by combining forces to do more good. Whether the members share an office, support similar causes, or simply come from the same country, they join together to make microlending miracles happen. Check them out below — and get involved!

Group Name Created About
AIESEC Mar 20, 2013 Current and former members of AIESEC.
Team Ireland Mar 13, 2013 A group for lenders located in Ireland
Opportunity Team USA Mar 13, 2013 We are from all over the USA and believe it\'s the right thing to do....
English Endeavours Mar 11, 2013 For anyone with an English connection. I had no intention of starting a group - but see lots of Countries are represented here - but not England. So time to change that!
Musicians Mar 11, 2013 For people who love to play music!
Team Switzerland Mar 5, 2013 Lenders from Switzerland =D
Team Brazil Feb 18, 2013 Team created by Brazilians to plant the seed of hope somewhere on the planet
Friends of Manley Feb 17, 2013 Supporting and empowering our fellow man (woman), one Micro loan at a time!
Team Malaysia Feb 16, 2013 Twenty or Thirty years ago we were where they are now. If it was the other way round they\'d want to help us too. So fair\'s fair. Gotong Royong to help these entrepreneurs into self-sufficiency.
Kiva-on-Zidisha Feb 15, 2013 For Kiva lenders (or other microfinance lenders) who are also Zidisha lenders
Football (soccer) Feb 7, 2013 For those who are inspired by the ability of the sport to bring unity, hope and happiness to all people across the wealth divide.
Openbroad Feb 4, 2013 Openbroad its a norwegian company
Team Japan Jan 25, 2013 For people living in or with interest in Japan
Belgium Jan 17, 2013 A group for all lenders that live in or love Belgium and want to share...
Florida State University - FSU Jan 15, 2013 This group is for members of the Florida State University\'s faculty, students, and family who believe that ethical microfinance can truly help empower those in need.
Australia Jan 11, 2013 :-)
Advancing Compassion Project Jan 10, 2013 Advancing Compassion Project (ACP) promotes innovative solutions helping underserved communities. ACP\'s ProPhilanthropy Fund is supporting microfinance projects worldwide: http://www.prophilanthropy.org/
Team Netherlands Jan 10, 2013 Voor alle Nederlanders die een verschil willen maken door transparant en eerlijk Microkrediet te lenen aan arme ondernemers in ontwikkelingslanden, die geen toegang hebben tot financiele diensten. For all Dutch citizens who want to make a real difference in servicing the poor entrepreneurs with transparent and fair Microcredit.
RPCV\'s of Zidisha Jan 8, 2013 Come one, come all!
zidisha Finland Jan 7, 2013 Finnish lenders in Zidisha