Lending Groups maximize their impact by combining forces to do more good. Whether the members share an office, support similar causes, or simply come from the same country, they join together to make microlending miracles happen. Check them out below — and get involved!

Group Name Created About
milepoint Jan 4, 2013 As travelers we have seen poverty first hand and are committed to making the world a better place for all.
Team Italy Jan 2, 2013 Lenders from Italy
Team Austria Dec 30, 2012 Team Austria - not Australia ;-)
New Zealand Group Dec 28, 2012 A group for lenders from New Zealand.
Team Norway Dec 13, 2012 For all rich oil-sheiks out there taking part in our plan to buy up all the rest of the world - or just plain do-gooders from Norway
Zidisha Mormons Dec 12, 2012 Members and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are also Zidisha lenders. \\\"A man filled with the love of God is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race.\\\" Joseph Smith There are generations yet unborn whose very lives will be shifted and shaped by the moves you make and the actions you take today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the next\\\". ~ \\\"The Butterfly Effect\\\", by Andy Andrews
Breizh Dec 7, 2012 Lending group for Breizh people around the world.
Vegetarians and Vegans Dec 5, 2012 A group for Zidisha vegetarian and vegan lenders.
Jesus Followers Dec 4, 2012 For followers of Jesus Christ
Susan Comeau-Nguyen Freedom Fund Dec 3, 2012 This group was started in memory of Susan Comeau-Nguyen who died on Nov 27, 2012. Susan dedicated her life to helping people overcome the fears and sorrows that held them back. She was a constant advocate for the disenfranchised, the victim, and the hurting. We dedicate this Freedom Fund to her memory in the hopes that her legacy of giving and sacrificial living will live on throughout the world.
Foreclosed Japan Dec 2, 2012 ~~~~ / O O \\ \\\\ U //   ___
Sons of Span. Amer. War Vets, Cuba Libre Camp 172 Dec 2, 2012 Welcome to the Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, Cuba Libre Camp #172 Zidisha Lending Group page. The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans is a Fraternal, Patriotic and Humanitarian Organization, founded in 1937. We welcome male descendant\'s of U.S. Spanish American War Veteran\'s (1898), The Philippine Insurrection (1898-1902), and The Chinese Boxer Rebellion (1900). We also welcome descendant\'s of The Cuban Liberation Army (Ejercito Libertador Cubano), as well as Filipinos and Puerto Rican\'s who aided the U.S. Militarily, in 1898, as well as descendant\'s of Allied Forces who fought alongside U.S. Troops during the Boxer Rebellion (1900). We also have a Ladies Auxiliary, for our Camp, for any Ladies who wish to assist us in our endeavor\'s and also have an Associate Membership for those who do not have a qualifying Ancestor but would like to join our Organization. For membership information, please contact us at [email protected]
Romania Dec 1, 2012 Romanians all over the world are lending a helping hand.
University of Pau - FRANCE Nov 28, 2012 This group brings together the University of Pau community of students, faculty, and staff who believe that responsible and affordable micro-financing can make a difference. Ce groupe rassemble les membres de la communauté universitaire de l\'UPPA qui pensent que le micro-crédit responsable et abordable peut changer la vie des plus pauvres.
Human Designs Nov 26, 2012 We are crafters who create and sell art projects for charitable causes.
Academics Nov 26, 2012 The ethic of scientists and academics is that of advancing knowledge, technology, health and well being of the world society. Academic people see no country borders and work with passion, not for profit. This lending group shows the commitment of academic people to empower others with tools for progress and give opportunities to all.
Atheists Nov 23, 2012 A group of people who identify as atheists.
Team Sweden Nov 20, 2012 For Swedes and those with a link to Sweden that wants to empower others. Everyone is welcome!
Team USA Nov 20, 2012 We are lenders from the United States of America who want to SPREAD the AMERICAN ideal of OPPORTUNITY to Zidisha borrowers. Every new loan we fund, every new member we add, will change the life of an impoverished business owner and their family forever!
Nerdfighters Nov 18, 2012 We\'re Nerdfighters! We fight against suck; we fight for awesome! We fight using our brains, our hearts, our calculators, and our trombones. Picture courtesy of Jonny Eveson: http://www.jonnyeveson.com Feel free to post any suggestions!