Invite Your Friends: How It Works

Sending Invite Credits

Any Zidisha lender may send complimentary lending credits to new lenders. You may send as many invites and lending credits as you like while the invite program is open. You are also welcome to share your invite link at Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Receiving Invite Credits

Invitees may receive invite credits by clicking the "Redeem" button in the invite email, or by following the invite link that is provided by the inviting member.

Redeeming Invite Credits

To redeem an invite credit, make one or more loans up to the value of the invite credit. The invite credit will be applied to your chosen loans in lieu of payment.

Invite Credit Funding

The invite credits are funded by an account that is comprised of donations to Zidisha. Once repaid, these credits are returned to the donation account in order to allow other lenders to participate in the invite program.

Terms and Conditions

Invite credits may only be used to make loans. They may not be withdrawn or used for gift cards.

Unlike self-funded Zidisha loans, repayments of loans funded with invite credits are not credited to individual lending accounts, but are instead credited back to the account of the donor(s) who funded the invite credit program.

Invite credits which are not redeemed within one month will expire and be returned to the invite credit donation account so that others may use them.

The invite credit program is for a limited time only, and we reserve the right to modify or discontinue it at any time.