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How it works: An entrepreneur with a talent for cooking or hospitality transforms ingredients like fruits, vegetables, grain and spices into delicious drinks, snacks and meals. Customers are served at indoor restaurants, wooden stalls alongside roads, or even at the entrepreneur's home.

Why it's important: Many entrepreneurs get their start in restaurant businesses, because the upfront cost is very low: a street seller can acquire a day's worth of ingredients for less than a dollar. Cooking also offers a great deal of scope for artistic creativity, as those most passionate about crafting tasty meals and pleasant dining experiences are rewarded with an ever-increasing flow of customers.

What your loan can do: Loans can allow an entrepreneur who sells food on the street to rent or purchase a more comfortable indoor restaurant location, or to add more chairs and tables to an existing restaurant. These investments allow a larger number of customers to be served at a time, multiplying the restaurant's revenue-generating capacity.