Lending Groups maximize their impact by combining forces to do more good. Whether the members share an office, support similar causes, or simply come from the same country, they join together to make microlending miracles happen. Check them out below — and get involved!

Group Name Created About
San Francisco Greater Bay Area Mar 10, 2014 For Bay Area residents that want to help small businesses as we like to call them start-ups
Iran Feb 21, 2014 A group of people from around the world
Tabitha and Forest Foundation Feb 20, 2014 A foundation to honor 2 wonderful children and assisting creating abundance in the world.
Military or Vets Feb 17, 2014 Group for any current or retired military members.
IMPACT FUTURE MEDIA Feb 16, 2014 This collective initiative between IMPFM and a growing list of corporate partners, volunteers and benefactors is to provide, funding, mentor-ship, awareness and effective solutions to a multitude of causes in need around the globe.
Hashers With A Heart Feb 10, 2014 Hash House Harriers is an international running group that enjoy their beer!
Kraut Funding Feb 8, 2014 Group for all German lenders (a.k.a. "Krauts" :)) Gruppe für alle Deutschen Zidisha Mitglieder...
Vintage Fashion House Feb 6, 2014 This group is all about fashion.I target the.middle class people and sell to them.clothes at an affordable price
The Farmers Pride International Company Group Feb 6, 2014 Description: The Farmers pride international is an upcoming online global agri-business company located in Kenya that deals with ; green house farming,biogas construction,animal feeds, raw materials and grains. We supply hay, animal feeds, raw materials and grains. The quality of products and services with which we offer and supply to our customers is excellent. We assure all our customers to maintain the quality they deserve. We also provide very competitive pricing and superior service to our customers.we also offer farming advice to various agri-business to help us grow our economy by sustainable farming.we work online and feel free to contact us.The Farmers Pride International was founded by Ericsolomon M. Gathogo who is the managing director.
ZFO@Stevens Jan 31, 2014 A microfinancing project located at the Stevens Institute of Technology. Undergraduate and graduate students use collective action to fight economic inequality, which we hold to be one of the most challenging crises of the 21st century.
The Sailors Group Jan 29, 2014 Lending group for sailors all over the world to help others.
AstarBridge Limited Jan 28, 2014 AstarBridge Limited is a private company by shares and anyone is invited to invest in real estate. We deal with: Property Managers Realtors, general commission Agents,court process server,Repossesor, private investigators and property Sales. Every new loan we fund, every new member we add, will change the life of an impoverished business owner, impoverished community and families and their family forever! For more information contact us astarbridge@gmail.com
Hustlers Jan 28, 2014 bling bling <a href="https://plus.google.com/117377626496973174753" rel="publisher">Google+</a>
Leipzig Overseas Merchants Trust Jan 2, 2014 As a group of merchants in Germany's oldest and most traditional trading city Leipzig, we strive to build confidence in commerce, trade and investing around the world. The L.O.M.T. supports individuals worldwide to achieve their business propositions through ingenuity and hard work by our consulting and financial support, chiefly among them business project by local merchants in developing economics. Our support is provided not as a charity, but as a form of credit between trustworthy businesspeople. We value self-efficacy as well as financial and business sucess of fellow merchants, industrialists and entrepreneurs.
Team Catholic! Dec 24, 2013 A lending group for Catholics who hope to see positive change in the world, one life at a time.
GoT Dec 24, 2013 Tweakers.net is a Dutch website about IT (hardware, software and internet). It also has a forum, Gathering of Tweakers (GoT), with a lot of devoted users. Besides a lot of technical subjects, it also contains many other subjects, e.g. politics, news, philosophy
Schlirfer MiFi Dec 23, 2013 This group has been founded on christmas 2013 in the village Bad Salzschlirf. Anyone feeling close to the members or Schlirf is invited to join!
Reddit Dec 14, 2013 Microlenders from reddit.com http://www.reddit.com/r/Zidisha/
Seneca International @ Yale Dec 6, 2013 Seneca International strives to ensure the protection of human rights for women all over the world. This year, we're launching a microlending campaign through Zidisha to help women in the developing world launch businesses and economic endeavors of their own. It works like this: Seneca at Yale (with your help!) lends $$$ to a few women/collectives to help them get off their feet. Then, when they've achieved their goals, Zidisha ensures the repayment of that loan to our account--and then we use that money to help more women become economically self-sufficient across the globe.
Games for Charities Nov 29, 2013 We play video games to raise money for multiple charities. Why not let our play time help others.