Lending Groups maximize their impact by combining forces to do more good. Whether the members share an office, support similar causes, or simply come from the same country, they join together to make microlending miracles happen. Check them out below — and get involved!

Group Name Created About
Borrowers Making a Difference Sep 29, 2015 A group dedicated to promoting borrowers making a difference to the lives of others... Whether its by feeding school children, loans targeted at preventing the spread of more serious health issues, or borrowers whose focus is generally on making a difference & helping the wider community, rather than just themselves & their own families needs (which of course is also important, but not the purpose of this group). Lets get these valuable loans funded :-)
a Sep 21, 2015
ajat Sep 21, 2015
Rising Tide Sep 14, 2015 This group focuses on supporting those that are building and growing their own businesses or freelance careers. "A rising tide lifts all boats"
Chika Kalu Oze Aug 27, 2015 This is a gang of one man. Lol! I just want to use this medium,to donate proceeds from the sales of my book of poetry, Be Number One! to help people who need small amounts of money, for their big dreams!
Grain Business Group Aug 18, 2015 This group is interested in people that are dealing in maize, wheat and other cereal crops. This covers both purchasing and supplying of the said products.
Caribean investment Aug 16, 2015 Trying to help young entrepreneurs venture into business.
Heart of America Lending Group Aug 15, 2015 The Heart of America Lending Group, based in Kansas City, MO works together to diversify their lending and reduce overall risk to any single lender.
Team Thayer Aug 11, 2015 R.L. and his friends.
Scientists Group and Partners Aug 11, 2015 Scientists Group and Partners
Indonesia Focused Lending Group Aug 9, 2015 This group is for lenders who are interested in focusing their lending activities to APAC with emphasis on Indonesia. Why Indonesia? Indonesia has as population of 250M+ with 50% of its population under the age of 31. Indonesians are naturally very entrepreneurial and effect of micro loans always amplify at local levels. Here is a little snapshot of its entrepreneurial people starting from minute 1:04:00 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_msEKCwkug8
T42 Aug 2, 2015 Family & Friends lending a hand to help the global community.
Purdue University Jul 27, 2015
HOPE FOR NEPAL HOME RECONSTRUCTION Jul 15, 2015 In recent months Nepal has suffer 2 major earthquakes and continue to have after shock waves. 80,000 home have been destroyed. That is 80,000 families of 3 generations with out homes. We want to build homes for these families at the most affordable for Quality earthquake resistance possible, with modern technology. http://www.slideshare.net/rolandinchina1/di-kang-le-community-center
GReward Micro Funds Club Jun 27, 2015 We Start Work Islamic Micro Finance Loan In Pakistan.
Craig Strickland and Friends Jun 25, 2015 Helping people help people. That's what we do!
Ayiti Jun 5, 2015 *** L'Union Fait la Force *** A group of like-minded individuals who believe that entrepreneurship can be the single greatest driver of economic development.
Large Concrete Llamas May 11, 2015 Large Concrete Llamas - More mysterisk than ever!
FANCYWEAR May 2, 2015 We are originally an ecommerce website selling high quality but AFFORDABLE mens custom clothing that pledged to take 10% of all profits and give to entrepreneurs in developing nations!
Level 5 Lenders May 1, 2015