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How it works: A cybercafe can be as simple as a tiny room with a second-hand desktop, or it can be a larger facility with several computers, printers and videoconferencing equipment. The computers are connected to the internet by cable, or via USB keys that pick up data signals from local mobile phone networks. Browsing sessions are offered in timeslots, with the cheapest costing just a few cents.

Why it's important: Internet use is spreading rapidly in developing countries, especially among young adults in urban areas, who go online to study, search for jobs, and connect with friends and family. Most people do not have home computers, and depend on public cybercafes to access the internet. In places where books have always been scarce, the internet connects motivated individuals with a world of knowledge and opportunity that transcends their physical location.

What your loan can do: Cybercafe customers must often wait a long time for an available computer. A loan can allow a cybercafe owner to add one or more computers, doubling or tripling capacity.