Loan to add more stock in my shop

David Odeny

Nakuru Town, Kenya

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David Odeny

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September 2013

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6 installments  •  83%

About Me

My name is David Odeny,I come from Nakuru county in a village called Rhonda,I was born and raised in a family of four, two boys and two girls.My parents were casual workers at alocal construction site and so life was very difficult due to the small earnings.Going to school was very difficult since my parents could not afford school fees.Personally my secondary education at Nakuru Day secondary school was financed by PLAN INTERNATIONAL,an NGO which was helping the needy in our area.After completing high school I got amean grade of B plain but I could not afford to proceed with my university studies.I therefore started bicycle taxi services through which I managed to save ksh 50000.with this money I registered for CPA examination in alocal college .I completed part I in college but from part II I just booked exams but studied alone because the fees was too high and I could not afford due to my small earnings.I Finished the CPA part III but could not secure a job after 5 years of finishing.It is due to this that I decided to start a shop with the small savings I have made from bicycle taxi services that Iwas doing.From the earnings I get from my shop,I have been able to finance the education of achild who was orphaned in our neighborhood because he was bright and could not afford fees,I didn't want him to pass through what I experienced.My dream is to better the life of people around because togatherness is power.I Hereby plead for your financial support in my business thank you Zidisha

My Business

I own ashop at kisulisuli shopping center in Nakuru county,this shop keeping business is very competitive nowadays especially in our area due to the presence of other small is therefore needed to have outstanding services and to have appropriate stock amount.I usually stock fast moving goods i.e maize flour,cooking oil,wheat flour ,bar soap,match stick,valon ointment,Royco cubes,Sugar, Quencher juice,Coca cola,Tea leaves,Kerosene,Rice,thermos flask,Basins,Brooms, Bread,Milketc I sell products whose prices ranges from ksh 5 upwards.I started this business with ksh 70000 and now I can manage to make a profit of ksh.6000 per week.Some of the products which sells the most are cooking fat 20 litres goes for ksh 4450 but when you sell it in small quantities it fetches Ksh 7000 and that brings a profit of 2550 and sometimes I sell 40 litres in a week.The demand Is also high for maize flour since it is used to make UGALI which is a staple food here kenya.I this business,if you have enough capital you can be sure of high returns since sometimes I loose customer when so goods are in stock.In the future I would also like to have an MPESA in my shop to gain more customers who buys in my rivals shop because I don't have the service.I Hereby plead for your financial support to restock my shop for more profitability.With this increased profitability I can be able to give back to the community and help the needy around.I believe we will grow together in this organization.YES WE CAN

Project Proposal

Dear members ,with this loan I will buy 20 litres of cooking oil at ksh4400 and 50 kg of sugar at ksh 6900 and the remaining amount I will use it for transport and other miscellaneous expenses.thank you once again for your support members.this will help boost my business to the next level and increase my profitability.thank you and may God bless u





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Pay It Forward

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Date disbursed

Sep 30, 2022

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $4.50

Pay It Forward contribution: $13.51


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