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How it works: Animals like chickens, fish, goats and cows are purchased when they are young, and raised with a great deal of attention and care until they begin producing value such as eggs, milk or meat. Or they are allowed to breed, yielding a several-fold return on the cost of their purchase.

Why it's important: Many families choose to invest their savings in livestock, because the livestock generate a continuous stream of revenue in the form of eggs, milk and young that can be sold. Livestock raising is also a good tool for gradually increasing one's wealth. Small animals like chickens and rabbits can be purchased for just a few dollars, and can be raised and bred to multiply their value within a few months. The resulting earnings can be invested in more valuable livestock such as goats, pigs and even dairy cows.

What your loan can do: Your loan allows an entrepreneur to make a larger investment up front, purchasing a greater quantity or higher-value animal than he or she could afford with savings alone. This allows the entrepreneur to generate substantial earnings quickly, rather than wait years to gradually build up the value of his or her livestock.