Lending Groups maximize their impact by combining forces to do more good. Whether the members share an office, support similar causes, or simply come from the same country, they join together to make microlending miracles happen. Check them out below — and get involved!

Group Name Created About
CrowdRipple Dec 24, 2014 Together we can make Ripples throughout society. Ripple On!
Mohit Agnihotri Dec 16, 2014 fdsdfsdf
Augusta University Nov 30, 2014 For students, faculty, staff, and fans of Augusta University, who would like to give philanthropically through microfinance. Go Jags!
Pure Michigan Nov 27, 2014 The State of Michigan is a state blessed with the riches of unspoiled nature: the world's longest freshwater coastline, lakes that feel like oceans, shimmering beaches, miles and miles of cherry orchards, glorious sunrises and sunsets, daytime skies of the deepest blue, nighttime skies scattered with stars. Let's Lend some MONEY.
Josphine wanga Nov 7, 2014 The group s focused to open up a poultry farm.
Taiwan Gives Nov 2, 2014 Hello, we are team of " Taiwan Gives". We love our beautiful home Taiwan, and want to share the love with people around the world by helping them building their home, starting business, or improving lives. Hope you can join us.
Gypsy Robot People Oct 31, 2014 Let us buy Africa together.
Social Justice Warriors Oct 29, 2014 Because apparently some people think that's a bad thing.
Dr Abdul Baaqee Muhammad Wilson Family Oct 17, 2014 Dr. Abdul Baaqee Muhammad-Wilson
Team Spain Oct 2, 2014 Lenders from Spain
NetInvestor Solutions Oct 2, 2014 Great group that just this year start to raise money in many modes and in all around the world. If you like you can join ! Good work ! bySpawnPPC
Bitcoin Sep 22, 2014 For decentralized crypto-currency enthusiasts. Trust in maths, not banks.
Anarchocapitalists Sep 12, 2014 Anarcho-capitalism is a libertarian and individualist anarchist political philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state in favor of individual sovereignty in a free market.
Whaler Capital Lending Sep 2, 2014 A small group based out of Connecticut. Good Faith in Good People Join Our Fight and become a Whale.
Telindus p2p-micro-lending group Aug 27, 2014 p2p-micro-lending group by Telindus employees
MICROMZ Aug 19, 2014 Building Solutions and Opportunities for the African Empowerment and Development. - Financial Inclusion for Rural Areas - Youth Empowerment - Woman Empowerment - Human Rights - Democracy MICRO FINANCE | ASCAS | ROSCA By Danilo Da Silva We ask all our followers to Support this great networks: ZIDISHA | KIVA | MILAAP | MICROMZ
Team Pakistan Aug 15, 2014 Lenders from Pakistan!
254 FundMe. Kenya. Jul 27, 2014 254 FundMe Is Kenya's First Verified And Trusted Online Fundraising And Crowdfunding Platform. 254 FundMe Helps The Kenyan Youth Raise Money Online For A Variety Of Different Projects. This Enables Them To Succeed In Achieving Their Financial Goals Where Getting Bank Loans Would Be Impossible For Them To Qualify For. In Kenya The Majority Of The Youth Do Not Have The Collateral To Be Granted Bank Loans Mainly For Start Small Scale Businesses. 254 FundMe Provides An Online Crowdfunding Platform With Secure Payment Gateways For Donors Worldwide To Assist Financially To Help Our Kenyan Project Creators To Achieve Their Financial Goals And Dreams. 254 FundMe Welcomes Donations Worldwide For Our Various Projects For Kenyan Youth.
test Jul 22, 2014 abcd........
A Smarter World Jul 22, 2014 Just a few people who are working to make it a better place to be alive.