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How it works: Local retailers supply clinics with consumables like medicines, painkillers, syringes and disinfectants.

Why it's important: The bulk of health care in developing countries is provided by small neighborhood clinics, which offer affordable or even donated treatment of common ailments. Small-scale traders connect these clinics with much-needed supplies, but there are not enough of them, and the clinics frequently run out - forcing patients to do without or seek treatment elsewhere. The presence of these supplies can determine whether a patient can be vaccinated with a safe unused syringe, a victim of a traffic accident can be administered a painkiller, or a child ill with malaria receives timely medication.

What your loan can do: Clinics often treat patients regardless of ability to pay. As a result, they are frequently short of cash, and this undermines their ability to purchase large supplies of medical consumables at wholesale prices. Whether you support a clinic or a health product supplier, your loan can alleviate suffering and even save lives.

Health Volunteer Mentor

Gideon Berchie
Kumasi, Ghana

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Timothy Mbaka
Nyamira, Kenya

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