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It was 1884 in Colorado, USA, and Doc Holliday, an infamous degenerate, gambler, gunfighter, sometimes deputy of the law, posse member (and award-winning dentist,) was ill, probably with the tuberculosis that eventually killed him, and owed $5 to a man named Billy Allen which he could not repay on time. Allen threatened to beat or kill him if he did not somehow make repayment. This lead to a confrontation in which Doc shot and injured Allen, (and was then arrested, put on trial, and acquitted by a sympathetic jury.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
That simple $5 debt caused a lot of trouble in 1884, and today small loans can still cause a lot of grief. We hope that Zidisha loans do not.
$5 in 1884 would be the same as between $120 and $130 today. $130 has been uploaded to this account. What good can $130 do this year?
From August 14, 2015 to August 14, 2016 this account helped to fund 17 successfully repaid loans.
From August 14, 2016 (which is the 165th anniversary of Doc's birth) this account has helped fund loans to -

Purchase pain killers for dentistry in Bawku, Ghana

On the first day of summer 2017 this account was turned over to automatic lending.

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